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  1. English-speaking lawyers in Berlin

    I would insist on the passport/documents being returned today - either from landlord or her lawyer - otherwise go to talk to the police.
  2. English-speaking lawyers in Berlin

    If you were locked out of your home, how did you get access to the receipts? I have many items at home for which I couldn't produce a receipt. They are still mine. If it was your home for two years, it would be assumed that every item there belongs to you, unless someone proves otherwise.  
  3. English-speaking lawyers in Berlin

    I'm no expert, but there are strict rules about what you are allowed to do with someone else's possessions on your property. Your possessions must be returned to you. I find it highly unlikely that it would be legitimate to require proof of ownership in the form of receipts. More than that, unless you're omitting parts of the story, it is likely to have been illegal to evict you by locking you out. Certainly speak to a lawyer straight away.
  4. Landlord does not confirm the apartment

    Your mistake was revealing to the landlord that rather than proceed according to the agreement, you are seeking mechanisms to undermine it.       (How did this thread end up in two copies?)  
  5. State this on the forms, and they'll change the rules to suit your situation. It always works like this.
  6. Landlord does not confirm the apartment

    Self-sabotage. Think about not doing it next time.
  7. I've just posted a silly photo

    "No - I said, fill the bag, please!"
  8. Compulsory school attendance

    I think it works with any piece of paper that makes you happy. Can do it with a bus ticket.
  9. Compulsory school attendance

    Once you have the paper framed on the wall, no-one can take it from you. You can enjoy it for a lifetime.
  10. Compulsory school attendance

    But that would be fraudulent. I'm sure the OP has a more wholesome reason.
  11. Compulsory school attendance

    What would be the advantage to doing it early?
  12. I've just posted a silly photo

    Magnificent two and a half bedroom country house, bright and airy, with large open plan kitchen and living area. Set in extensive gardens with authentic rustic landscaping.
  13. Men are not a race. Learn some biology. Might not be too late to become one of those well-educated men.
  14. I've just posted a silly photo

    "If one is going to take back the US, one should attack when it's raining. They'll be in their hotels."