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  1. Had a search but only found the other way round ( moving back to the UK and german contributions )   Basically, I´m collecting info/ statements on contributions I´ve made in the various countries in Europe For the Bund to figure out what Rente I´ll receive here in Germany eventually. They´ve asked me for a timeline of my work etc, I´ve managed to collect the E301 ( I think it´s that number anyway, must look at it again ) from a few countries. Now I need one from the UK. Would I be right in contacting Newcastle with my old UK NI number and asking for a statement? ( Already mailed them - though I can´t remember the last letter - A or E - hopefully they can work it out)   Anyone done this before? ( Collated NI contributions for German Rente ) If not, l´ll post results here at some point for future reference.