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  1. Books to give away

    Momex is another site where you could sell them. At like 10 cents a book it’s like giving them away. 
  2. What are you cooking today?

    Butternut squash on ricotta, simple and easy to make while enjoying the last warm days of fall.
  3. Plastic packaging at Grocery stores

    For shampoo, I would recommend buying a shampoo bar. They last much longer than a bottle of shampoo and great for traveling. Often they come unwrapped or in a cardboard box. 
  4. House owner refuses to return deposit

    No protocol as they refused to sign anything, but plenty of photos. Plus a colleague of my husband and the neighbor as witness (when in the yard and they started accusing us of never doing anything in it - nosy neighbor chimed in and said, oh what are you talking about they have been doing the yard work). Haha
  5. House owner refuses to return deposit

    After all these horror stories of the landlord wanting to keep the deposit, I don’t get what my ex landlord is playing at in our case. We moved out a few weeks ago and at the move out he said oh this needs to be cleaned, this needs to be painted, etc (even though we had painted and cleaned) and if you give me x000 now, we’ll just forget about it. We declined. Now I’ve gotten two different phone calls from the agent and landlord asking to make a deal, since if i don’t it will be super expensive for me. I don’t see them doing this out of the goodness of their heart. Already a member of the Mietverein, any other advice out there? Just wait for their invoices and then fight it?
  6. Mummy meet up

    There are many English speaking mommy groups on Facebook for Munich. If you can’t find them, PM me. 
  7. Green card holders need permission to be out of the US for more than 1 year if they want to keep it. 
  8. Few German Mothers Go Back To Work Full Time.

    I think the point is finding said after school program can be hard. Both my husband work full time and have never gotten a place in after school care that goes until 17:00. We would be SOL without extended family nearby to pickup the slack.