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  1. Here's my problem.


    I am an English stay at home mum living (of course) in Germany. My partner is German, but is at work / university all day.


    Although my baby is only 5 weeks old, I really am in a bit of a tizz about what language to speak to him. I'm thinking, when I'm alone with him I should speak English, but when Papa comes home, we speak German? I have no idea what's right or wrong! If I were to speak German with him all day, I don't see it being a problem because my German is pretty good. Of course I have a bit of an accent and make grammatical errors.


    Strange thing is, I worked as a native english speaker in a Kindergarten where it was very strict OPOL. But I'm not sure if I can see this working in my situation until my baby is a toddler.


  2. Hermes suck big time. I've had it a few times that they have said that my parcel is "undeliverable". Turned out it was just because my name wasn't on the door..grr!


    The best time was when I'd ordered something from Amazon.de and I was waiting for it, checking on-line the status of the parcel.

    I look out of the window as I hear a slide door open. The man gets my parcel out and walks to the house door. Obviously seeing that my name isn't on the door, starts to walk away. I shout out of the upstairs window "haben Sie etwas für mich?" ...

    ...and in that same moment I see my father inlaw walk out of the garage and wondering why a parcel delivery man is taking a parcel back when there's obviously someone at home!! The delivery guy didn't even think to ask my father in law if that person lived in the house!

    They don't even ring the door bell to ask!! I've complained many times to Amazon and I'm hoping that lots of other people do as well.


    Until this has changed, I have to order everything in my other half's surname so that it'll get delivered! Not great when it's his birthday soon!!



    it's shit seeing people trying to sell it second hand...


    I wouldn't normally think of buying Ikea stuff second hand, but I recently saved €130 by buying some secondhand Trofast "regale" on Ebay Kleinanzeigen. They're only a few months old so that was worth it.



    Sad its closed on public holidays, one can spend a nice long day just looking around. And their meals are quite nice too.


    I couldn't agree more. My bofriend and I often just go for a walk around, a quick nose through the Fundgrube, have a hot dog and go home again.



    I haven't read every thread in this forum, but if no one's mentioned ikeahackers.net yet, then allow me. Very inspiring.


    Best website ever! I've found so many ideas for my pre-exisiting IKEA furniture that I've nearly thrown out.


    Our house is full of Ikea furniture. We also have a few peices from flea markets, or family treasures such as our dining table and eichenschrank.

    I also love the fundgrube there. We got a whole set of the Stockholm dining chairs (normal price €80 each) we paid €80 for 4! Perfect condition with leather seat pads and made of oak! Our 2 sofas are from the fundgrube.


  4. Will definitely be asking about G&A. My antenatal class midwife said last night that it's not very common to have it here. There's one hospital in Hannover that still uses it because that's where the ex-pats always used to go (and so they made the hospital "Britain Friendly". I really don't like the idea of an epidural, but if that's the only way then I have alot to consider.


  5. Thanks for all your tips! I'm going to ask the hospital what they provide anyway, but it seems to me like they have a lot there already which is a bonus! Especially baby clothes - I was going to bring my own, but at least then I can save on the washing when I get home!


    (4.5 weeks to go! Getting excited/nervous!)


  6. We were at a cafe/bar the other day for a quick refreshing drink. When it came to paying I luckily had the exact money (either that or changing a €50 for €4 of drinks). Worked fine.

    My friend went to pay for her drink and the waitress said "oh, I have no small change" my friend gave the waitress a €10 note for her €3.40 drink and gave her €6.00 back saying "Oh, let's do it so, then we're quits". WTF! We were all so confused that we didn't have time to correct this. She took a 60c tip without asking!



  7. As a native speaking assistant, I practically do everything else the Erzieherin does apart from all the paper work. I sing songs, play games, arts and crafts and the like. The key is learning through doing, and having fun. There's no point trying to brainwash the kids into learning it.




  8. The kindergarten where I work done one last summer. They took the kids on a treasure hunt/night walk, had a BBQ and really wore them out so that they would sleep well. A few kids were home sick but a few mums from other children were also there to take care of them and give them cuddles!


    PS: The Connie series is a MUST for any little kid.


  9. I know, I know, my bad. But I never thought in a million years that I would move to a foreign country where it might be a problem.


    I'm going to call the consulate tomorrow to see what they can suggest.


    The thing is that when I got my current passport 9 years ago, it was a renewal the forms must have been different, meaning my Father must only write the place of birth and not have to send my birth certificate. Still, I would have thought that the passport office would have noticed something like that.


    Thanks for your help people. I'm hoping it won't all be as complicated as it sounds.




  10. Hi there everyone.


    I was by the Standesamt today registering the Vaterschaftsanerkennung. All went fine, apart from the fact that my place of birth on my passport is different from that on my birth certificate. Argh!


    When my father applied for my passport nearly 10yrs ago, he accidently wrote my sister's P.O.B and not mine! This was never a problem before because I've never had to show anyone my birth certificate whilst being here in Germany up until now! Sh*t.


    I need to apply for a new passport anyway because it runs out next year. I was going to add in my application that I need the P.O.B changed in my passport and send them a copy/my birth certificate along with it.


    The only problem I will have then is that ALL of my data in Germany will then be WRONG because I have only ever applied for things here with my passport, and all of my official documents state that I was born where I wasn't!


    Could I run into major complications with this, or do you think it could be as easy as it sounds, with going to the Rathaus ect and explaining what's happened?


    I want to get this all sorted before our baby is born, before more complications come up!






  11. But that doesn't seem right. How can I get the full years money if I'm only able to take 6 months Elternzeit???


    I was in the full understanding that it didn't matter if you took Elternzeit or not, because Elterngeld is paid for by the Staat.


    Does anyone have a telephone number I could call to clear this up?


  12. I've posted in this topic before, but now I'm a bit more informed but still have a question.


    I'm due in July, and my work contract ends Jan 2012. (I'm an EU resident so no problems there with visas and so on)


    I know I can get Elterngeld for 1 year regardless of taking Elternzeit or not.


    Seeing as my contract ends in January 2012 and has rather high chances of not being extended, is it worth me taking those 6 months or so of Elternzeit until my job contract runs out? Will it have an effect on anything if I do or don't?


    Kate +1


  13. You are not classed as unemployed whilst you are receiving Elterngeld because your health insurance is also being paid at that time.

    You are unemployed once you stop getting Elterngeld.


    My contract finishes at work when my little one will be 6 months old. It doesn't have any affect on my Elterngeld. Elternzeit is also not paid for per-se.


  14. spathiphyllum... I have about 6 of them in my flat. I go on holiday, and when I come back they just look a bit limp. I give 'em a good drink of water and they pop back up again. I've had one for 4 years now and it's still doing well.


    You can get them almost everywhere. I tend to get them from IKEA, they cost 1.99 for a smallish one, and 5.99 upwards for bigger.



  15. if you're going to get the Ubahn to Minatur Wunderland then get it to Baumwall. Our guide told us to get off at Meßberg... and THAT was a long walk!


    I'm not from Hamburg, but I'm a bit of a Hamburg fan/freak. So if you want anymore help, don't hesitate to drop me a mail. :)


  16. we:


    gave a desposit and got the paperwork for the car (both farzeugscheine).


    got an insurance doppelkarte for the new car.


    took the papers for the old car and the papers for the new car with us to the registration office.


    unregistered the old car, registered the new car with doppelkarte. Got new plates too.


    drove back to car dealership and paid the rest, and picked up car. Luckily we have more than 1 car in the family. Otherwise we would have gotten the train down.


    ta-da -- new car.


  17. The ibis hotel just off the reeperbahn is great! Stayed there a few times. Right next door is a Ubahnhof which takes you down to where the Miniatur world is (which is really worth a visit... leave yourself lots of time to look at everything).


    The Ibis is at the "good end" of the Reeperbahn... so suitable for kids!




    The prices are great too!


    You also have great Ubahn connections into the city, which is also a short walk away... the harbour is also do-able by foot.


    You can get a "tourist ticket" as well for the transport system there, which also saves you a few bob. I can't remember for the life of me what it's called, but I'm sure google can help.


    Hope I've been of help.