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  1. Jokes

  2. Heart attack at the age of 41

    Intermittent fasting can help improve liver health and functionality. It's a fairly easy thing to try and does have other health benefits.It's starting to improve my liver enzyme counts which were elevated - but not from statins, I admit.   
  3.   Just make sure you don't click the Spar Abo button by mistake like @arunadasi       
  4. What made you smile today?

      I always thought there were a lot of cheap meals when I was in Italy. All the young Italian ladies kept telling me "Pizza Offer".  
  5. Music Copyright

    If you don't need a specific track but just a type of music, maybe you can use a  sources like this:   
  6. What made you smile today?

    11 and 2 ... deja vu
  7. Worst jokes ever

    Why did the chicken cross the road?   To maintain social distancing.
  8. Coronavirus

    I don't know how many here have access to UK TV channels or BBC Iplayer, but there was a really interesting programme onBBC 4 last night  - "secret universe : the hidden life of the cell" illustrating how a virus can infect us and how the body fights back. I highly recommend it - there are some unbelievable things that happen like the virus hijacking the cell's transport mechanism to create a set of  "legs" that walk it to the cell nucleus. Amazing stuff. You cna also find it online :  
  9. Coronavirus

    At the start of March, Johnson was boasting about how he was personally ignoring his own government's advice and was happily shaking the hands of people ill in hospital with Covid-19.  At the start of April, he's in the intensive care ward due to Covid-19 symptoms.      
  10. Worst jokes ever

  11. Playlist for the Corona Apocalypse

    Don"t you touch me baby 'cos I'm shaking so much. .  
  12. Corona Restrictions

      Probably,  if you go walking  in a group...  
  13. Coronavirus

      Whereas I'm thinking of starting  business selling Xylospongia on  e-Bay.  
  14. Worst jokes ever

    I used to have a hat with a 60W bulb on it but I had to stop wearing it. It was making me light-headed.