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  1. Hey Chris

    I know it is a while ago that you posted but are you working as an English teacher/trainer in Bremen now?

    We are looking for someone to take a company group at a company in Achim. 

    Would you be interested? Could you cal Eric on 0202/76907917 if you are? Thx.

    Have a good evening!



  2. Hi lunaCH Perhaps you could look if you have such a service as the one below as any private person or company can make an appointment and an energy consultant will visit your home and explain what is possible and what not. They are specialists and often engineers and price for this consultation is usually not so high... they also know all about regulations and costs etc.
  3. You need to get a few offers so that you know the costs and what is possible. Contact your local gas and electricity supplier for quotes as well as a couple of private companies. At the moment, you get 40% of the cost reimbursed if you change from oil-fired central heating but that could very well change quite quickly and it would be a shame to miss out. It is also correct that oil-fired central heating is going to be banned in the near future which will also drive the prices up for anyone waiting too long... good luck!
  4. We are holding our annual garden party this year on the 12th September in the garden of our language school Cox & Co in the Bankstrasse in Wuppertal and, as it will be a charity event for kids in care, we are looking for anyone who would like to join in a musical jamming session on that evening to help support us and the kids.There will be lots of various fund-raising stuff going on that you are more than welcome to come along to and support e.g. Bring & Buy Table, Pimm's Cocktail Bar etc with all proceeds going to support the kids etc. Give us a bell on 020276907917 or email me at: if you'd like to come and play or sing with us on the 12th September!
  5. Suitably qualified, Business English trainer/teacher needed once a week for a company group in Nürnberg either evenings after 5pm or early mornings (day not fixed yet). Finance management awareness/background would be of advantage. If interested, please contact and, if you like, check us out on