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  1. 23 Ridiculous Facts That Prove Bear Grylls Is The Ultimate Adventurer






    It's Batman for me - brains beats brawn.


  3. May the Force be with you.

    New preview for those of you that, like me, don't bother reading fuzztony's boring stuff.


    Posted here because of TT stupid 2% restriction preventing me from adding another post:

    I know this is beyond your understanding, but who wants a high approval rating from a bunch of wankers except other wankers maybe. Anyway your following 2 posts does actually show just how much of a wanker you really are so I am surprised your approval rating by the other wankers is not much higher than what it is. I would be ashamed to have a high approval rating here and would flonce asap if I did. Go back to your silly thread idiot, there are wankers waiting to see what boring stuff you are going to post next.


  4. Don't try and get away.


    Watch videos of robocop run a suspect down in a police cruiser at high speed.



  5. Japanese TV game show where the contestants get hand jobs while singing karaoke


    I bet it is not easy - try it.


  6. Here is a more detailed explaination:


    1. We know Cheryl has already told Albert the month of her birthday, and Bernard the day.


    2. Each of the men does not know what the other has been told.


    3. For Albert to be 'certain' that Bernard can't know the answer - as suggested in the first statement he makes - we can deduct that the birthday is not in May or June. This is because in the months of May and June there are numbers (dates) that only occur once across the four months - namely May 19 and June 18.


    4. If Albert had been given May or June as the month, there is no way he could be certain that Bernard doesn't know the birthday. Bernard, after all, might have been the number 18 or 19.


    5. For Albert to be 'certain' that Bernard doesn't know, Albert must have been given a month that does not contain one of these 'unique' dates - i.e. July or August.


    6. Albert's disclosure now gives Bernard the clue he needs, and says he now knows the birthday.


    7. Bernard only knows the number of Cheryl's birthday, but from Albert's statement he has now also ruled out both May and June. This is because he realises Albert has ruled out May and June because of the 'single number' aspect above.


    8. So there are now just five remaining dates - July 14, July 16, Aug 14, Aug 15, Aug 17 - and Bernard says he knows which is the birthday.


    9. Because he now knows the date, we can whittle it down further to three dates by ruling out the numbers that appear in duplicate.


    10. If Cheryl had told Bernard that her birthday fell on the 14th of the month, then he could not have worked out the date at this stage.


    11. However, as he states that he now knows the date, we can rule out July 14 or August 14.


    12. This leaves just three dates to chose from - July 16, Aug 15 and Aug 17.


    13. Following Bernard's statement, Albert is then apparently able to deduce the date of Cheryl's birthday.


    14. This means her birthday must be the only remaining date in the month he was originally told.


    15. Given that there are two dates left in August and one in July, it has to be the July date.


    16. So the answer is July 16.


  7. Bassett man sent video of himself having sex with dog to girlfriend, court hears



  8. Einstein once said educated people solve problems and wise people avoid them.


    Just ignore any mention of a birthday on each of the above days in turn as they arrive and you will soon find out which day is precisely HER birthday to the nearest nanosecond.


    But in this case both Albert and Bernard know her birthday so there isn't a problem to solve.


  9. Project for today: Design vibrating microphone. Definitely no sponge foam cover on head. What else? Need optimum frequency of vibration. 9 volts max for safety. More penis shaped maybe. I have to check if there is a university in Climax.