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  1. Worst jokes ever

    I went out with somebody from the local school last night. Teacher? There was no need - she was well experienced!    
  2. Worst jokes ever

    Yesterday I bought a wombat. Today I bought a womble. Tomorrow we're going to play a nice game of wom.    
  3. Best TV Opening Theme ever?
  4. Best TV Opening Theme ever?
  5. Best TV Opening Theme ever?

  6. Best TV Opening Theme ever?

    Contender for the longest opening credits?    
  7. Jokes

      In a related case, another man has been found guilty of constructing a never-ending sentence. The judge has now put a stop to it.
  8. Definitions game

    Arterial - Television antenna that only picks up old Bob Ross shows   skedaddle
  9. What made you laugh today?

      After all the cuts, I'm surprised there are enough active members left to form two teams of 15...
  10. How to pay a BVG fine from abroad

      The ticket machines here in the Darmstadt area seem to be particularly useless. They have touch sensitive screens that don't register presses properly or register them at a random distance from where you actually press - especially when it rains as the screens aren't covered and get soaked. That's assuming the screen hasn't just locked up again. The machines quite often start rejecting coins for no reason (not just one or two, but every coin put in). Notes have to be ironed at home to be flat enough to be accepted. And for some reason, they don't like my bank card. The other day I couldn't buy a ticket because the machine couldn't give change as it had no 5 cent coins. Not possible to round up to a higher 5 cents or get a ticket 5 cent cheaper. For a while you could pay on the trams, but soon after re-introducing the payment machines on the trams they took them all out again.    When I can't buy a ticket, I use my phone to record myself trying to pay,  just to show that I tried but was thwarted through no fault of my own. Not sure if this would persuade the inspectors, but so far nobody has ever controlled my ticket on the tram.
  11. I've just posted a silly photo

    Sarah Connor?  
  12. Jokes

    What's the difference between a garden pea and a chickpea?       Trump has never had a garden pea on him.
  13. I've just posted a silly photo

    Do you know the way to Aberystwyth? You hum it, I'll play it...
  14. I've just posted a silly photo

    Squeaky clean...
  15. What made you laugh today?

      I find that hard to believe. Definitely fake news. Just one person?!?!