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  1. I have been with O2 / Alice for almost 4 years, im now leaving my flat and no longer need the service. 


    Just did an online termination request, they have stated my earliest termination date is 07 July! It also appears i have asked to terminate but need to follow up with a phone call in 10 days or my contract continues. Again this seems ridiculous!


    I was expecting to give between 1 and 3 months notice, 6 seems a bit harsh. Is this normal or am i being taken for a mug? 





  2. Next weekend I'm travelling up from Munich for a weekend in Berlin.


    There will be 10 lads late 30's & early 40's.


    We will be staying in mitte on Alexandraplatz, I am looking to book a table somewhere for us all to eat together on sat evening. Are there any decent bars that do good food and maybe have some live music later on?


    Any other 'Brit friendly' lively bar recommendations also appreciated. Hopefully Berlin will be a little more easy going than the Munich scene!




  3. Smashed my phone screen again!


    Is Patrick still about?


    Tried contacting through the website but no response. Anyone have a good contact email or phone number for him or anyone else please?


    Need a black 4s screen fitted pronto!




  4. [adminmerge][/adminmerge]

    Hi all,


    I am organising a stag party in Berlin and would be greatful for some advice or recommendations.


    It's a group of about 15 Brits all 30 to 40 years of age.


    We are staying on Alexandraplatz, any recommendations for:

    1. Live music / karaoke bars on Thursday evening?

    2. Historical tour of the wall and the city?

    3. Decent bars / clubs for a Friday / Saturday night that are Brit and stag friendly.

    4. Any daytime activities in berlin such as karting / paintball or any other ideas?


    Thanks in advance.


  5. I must recommend Patrick at ilovphone. Messaged him yesterday, he went out of his way to help at a time convenient to me. dropped my phone to him this evening, I just about had time to get a coffee before he had replaced the screen on my iPhone 4s. Great service, good price, one very happy customer!


    Highly recommended, thanks Patrick!


  6. Thanks for the responses guys, clearly there is no easy option, i would be looking to send between 1 and 2 K per month home. I could save in GE and send a batch back every 6 month or so!


    I was really just after some advice on sister banks.


    I currently bank in the UK with LLOYDS and Barclays, i have no objection to opening up an account with a different bank in the UK if there was one in particular who had strong ties with a German bank.


    I just want to be able to switch money between UK and GE as required with minimal fuss (on-line would be ideal) and not get ripped off with mental charges if my wife or Kids need something urgently.


    Thanks for the responses so far, i am off to speak with Barclays UK later to what they can offer!


  7. [adminmerge][/adminmerge]

    Hi there, I will soon be taking a job in Germany paid in Euros into a German account. I will need to send a portion home to the UK each month, occasionally I may need to send some sterling out to Germany.


    Clearly I will need a German bank account. Can anyone recommend a decent bank with strong ties or a sister bank in UK?


    I need ease of use with online access, and a good rate for money transfers.


    Any help or advice appreciated.


  8. Hi there,


    I am relocating to Germany shortly from the UK.


    I would like to know the rough cost of an Iphone 4s in Germany on a 2 year contract. I don't need many inclusive German minutes or text, but would I need a decent german mobile internet data allowance and cheap per minute calls and text back to UK.


    Any help, rough idea of cost appreciated.