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  1. Salary levels for various jobs in Germany

    So than just simply start looking for a new job. I'll suggest to get some decent recruiter, because this will simplify job search for you. I guess you already have a permanent residency, so in this case, even if your employer will know that you're looking for a new job, he can kiss your lower back, because in the worst case he can only fire you, which for you will not be a big of a deal because you'll get support from Arbeitsamt. You can even try to apply for german-speaking jobs, this will even increase your chances to get a decent job with a decent salary.   And also here are the results of the salary survey that happened in December 2018: https://medium.com/@n0_quarter/it-salary-survey-results-december-2018-852b6c133f4f
  2. Salary levels for various jobs in Germany

      As zwiebelfisch said, it's important to know in which city you're working and what type of developer you are (java/python/php/javascript/frontend/backend/mobile/fullstack/devops/etc.). But considering the fact that you have 6.5 years of experience, salary of 41k is pretty low - they are just exploiting you. I'd say that you should be aiming at least for 50k. In any case, you must learn German, get a permanent residency, and then freely choose next job with a decent salary, maybe you'll be even able to get 55k. Getting 60k with 6.5 years of experience is quite hard I guess. But then again, it all depends on location, your skills, area of expertise and how good you're at what you're doing.