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  1. german class sunday

    The cheapest course is the one cofinanced by the government called Integration Kurs (1,95€/45min, up to B1 level). This school offers classes on Saturdays and Sundays: http://www.deutschinstitut.de/index.php/de/deutschkurse/integrationskurse You can read about this framework more here: https://www.aslsprachen.de/en/integration-german-courses-munich/
  2. Air purifier / HEPA filter Recommendations?

    The best quality for price is the big Xiaomi air purifier pro: https://m-de.gearbest.com/living-appliances/pp_536471.html If you want to clean single room, then smaller version is enough. Also it's not that good for summer as it doesn't work when you open windows.
  3. 2-month rentals - where to check?

    Get 2 different apartments from Airbnb, each for 1 month. The easiest and best option, you usually get discount when renting the whole month. But I'd course you have to book in advance.
  4. The worst neighborhood/district of Munich

    I would suggest Solln and Obersendling too, because they are close to Isar which is great on the southern side. As for other side - Grunwald, it's rather villas area, expensive and few people and few shops around. Also not as well connected, so one need a car. Personally if I could choose any place in Munich to live I would choose near Thalkirchen metro station. It's close to Flaucher and very close to the city center. But the topic was about the best not worst neighborhoods.
  5. Which Mieterverein ?

    What's the use of Mierverein? They can help with some law questions regarding renting apartments?
  6. Parents would be, but for them it's extra burocracy - changing contracts, which everybody hates.
  7. This one. Otherwise you will be always the last one by points.
  8. Bilingual kindergartnen in Munich

    I can recommend you this Greek - German Kindergarten: http://grkiga.de/konzept.html
  9. From what I know the competition to private (as in meaning those which don't have a contract with city of Munich, because practically a lot of them is private but paid by the city) is lower than to public, but it's still there. You apply to public and private through kita finder. Because of high competition it's close to impossible to get a place in city financed facility when one of parents is not working at least 30h per week. I think you get lower points for bigger distance from home to kita. Meaning if they have a candidate who lives closer and has the same as you employment situation, then he will get place. It's impossible to switch from private to public. But further kita may get not enough applicants, so if you have a car, go for it.   Also it's harder to get a place mid year, because some kid must switch to Kindergarten, but it's possible. You can still apply to public kitas when you have no job. It doesn't cost, and miracles happen.
  10. Quality of Grundschule in Am Hart

    Update of the above map. I don't see any differences. https://paedagokick.de/2017/11/28/faktencheck-22-arm-bleibt-arm-da-hilft-auch-keine-schule/
  11. The worst neighborhood/district of Munich

      Just take a look at quality of schools. Better schools usually means wealthier parents without immigration background. Also the colors here should mean the more yellow the worse. But just for living, there are no really bad neighborhoods in Munich. I would perhaps try to omit places with 1 point (if I had a choice, because it's hard to have a choice of good prices apartments in Munich) and other than at those numbers I would look at proximity to metro stations and commuting time to the center.   https://www.toytowngermany.com/forum/topic/354317-grundschule-in-am-hart/
  12. Higher Elterngeld by switching tax classes

    I think I understand now. Tax classes do not decide how much taxes one pays, but only how much taxes one prepaid.
  13. Higher Elterngeld by switching tax classes

    That was my understanding as well. Does it mean in context of PandaMunich words, that classes are transparent for final tax paid, when doing tax declaration? If so, then how does this work?
  14. Higher Elterngeld by switching tax classes

    Thx for pointing out one more obstacle. It's not a problem in my case. But you write there:   "It doesn't matter whether you have tax class 5 and your husband tax class 3, or the other way around: what you pay during the year is just a pre-payment. The final tax burden will only be calculated in the tax return that you will have to do before 31. May 2015 for the calendar year 2014."   And here is my question not answered? How do I technically get classes changed during tax returned? Smartsteuer web app which I have used for tax statement tells me to write my current tax class. So I cannot just change it for tax return. And if I use the class 5 for husband and 3 for lower earning wife in taxt statement then the tax burden will be calculated the same as it was paid through the year. Not optimal.
  15. Higher Elterngeld by switching tax classes