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  1. Hi guys,   I received the Sky+ box yesterday. It included a HD receiver and (I guess) a harddisk to record program. While I do not know any German I tried to set it up to work with the TV (NTSC) I brought to Germany. So I use the cable outlet of the wall to connect to the receiver and use HDMI to connect to the TV.   Well it kind of works: I would view some "free" channels as told by my landlord. I would also see the sky movie channels (I subscribe the movie, sport and Bundesliga packages) after calling the hotline to activate the smartcard. However the channels from basic package (sky welt) as well as those from the sport package (Skysport 1 and 2) and Bundesliga channel are all missings. There are some other channels (for example Sky sport 3 and 10) that shows error messages.   I tried to search channels again but the auto scan cannot find any new channels. I also tried to use manual search with no luck (i only tried a few options out of a number of combinations of options).   Have anyone experienced this before (able to see some sky channels that require subscription but fail to locate others)?   I should also mention that I ordered sky through cable (since my landlord told me the apt is cable ready) and when I place my order on the address check seems to be fine. However during the channel automatic search the item "network receiver" is Astra1, which looks like a satellite signal. Did I order the wrong connection? :unsure: