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  1. How integrated are you?

      I've never understood this argument. Paying money to rent gets you a roof over your head. That's definitely got value. Just like paying a mortgage achieves the same thing.   The blind British-style attitude of "must by house to achieve financial security" is outdated. If there really was such a fundamental difference in value, then everybody would want to buy. That would push property prices up and cause rents to fall. Assuming a free market, it would suddenly make more sense to rent in the long run because the lower rents would be better value than a high house price. Pure supply and demand. You can see that happening right now in fact - the sudden jump in interest rates this year has caused a lot of people to stop looking to buy, with the result that rental prices are increasing even faster than before.   Retirement with no rent to pay - you're assuming a house is paid off. Doesn't always happen. If you rent, then you may have a bigger retirement pot because you haven't being paying off an expensive mortgage for years. That bigger pot funds your rent in your retirement.
  2. Not a recommendation, but I do wedding photography. You can take a look at my website here (some sections are currently undergoing an update, but the wedding section is up):   If it's of any interest, feel free to get in touch either via PM here or via my website. My site is in German, but I'm a native English speaker. I'm based in Berlin so Beelitz is feasible.