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  1. fahr ohne fahrerlaubnis

    Possibly driving a car registered to someone with a suspended licence is sufficient grounds for a spot check?
  2. Church tax questionnaire

    Because a normal agreement with legal consequences requires a written consent from someone competent to understand what they are entering into. A third party record of water being splashed in the face of a baby does not meet that standard. Any other source of obligation can and will be abused, as we see from this discussion. The right to leave is not sufficient: the church should be required to prove a conscious consent. I think you've forgotten what naive means. 
  3. Church tax questionnaire

    I'll accept that there is a belief system named catholicism. Being baptised as an infant - the normal way for it to happen - shouldn't be dignified with an equivalence to 'choosing to join'. It is obvious in the 21st century that the usual way to cease to be a catholic is to cease to believe in God, and that to require a bureaucratic 'exit' is absurd. Otherwise, there would be no logical defence against the introduction of a Father Christmas tax for anyone who ever put out a stocking but failed to formally retract their belief. You leave a belief system by not believing it. This part of the German law is an embarassment and desperately needs an update.
  4. Church tax questionnaire

    God either exists or he doesn't. If he doesn't, catholicism is a delusion, and there is nothing that can be left.
  5. Verdi - terrorist union

    Probably they won't want to be deported, just like the care workers. But "out of sight - out of mind" and, as you say, it's still better than spending the entirety of their lives in a poor country. As for keeping in touch - everyone uses skype these days.  
  6. Verdi - terrorist union

      The elderly? How about we deport them to a faraway poor country? It's hard, but it will still be better for them than if they had had to be born in such a place.
  7. Are cafeterias obliged to follow their menu plans?

    If they wrote 'crunchy' chicken, I'd say that was fair warning you should expect to be disappointed.
  8. IT career "golden cage"

    Find a country where you can bribe your way to the front if that's your thing. I'm sure you know of one.
  9. Wouldn't that make Australians the true "pommie bastards"? 
  10. If you're a Brit in Russia, every third new acquaintance will ask you "Is it true that you eat porridge for breakfast every day?!"
  11. Why? What's wrong with Canada's national food?
  12. Refrigerator temperature

    That is weird!    
  13. Refrigerator temperature

    This isn't how a fridge control works. The dial is not a 'cooling power' setting - it's a thermostat which sets your desired temperature. You don't need to 'turn the dial up' in summer at all, although the fridge will work a bit harder to keep the temperature you selected. Whether it succeeds depends mainly on how well the fridge is insulated. If you're used to an old/cheap/built-in one (I've got one - I know!), you'll be familiar with the ice forming at the back in summer.  It's not because of the wrong dial setting or lack of cooling power: it's because the front/sides are letting the heat in faster than the interior space can equilibrate. 3C is as cold as you could want - a good fridge is also designed not to accidentally freeze stuff, which spoils many foods. Good fridges have good insulation; the 'cooling power' isn't that important.    
  14. The New Gillette Social Awareness Campaign

    I did say so. I was hoping you could explain the point that was difficult for me, since you appear to be a pro.  
  15. The New Gillette Social Awareness Campaign

    Not quite. I think I follow the statistics. I'm stuck on the part where humans believe they have a moral commonality with a bunch of factories churning out plastic disposable razors.