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  1. Relocating to frankfurt from uk with husband's job. we have 2 very bright kids currently 15 (girl) and 16 (boy). we will have to move separately, son and father this year after his GCSEs and me and daughter next summer after her GCSEs, so they will start their int Baccs in September this year and next year.   There seems to be a few International Schools to choose from. Is FIS the best for this 16+ age group? If not what are the other options? (they don't speak German yet)   Also, if we send them to FIS, is Oberursel the best place to live so they can make friends quickly and be independent enough not to need lifts everywhere?   Does anyone have any experience of moving this age group? Most of the posts seem to be about younger children. We lived in Paris when the kids were kindergarten age and it was hard. Am I mad? What do 40+mothers do who speak o-level german badly? Is there an expat community of mums that do coffee and lunch? I am mad aren't I!   Also Is there an equivalent of   any help gratefully received before panic sets in!