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  1. hi all


    so, i'm britsh, boyfriend is german and he (finally) proposed last monday after 7 years and 2 kids! I've lived here in germany for 6 years and neither of us have been married before.


    we're aiming for a standesamt wedding this october, locally with close family members and selected friends.




    how the heck do we go about marrying? do i need special paperwork from the uk?


    do we need to change the children's birth certificates? they already have my partners name but obviously my maiden name is on them. is that an issue?


    do i need to register our marriage in the UK? our kids aren't registered in the UK.


    I would read through this thread more thoroughly but i don't know what applies to me/us.


    thanks in advance


    (excuse my lowercase typing. i currently have my 3 week old baby on my chest)


  2. Hiya


    I'm due to have my 2nd baby per elective section next friday. My first child was a summer baby, which made it easier to dress him on leaving the hospital.


    This time I have no idea.


    I'll tell you my plans / what I have...


    long sleeved vest


    normal cotton "strampler"




    velour baby strampler with hood




    crochet blanket


    footmuff for the maxicosi


    pram suit (the bear one from H&M)




    I was thinking that the vest, tights, velour suit, hat, crochet blanket and the footmuff would be plenty for the journey home. Our car has a "Standheizung" so we can make sure it's warm. I'm just worried that the nurses might think I'm crazy by "Underdressing" my baby.

    I clearly remember with my son (born in July 11) being wrapped up snuggly warm by the nurses INSIDE!


    Can anyone help?



  3. I don't have copies of my old passport or the reciept, as I got a phone call to say it had arrived, and the credit card details were invalid... all sorted within 24hrs.


    I feel like I'm screwed! Still... if the average turn around is four weeks... there's hope for me yet.


  4. Hi all


    I applied for a renewal on the 23rd of June and I'm still waiting. Money has been taken out of credit card account.


    How long, on average, do people wait? I'm bricking it as I'm due to be a bridesmaid in 3 weeks time in the UK. I don't even have my old passport to travel with!


  5. My boyfriend and I first filled out a "vaterschaftsannerkennung" form together, which had to be done at the standesamt TOGETHER, or the 2nd person at a later date. Until the 2nd person had filled it out it had no power.


    Then we had to go to the Jugendamt and fill out a "gemeinsamessorgerecht" form, for which we had to have the Vaterschaftsannerkennung for. That also had to be countersigned.


    Don't know if any of that rings any bells?


    I wish you all the best.


  6. Hi


    I'm a UK citizen, have a british passport and I need to fly to the UK next week (5th April). My passport runs out on the 14th of May 2012. Will this be OK or do I need to have 3 months "extra time" on my passport for entering the UK and then coming back to Germany? I'll be coming back to Germany on the 12th of April so I would still have 1 month left on my passport.


    I searched on here and on the embassy website with no luck.


    Thanks in advance :)


  7. I wouldn't say that it's illegal to use such a seat in Germany, it's just that those sorts of seats aren't available here due to EU standards. Just as a Maclaren stroller is suitable from birth in the UK and USA, but only suitable from 6 months in Germany. There's nothing stopping you from using them. An american can eat a Kinder Surprise in Germany, even though they're illegal to have/consume in the USA. :)


    As for rear-facing car seats it might be worth having a look at the UK site Kiddicare.com as they have a great selection of seats. I personally have the Britax/Römer First Class Plus for my son as he's HUGE and was rather squished in his Maxi-Cosi, even though he still had head room.

    Also, you shouldn't put a baby/infant in their car seat with a coat on because you can't do the straps up tight enough. There's always a bit of padding between the strap and the child which means the strap isn't able to do it's job properly. :)


  8. Congratulations!


    I told my boss when I was 7 weeks pregnant. The earlier the better. The moment you tell them you're protected against being fired and you can also limit your work load (lifting, sitting/standing for too long ect).


    You'll probably get €300 maternity pay for 12 months (elterngeld) plus €180 child benefit (kindergeld).


  9. TK Maxx has saved my Christmas. I'm rather poor after becoming a mummy in the summer. I've found so many amazing bargains. They have a great selection of books that no one buys because they're in English. I've got my little one loads of great make toys from there too.

    I go there at least twice a week to check through their books and toy section.


  10. You've hit the nail on the head. Don't give them lessons! Just talk talk talk! Tell them everything your doing, explain one thing in many ways. Highlight the word or object you are talking about - eg. Could you please get me a cup? I need a cup for my drnk. Maybe even move your arms to sort of mime the object you're talking about. :)


    Just be natural - that's the key.


  11. I have an Ergo and a Baby Björn Active. Although, I did start with a stretchy wrap, but my little boy is such a wriggler it never held tight enough!


    The Ergo is great. I used it with the baby insert but had to stop when he was 9 weeks old because he was just too big and his head kept flopping over the top of the carrier. It's comfy to use and can be used on the front, back or hip! A good investment as it can carry a lot of weight.


    I'm also a bad mummy and have a Baby Björn Active. The legs and hips are positioned correctly in this thing and he loves facing outwards.


    Always look on ebay... they have some very good second hand bargains out there.


  12. I bathe my 12 week old every night as part of a routine. I wash his hair (he has tonnes!) once a week with top and tail wash from Penaten and just use the bed-time bath from Penaten in the water. I don't scrub him down, I just let him relax and play in the water for a bit. He loves it, and his skin is lovely and soft.


  13. I have a Quinny Buzz 4 for longer journeys, and a Quinny Zapp Xtra for quick pops to the shops! Both really good, though the Buzz is rather wide for using in the city. Both have adapters for the MaxiCosi... and the bonus with the Zapp Xtra is that it lays flat!


    I got my Buzz second hand from Ebay Kleinanzeigen, with Maxi Cosi and Dreami for €200! My Zapp is from there too for €80 and I got the Xtra seat from Babywalz for €60!