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  1. Hi.


    I started a new job today, the people are nice there but the one problem I have is the smoking in the staff room. I'm quite allergic to cigarette smoke (Chronic Asthmatic) and I can't be in a room with someone who is smoking.


    Today is only my first day so I didn't say anything. I did mention that I have asthma and can't smoke, but is there anything I can do to persuade them to smoke somewhere else... or will they just tell me to sit somewhere else in my coffee break?





    And now, Google forced to discontinue its Google Mail domain name in Germany?



    I just don't get it. Are they allowed to stop people accessing gmail.com in Germany? They don't own the URL so how can they control it!


    It really threw me off when that came up on my screen the other day... I thought I'd never be able to read my emails again.


  3. Stehpinkeln has been a big topic on my mind of late. Through watching day time TV I have come to realise that a vast majority of people (mainly German women) are disgusted by men who pee in standing.


    I can understand that it can make a mess sometimes (I am not a man, thusly, I have no personal experience) but is it such a terrible thing? Am I the only one who seems to think that it's OK for men to stand and pee into a toilet?!




  4. In England I shop at tescos... Waitrose is only within my reach if I go there with my mum and my dad's money!!!


    Here, I shop most of the time at Lidl. Why? Because it's cheap. I don't buy 20 bottles of cola and ready meals, I buy fruit and veg and make something good out of the food. It's convinient because there's only one sort of everything. You can mindlessly shop there. The worst for me is Aldi or Penny Markt. Beh.


  5. Thanks for your help, everyone. I always worry about my medication - the thing that keeps me alive! I'll ask about the Large N3 prescription... I have to take my medicine daily so it'd be worth saving a bit of money!


    And you say I can get away with not paying the 10Euro charge? I'll enquire about that too. :)


  6. Hi.


    I need to get a repeat prescription from a doctor for my asthma medication. My question: is the medicine in Germany the same as in England? I use Salbutamol (the blue one) and a new mix of Flixotide and Serevent (purple one).


    It's just so I can be prepared at the doctors. I've been asmatic since birth and have been used to taking the same medication forever.


    Has anyone had any experices of this? Plus, how much does the prescription cost? Do you only get 1 inhaler per perscrition?


    I am insured by the AOK which I pay for (at the mo) out of my own pocket... does that mean it's more expensive?


    Plus, above all that - do I need to prove that I am asthmatic???