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  1. Does Tax declaration need to attach invoices?

    I have done some googling after asking the questions and here are the results: https://www.smartsteuer.de/blog/2016/05/24/verdammter-papierkram-welche-belege-muss-ich-beim-finanzamt-einreichen-serie-teil-52/ https://www.vlh.de/wissen-service/steuer-abc/welche-belege-muessen-in-die-steuererklaerung.html In short since 2017 only following papers must be send together:  
  2. Till now I have been printing filled tax declaration, attaching all invoices and in such form sending them to Munich's Tax Office. Somebody told me that he never attaches invoices and that the Tax Office would request them if they needed to see the proof. The type of invoices I mean are: monthly transport ticket, extra insurances, costs related to renting apartment, etc. Is that true?
  3. British Allsorts, Munich

    The message was written 5 days before Brexit.
  4. A place to paint

    Are there any places in Munich, where one could bring his paints and just paint in peace on a table? Best with small or no fee?