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  1. Car rental excess insurance

    I can highly recommend Questor Insurance, via their EU sister company Riverside Insurance:   I had an annually policy with them pre-corona times when I used to travel and would rent cars; that was also pre-Brexit, so my policy was through Questor Insurance, but I assume the cover and service is similar through the EU sister company.   The price is reasonable in my opinion (makes more sense to get the annual policy though, especially if you rent more than once per year).  I did make a claim with them once, on the last day of a trip to South Africa somebody reversed into my car while it was parked.  I came back and found the damage (broken rear light and a dent) and although there was a witness who took a picture of the other car and phone number of the person, of course I was never able to contact that person.  I went to the police and reported it, got an incident number, and then paid the excess the next day when I returned the car to the rental agency.  Submitted all the documents to Questor a few days later when I got home, and within a couple of weeks I think I had the excess reimbursed, no questions asked.
  2. Wow. Your problem seems to be that you are blaming others and looking for explanations for their lack of interest in you, instead of either: 1) understanding that not everybody is going to be interested in you (especially that way) because that's not the way the world works or; 2) figuring out why they aren't interested in you, because perhaps the problem is with you.   Coming back a year later and using "statistics" to dissect responses as personal attacks and again, blaming it on the other posters doesn't do anything to change that impression. I can only re-iterate what other people have said - you come across as desperate with the sole intention of finding the one and only person for you, which is a game you can never win, and which will turn people off anyway.   P.S. I'm a thirty and something living in Berlin and guess what - in a long term relationship.
  3. Microwave without a rotating plate

    Microwaves need a turning mechanism, because they operate at a frequency with a wavelength of about 12cm.  So if you don't rotate, you get hot spots every 12cm (this is why you still have spots which are cooler and hotter, because depending on where the food is in the microwave it doesn't heat evenly).   Microwaves that don't have a turning plate aren't actually any different - the secret is that there is a rotating antenna below the "floor", so the principle is the same just that we can't see it.