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  1. Car rental excess insurance

    Anyone used these companies for annual policies?   I too had, but got cancelled after Brexit.  And what the car companies charge for a week covers the premium for the year...
  2. Old topic, but does anyone have a recommendation for a Steuerberater that can help with the inherited IRA question / reporting to the Finanzamt?  I have recently inherited some and all the people I have talked to are just going to treat it like I inherited a normal bank account, which feels ... not correct.  Especially as I have to start drawing them done within 10 years and I am NOT of retire age.  I really don't think that I want to put myself in some sort of double taxation situation (inheritance tax on full account + income tax on withdrawls from the account).  Thanks! 
  3. Big local Playground in Munich

    This one is good for a bit older kids. Spielplatz an der Heimeranstraße, 48.134567451316, 11.538763657577125 Similarly for a bit older kids that turns into a water playground in the summer months, Wasserspielplatz Westpark, 48.122911878654946, 11.528153791565703 More south in Grünwald, big wide open area + playground with non-sketchy bathrooms (from the swimming pool but open to the public)! 48.049827175980234, 11.530103193828294  
  4. Darmspiegelung - colonoscopy

    Salty Sprite is the best way I can describe it.  Chill it somehow, it tastes less gross cold + the straw advice from earlier.
  5. U.S. citizen working in Germany for a U.S. company

    Old topic, but I wonder if anyone else has run into this.  I work for a large multinational headquartered in the US.  I started with this company in Germany, work under a German contract, have never work for this company in the US. Every year they also issue me a W2 from the US which means I get two tax documents, a Lohnsteuerbescheinigung and a W2.  Can anyone explain why I get a W2?  I've always filed my German and US taxes in the past with just the information from my Lohnsteurbescheinigung when working for previous German-only employers. 
  6. Own gas contract while renting?

    So ask this landlord (who seems like they need to rent it), to lower the COLD rent since you have to pay so much in heating.  It either shuts them up to stop calling you or you get a deal.