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  1. In my situation (described earlier), I did end up getting charged VAT on my old stuff, that yes I had already paid tax on years before in Canada. I made my case, but I didn’t fight it to hard after the fact because I didn’t have the energy and it seemed hopeless. It sucked!


    Whatever you do, try to clarify before you do it. 


    I can also hint that the value you declare for customs (what they use to calculate) and the value you insure for travel do not have to be connected in any way. 


    Good luck


  2. I am not entirely sure if you have already narrowed it down to Hoechst and Sachsenhausen if you are asking us to pick within these two? I am not so familiar with either, but I love Bockenheim and you have a direct train S3 connection to Schwalbach am Taunus for work. There is a lively shopping street and also some good places to eat within walking distance. And very easy access to the center via u-bahn in 5 minutes. Should also work with your budget. Try to live as close to Legziger str. as possible.


    Don't forget to factor the monthly train pass into your expenses (unless your husband gets a job ticket from work).


  3. Hi Catster


    Bockenheim is terrific. A great choice. Rödelheim is also an area to think about. I live there and am really happy with it. It has a bit of reputation as not being the greatest, but I have lived there for two years and really can't figure out why. I think the reputation is a bit out dated. Gallus has good parts and bad parts - tread carefully.


    Good luck!





  4. Thanks Toytown!!!




    Guten Tag Nomadiccanuck,


    das von Ihnen vorliegende Girokonto ist nicht hinreichend gedeckt um die Lastschrift zu realisieren. Sie haben eine nicht beglichene Forderung bei unseren Mandanten GiroPay GmbH. In Vollmacht unseren Mandanten ordnen wir Ihnen an, die offene Gesamtforderung unverzüglich zu begleichen.


    Aufgrund des andauernden Zahlungsausstands sind Sie gebunden zusätzlich, die durch unsere Inanspruchnahme entstandenen Kosten von 41,34 Euro zu tragen. Wir erwarten die vollständige Zahlung bis spätestens 24.122014 auf unser Bankkonto.


    Bitte beachten Sie, dass keine weitere Mahnung erfolgt. Nach Ablauf der festgelegten Frist wird die Akte dem Gericht und der Schufa übergeben. Die detaillierte Kostenaufstellung, der Sie alle Einzelpositionen entnehmen können, ist beigefügt. Für Fragen oder Reklamationen erwarten wir eine Kontaktaufnahme innerhalb des selben Zeitraums.


    Mit verbindlichen Grüßen


    Stellvertretender Sachbearbeiter Imhot Timo



    Why people generalize the whole country by one (or two) companies? This I will never understand. Agree about food and alcohol, though. However, what I like in Sweden is the concept of self-service in any place to eat (not only fast food or something). I miss it in Germany.Australia has better weather? Is it a joke?


    To re-enforce this, I worked in Sweden for several years and have nothing but positive things to say about working in Swedish companies (and I have worked in five countries). I moved to Germany because of work and convenience. The only thing I didn't like about Sweden was the darkness in the winter.


    I don't think you will go wrong with either choice.


  6. Well my car is arriving on the weekend, and I will immediately get it registered and hope for the best.


    This is just plain stupid. I own a house in Slovenia and didn't bring my car here before because I simply didn't need it in Frankfurt. It made more sense to keep it there. And I go there frequently and use it. The fact that I should have driven it to Germany just to re-register it and drive it back is dumb and infuriating. I hope there is some misunderstanding here.


  7. OK, so this thread has completely freaked me out. Sorry to temporarily side track the discussion.


    I have been registered and living here for over two years. I have a car that has been registered and insured in Slovenia (I have a residence there also, which is on my driver's license).


    On Saturday, friends are driving it here and I plan to keep it here in Germany and register and insure it.


    Now, I planned to do that leisurely over the next month. Do I need to urgently do it instead and pray I am not pulled over? Is there no grace period at all after it comes here? Would it help if I have some proof that the car just arrived? e.g. tolls, parking stubs?


  8. [adminmerge][/adminmerge]


    I just received the email below directly to my personal email account (not a PM):


    To Nomadiccanuck >myrealemail<


    My settings are to hide my email address to forum members, so I am not sure how this happened.


    Anyone have any insight?





    Here is the email in case it's of interest.




    Lieber Bewerber,


    wir sind eine Arbeitsvermittlungsagentur und freuen uns Ihnen einige für Sie passende Jobs vorschlagen zu können.


    Sind Sie nicht zu 100 Prozent ausgelastet und möchten nebenbei etwas dazu verdienen?

    Sind Sie Rentner oder ohne Arbeit?

    Sind Sie gern Ihr eigener Chef?

    Wollen Sie Ihre Beschäftigungszeit und Ihre Beschäftigungsstelle selbst wählen?


    Dann haben wir sicherlich etwas dass zu Ihnen passt.


    Wir vermitteln Jobs EU weit und haben auch etwas für Sie in Ihrer Umgebung. Die Bezahlung beträgt im Schnitt ab 20 Euro die Stunde.


    Sollten Sie an diesen Arbeitsstellen interessiert sein, dann schicken Sie uns ein kurzes Bewerbungsschreiben an und Sie erhalten weitere Infos.


    Mit besten Grüßen


    Schwarz GmbH


  9. Reviving this thread in case anyone has some more recent recommendations. I am doing a small move within Frankfurt, although there are a few larger items which will have to be delivered via the terrace, so I need a company that has an external lift.


    Any recommendations very much appreciated.