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  1. Apartment problems/Landlord

    You're not supposed to do this. If both sides behave honestly and reasonably with respect to the issues to be solved, the messiness will not occur.
  2. Apartment problems/Landlord

    These don't just happen on their own, Lisa.
  3. Apartment problems/Landlord

    That's not a valid excuse not to pay bills for services you use.
  4. Apartment problems/Landlord

      Dealing with bills is a normal part of adult life. Go to the lawyer or the Mieterverein: they will explain it to you.
  5. Apartment problems/Landlord

    I see that you're very angry - I'm sympathetic to that.   When a constellation of misfortunes arrive, it is possible that it's just very bad luck, but commonly it's a result of a complete misinterpretation of the situation: either willful or unconscious. The missing information in your account suggests to me that this is happening here. Landladies are rarely so vindictive without cause; Mahnungs don't arrive without history.    "He did the paperwork in our relationship, which he stole"   You pointedly don't say whether that means he paid the bills for both of you, and now that he's gone you let them go overdue. If it's not the case, why leave it ambiguous?
  6. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

    Erm, no. Does that happen to you when you renew your Bwitish pathport from here?
  7. Apartment problems/Landlord

    Strike anyone as odd that all the Mahnungs for this married couple arrive in the name of the absent partner, while the remaining partner has a stated wish that she does "not want to be responsible for things legally"? That the landlady is peculiarly unreasonable about updating the contract to meet the present circumstances? Could it be that these bills are for the normal things related to running a joint household, given the opening shot's first complaint is about Nebenkosten?    "so I won’t be responsible for paying for any thing they might come up with" "and not be hit with bills when I move out"    
  8. Apartment problems/Landlord

  9. Apartment problems/Landlord

  10. sale mouse for Laptop

    Wait a minute... your're supposed to haggle. Now, are you telling me that's not worth twenty shekels?
  11. sale mouse for Laptop

    You guys down in Munich don't recognise quality when it squeaks in your face. It takes years to build up a patina like that - you can't just go out and buy this stuff.
  12. sale mouse for Laptop

    My god, you're right. With a mistake like that, this mouse deal could turn bad.
  13. sale mouse for Laptop

    I'm sure the beamte for PS2 adapters will give it a proper evaluation. No charge to the proud new mouse owner.
  14. sale mouse for Laptop

    Looks like a workable loophole to me. Let me know how it goes.
  15. sale mouse for Laptop

    You have to be prepared to make sacrifices in search of a true bargain. No customs on items under ~25 EUR.