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  1. I've just posted a silly photo

    How to solve those problems with seat overbooking...  
  2. Opodo Aeroflot, wrong name on ticket

    Have you tried contacting Aeroflot directly?    
  3. Definitions game

    even - result of two odds fussilade  
  4. Politics Gen XYZ

        Apparently Trump felt a natural  kinship with the people of Nambia - the Namby Pambies...    
  5. Professional co-writer - Novel

      Quite honestly, you could have skipped the second step and left the text in Corsican and it would still be better than the original post, even for those of us who don't speak Corsican.
  6. Definitions game

    exclusivity   -  I've posted a funny answer on the Supporters Only forum   organisational
  7. Definitions game

    complicit - collective noun for politicians   hebdomadal
  8. Sky News Vs Fox News.

    I'm confused. Are we talking about news channels or the channel called Fox News because there doesn't seem to be any point of overlap...  
  9.   And the reason the UK doesn't vaccinate is actually to avoid her immunity in order to protect adults.   Chicken pox is much more serious if you get it as an adult. If kids were routinely vaccinated, then  unvaccinated kids would be a lot less likely to get chicken pox too (fewer infected kids to pass it on). These unvaccinated kids grow to adults having no protection against chicken pox and if they then catch it as adults then the consequences are much more serious - doubly so if the adult is pregnant.    I guess it means you would need to go immediately to a close to 100% vaccination for kids to reduce the risks to acceptabale levels.
  10.   One dose of measles vaccine is about 93% effective at giving immunity. Two doses will raise this to 97%. However, even if you don't get full immunity, if you do get measles your body is likely to be able to fight it much more effectively and reduce the adverse effects so you won't be as sick as if you weren't vaccinated.   Most healthy people recover from chicken pox but it can be nasty for some and it can also recur as shingles.    
  11. Should we return to the US?

      And what did your neighbours think about that - assuming you didn't leave in a  predominantly Rastafarian district
  12. What souvenir best represents Germany?

        Surely these should be called  sandal socks and not sock sandals as they are clearly socks that look like sandals and not sandals that look like socks... :)  
  13. Politics Gen XYZ

      Hahahahahahahahahaha... love it!  Now tell us one about climate change...  
  14. Politics Gen XYZ

      There's nothing to suggest that the experts were handpicked for their views rather than their expertise. The writer raises this as a supposition but then totally fails to provide any evidence to justify it. Clapper's remarks could just as easily be interpreted as saying the agencies picked the most knowledgeable experts in these fields in order that they would produced solid, reliable results - we didn't just hand it to a bunch of interns and rookies. In fact, that would be the more likely interpretation as he's too wily a character to make any suggestion of planned bias of the outcome.  
  15.   " Alcohol Use Disorder. Problem drinking that becomes severe is given the medical diagnosis of “alcohol use disorder” or AUD. Approximately 7.2 percent or 17 million adults in the United States ages 18 and older had an AUD in 2012. "   "Research from Munich health research institute IFT released on Thursday showed 1.8 million people in Germany were alcoholics – up by 36 percent from 1.3 million in 2006. A further 1.6 million drink a lot although are not addicted. In total 7.4 million people drink more than the recommended amount."   Admittedly not as bad as Russia, but definitely significant numbers of alcoholics in both countries. Statistics seem  worse still  for the UK where binge drinking seems more socially  acceptable - "The NHS estimates that around 9% of adult men in the UK and 4% of UK adult women show signs of alcohol dependence"