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  1. Hi @Straightpoop, are you a Steuerberater that can work with both USA and German tax filings simultanously?


    Or can you refer one (assuming legally you can) ?



    AI HAL

  2. Tax on gold/silver

    Is there any German investment company where we can invest into ETF?   does the DAX have any such ETFs ?
  3. Layoff compensation if you are an Intl. Transfer

    Just an update, the layoffs eventually happened around end of 2016.   The company didn’t even bother arguing or distinguish years of service in Germany or outside.    so the original posts points never came to be exercised.   i’d say to be cautious just have a sentence added to your contracts that reflects your full service history is calculated for any benefits in the New company.    
  4. Hi All,   I have an Niederlassungserlaubnis. The type/classification of it is "19" ... (i.e. Highly qualified Professionals (§ 19 AufenthG)) for the last 4 years or so.   I am wondering what requirement a non-EU spouse would have in applying for a visa for Germany.   A friend in similar condition said, the sub-types effect the process, and in his case a type "18" required that the spouse be fluent in German of B1 level or above. Other sites seem to indicate this is a blanket condition independent of my status.   This site seems to suggest that under my conditions a German requirement is waived: link     Anyone can corroborate this or have a link to the actual law to that effect?   Thanks, and sorry if this is a repost.
  5. Hi Legal Aficionados,   So I was curious about what my rights are under a certain circumstance; I am in no such danger and don't plan to ever be; but would be useful to know the limits of my rights.     Anyhow so the question is:   IF the company decides to downsize in this new legal entity and lays me off. For lay-off compensation reasons am I   a ) new employee with very little benefit b ) a ~13 year veteran with a significant severance package?   To draw a parallel, if I was still in USA I would get some non-ignorable sum in severance package.   I am trying to understand what it means to have this new contract. What kind of protections it does give the company, and what it does give to me.   Not sure if there is any previous court case where an international transfer had to fight for severance package. Anybody have a clue?   Thanks,