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  1. BIS, St George's or ESM?

    Lots of us. :)
  2. Yeah Coeo is a piece of work. My credit card number got stolen a couple of months ago and my card company noticed the false charges right away and never let them through. Fast forward to last month when I got an bill for a hotel reservation plus a cancellation fee where someone tried to book a hotel with the card. So I wrote back exactly what all those German forums say to, wasn’t me, prove it and delete my data. Another letter with that ‘proof’. A bill from the travel agency with my name on it, another person’s name that I have never met and an old address of mine. Seriously?  So I go this time to the cops to file a report for ‘versuchter Betrug’ against person unknown since I’m not even out any money since the card company never let the charges through. While there I needed the old card number which I did not have any more so called the card company. They were so shocked and appalled that I had to go through all this for proof that this was fraud. They mentioned though I should get legal help. Against the Inkasso or the company that issued invoices due to declined credit card payments, I’m not too sure. So now with my police report let’s hope these lovely people will back off. I’ll update if I ever get a yellow letter....