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  1. Dear Mrs Arunadasi, your beautiful words brought a real tear to my eye...they remind me of an inspiring book i read by John Donahue-'Anam Cara'...still one of my favourite books of all time...

    i am not 60, (3/4 of the way there, with younger wife, and 6 year old child)...

    i work in a 'care home', and i see every day how different People cope in different ways with sickness and sadness, and i can only hope i can greet the morning with a smile when i reach 94, still racked with pain, sharing a room with a Dement grouch, with sometimes bitter,unhappy, burned out sisters coming to bully me around...

    na ja, ist a while off yet, and i hope my ladyfriend has Parkinsons, too ;)

    anyway,in the words of John, :- "Aging is the Beauty of the inner harvest", and "Memory is where our vanished days secretly gather"


    Do you write, Mrs Arunadasi?? for youself? for others? In my opiniion, your talents are wasted here on TT, maybe you could add writing to your list of 'things to do before you get old


    best wishes,



  2. "you can't put your arms around a Memory"

    I think it was a B-side...Pete from the "Mighty Wah" (some Scouser singing about the Story of the Blues)


    took me years before i got to use that line myself...havent heard it for over 20 years, but ist still in my head


  3. "Been there, done that, bought the T-shirt" ...saw them in 94? in Munich Olympic Stadium...we were a Long, long way from the stage! "The Division Bell" tour.. had a couple of 'Blue Peters'( anyone remember that? here's one i made earlier)?...Anyway,we got so wasted, we forgot to Change Trains on the way home, and ended up in Stuttgart, mornin, we noticed the T-Shirts said "Division of the Bell" :/

    Best song...'Wish you were here'..Commercial, i know, but it brings back such happy memories ;)


  4. forget about money und property worries...just go for the experience!!!

    i went to Aus for 6 months, and stayed for about 8 years...

    they have the best saying over there..."No worries"...

    late for work...No worries...

    crashed someones car...No worries...

    kissed someones girlfriend...No worries... ;)


    just go for it, mate

    you won't regret it


  5. Come down to Halle on the train, thursday night.its only 1/2 an hour...Songsalong in Mojos bar..

    its an open-stage singer/songwriter night, and at the end of the night it kind of dissolves into a good jam session..always good music,good craic, nice people,...ask for Anna when you get here

    good luck with the job hunting

    check out on facebook


  6. so, i am a wee bit confused...if a Brit marries a german, takes the germans name, wants to change Name on licence, (address on licence is Northern Ireland, and hasnt been valid for 5 years) is a fully registered member of thee tax paying community(mostly)... does he go to german licence office, or what?? any suggestions


  7. i am a uk citizen, never been married before, marrying a lovely german girl in summer.

    i just got a 40€ bill for a piece of paper which says that i dont need a piece of paper which says i have never been married before...(GEBÜHR FÜR DIE BEFREIUNG VON DER BEIBRINGUNG DES EHEFÄHIGKEITSZEUGNISSES)

    follow that??...or did i misunderstand , somewhere along the line?

    as someone said, go figure...only in germany


  8. hI'michelle,

    just want to say that some of the big 'charity'organisations like red cross, or Caritas, do courses for immigrants.(I paid about 5€ for a 40 hour course, but that was 5 years ago, through Caritas) could be worth a try...or maybe you could negotiate something with your employers?it would be for their benefit, too, if you could also speak german...

    good luck


  9. my first job after leaving school, my boss was a real big(well over 6') arrogant guy. he came up to me one monday morning, asked how the weekend went, then asked if i had a "fuck". i said "no, i didnt, did you?"

    when he said no, i asked him "did your wife?", and casually walked away...

    the man went beetroot, but didnt say anything coworker spilt his coffee, choked on it...

    the boss was a bit more friendly after that, and never asked stupid questions again


  10. hey,

    nowt wrong with irish travellers.. i was hitching up to dublin once, and 3 of them stopped to give me a lift. they where real friendly and helpful. mind you, i could only understand about 2 words out of 3.

    and i was itchin for days, cos of the flea bites...part from that, they were fine...


    just remembered, talking to a peeler once up North, he said they just called them "stills"...doesnt matter if you call them tinkers gypsies, travellers, whatever politically correct term they think of next, they are still



  11. hey, i used to work in fiddler, before Rikki bought it, though. i even have the T shirt.if you are registered in Ireland as umemployed(for at least 3 months) you can claim U.benefits over here for 3 months...unless they ve changed the rules recently...takes the pressure off a wee bit...

    as to accommodation, if you private mail me, i can probably help you out.

    good luck , anyway,

    A :)