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  1. On 5/8/2014, 12:36:55, Starshollow said:

    HI there,


    byuing a property in full paying cash is no problem in Germany (as I suppose it isn't in any other country of the western world). Just bear in mind the extra costs for real estate agent (if one is involved) and land tax and notary fees, which easily exceed 10% on top of the property price.


    your second question is a bit harder to answer: generally speaking I would say "yes". Once you bought and paid for your first property, you should be able to get up to 50% worth of it as a mortage that you can use to pay for another property to let. the combined collateral of the "old" property and the "new" property plus the rental income from the new one should convince most banks to lend you the money. Having said that: an uncertain/declining personal income situation can make things a bit complicated. Therefore you might need an experienced mortgage broker to help you with this when the time comes.



    I am a professional independent insurance broker, financial adviser, and authorised advertiser. Contact me.


    I would have loved this happens for real but till now...housing in MUC is becoming more than a dramma :(


  2. I forgot to mention that I need an automatic gearbox and the choice among the market for b/a segment to get something reliable for minimun 5/6 years (15.000 km per year) is not so much.


    My list:

    Old Yaris Hybrid

    New Yaris with CVT (oil not hybrid)

    Aygo with Robotic MMT (Which I have read bad and good...)

    Citroen C3 with Eat6 


    Please go ahead with your opinion and suggestions...I am interested!





  3. Hello,

    I am very interested in understanding also, if some changes have occurred in the current legislation.

    My case very simple:


    1) Portfolio 1: I purchased 2 times some portion of BTC in 2017, and ETH and never touched (Around 600 euro). If I want to re-sell now in EURO do I pay any taxes? The value is doubled in these 3 years (around 1200 euro)


    2) Portfolio 2: I purchased an alt coin (BKN) in 2018 and it went very bad...so I converted in BTC 2 weeks ago. If I sell the BTC do I have to pay taxes? In this case the movement was this:

    1000 EURO -> 60.000 BKN (2018)

    60.000 BKN ->  0.00894457 Bitcoin (BTC) 

    If I sell it now I will get "89.58 Euro "€" (EUR) "



  4. Hello,

    I am looking some websites in USA which sells valuable things (Rings/diamonds) worldwide. Here my question: if an order is submitted (less than 1000 euro including shipping with UPS courier) what are the extra taxes to pay once the package arrive?

    Thank you!


  5. On 19/11/2019, 22:25:43, lisa13 said:


    Oh of course that's very helpful. 


    I was not talking about some theoretical time in the future, but the present.  Maybe you can tell us when that crash is going to come so we can all be prepared, eh?

    Do you need to buy? Did you do projection of current price + mortgage taxes interest and the fact that u r buying on a top of a period in terms of price, to eventually resell in 5/10 years? 

    Feel free to do...I have already seen in 20 year many times this thing occurring.


  6. On 2/7/2019, 20:12:41, lisa13 said:


    I'm sorry but I have to point out:  there is no way in HELL you're going to buy an apartment anywhere around Munich for 150k.  Try 250 - 300k in munich proper, MAYBE 200k farther afield.  yes, even for one room, around 30 qm (give or take)


    and in areas where you can buy a single room for 150k, you ain't going to get 800/month cold.  And you do NOT "lose" 400 euros per month on nebenkosten unless you're living there yourself.  And on a one room apartment, it's more like 200 max unless the energy efficiency is totally abysmal.  If it's rented, the tenant pays most of that.  And who, pray tell, will be paying the taxes on sale if not the owner?!


    seriously.  this is nothing but voodoo real estate advice.  Just complete fantasy.



    Untill the market will (badly) crash like history has always reached.


  7. On 7/10/2019, 16:20:10, quattro said:

    Not realy understood who is BI specialist. 

    From what I see and speaking with my friends, it's super hard to reach 70K and up as a developer. (In Munich)

    A lot of my skilled friends had interviews but everything stopped at 65K, companies are not willing to pay more. Some of friends were good frontend developers with excelent Angular or React experience. Almost all of them left Germany to their home countries later because of a good oportunities and nice salaries. 

    Business intelligence specialist (mainly SAP core, BO development etc...)


    Well yes if you are a JS programmer or simpler frontend developer 65k are a lot over the average...if you are cloud specialist, taking care of Kubernetes clusters , finding solution by using BIg Data ecosystem, running ML on Databricks Cluster, maybe writing in Scala some fancy functions for using flink...Well believe me:120k are not so much to ask 


  8. On 6/10/2019, 18:57:15, zwiebelfisch said:


    So for most people there actually isnt much choice, they have to get "public" insurance (AOK, TK, etc). 


    Most of the people interested in private insurance are looking either to minimise payments, or work out how costs change with children etc.


    Your questions:



    I dont know if it varies by KK, but for TK its listed here, Id expect most are similar but clearly you need to check the contract: https://www.krankenkassen.de/krankenkasse-wechseln/kuendigung/fristen/



    If you sign a contract for a gym or mobile phone and then leave the country you still have to pay to the end of the notice period, right?  Same with health insurance or most other things.



    This is what I meant by non standard requirements. As far as I know the answer is no, you pay a kind of risk premium which the KK works out, I dont think they will promise you a set value for the future but you should talk to a professional.



    Not to mention, you are already here and already have insurance (private, if I understand you correctly).  That means some options are not available to you, changing insurance isnt as simple as it perhaps should be.



    Yes I am privata and for now is good ...I am just projecting what will be in 27 years...I am 39 and under private.


  9. On 18/5/2018, 19:38:53, swimmer said:

    The average German full time salary is currently 49,000 Euros.  The highest income state is Hesse where it's over 55,000.  Bavaria is not far behind.    In the past, I've referred to 50k being "entry level" for such graduates here and that was a  long time ago now.   The tech scene has expoded since.


    On top of this, the popular high tech employer cities in the south (which include ones like Munich and Frankfurt that outsiders might not see as such) are increasingly populated by tech and other professionals on really excellent basics (six figures plus bonus / options etc) 



    3 years ago friends with master we're entering in Kuka with 65k (Ausburg).

    Me moving out Italy in 2012 I was offered 66000 gross as BI specialist, for a big company in Bayern area...so 7 years ago. At that time I had 5 years experience...do not look at the official calculation because life in Bayer is really expensive.


  10. 12 hours ago, zwiebelfisch said:


    You need to talk to an insurance specialist.  Even if you do get the right answers to your questions, you clearly have non standard requirements and you would be better served by someone who has time and knowledge to understand and help with the details.


    What are standard requirements sorry?? Now I am even more lost than before...


    By the way here I need example of calculation otherwise we speak about (as we said in Italy) "Fried air" lol..


    P.S. I have written to my private insurer to ask how it works with pension quote. Let see if they are clear in answering.


  11. 23 hours ago, PandaMunich said:

    1. Yes.

    2. No, but you would have to pay it during the cancellation period of your private health insurance contract.


    So let eimagine that the integration pensione brings 2/300 euro more...in the end the entire monthly payment will be entirely up to me? No support from social? 0 euro? 


    Where is it written the cancellation period???

    If you move out another country how can be possible still to be.obloged to pay????


    I have some extra question: are there private kkv where is possible to block a maximal cap to pay once in pension??? 




  12. On 25/9/2019, 23:43:55, PandaMunich said:

    No, as long as you:

    1. will get a German public pension paid out by the Deutsche Rentenversicherung (DRV) and
    2. will have spent at least 90% of the second half of your worklife in an EU public health insurance,

    you will only pay half, like before, since DRV will take over from your employer and give you a subsidy of the other half of your health insurance, but only on your DRV public pension.


    If you will also have another pension when you retire, e.g. a company pension (Betriebsrente), you will have to pay the whole public health&nursing insurance contribution out of your own pocket on that other pension, there is no subsidy on any pension except on the DRV public pension.


    As a pensioner, you will always have to pay the entire Pflegeversicherung (nursing insurance), which at the moment is 3.05% (3.3% if you didn't have a child) out of your own pocket, there is no subsidy for it.

    Sorry...maybe I am stupid but is a bit unclear: currently I am employed full time in a private company. They are paying me also and internal pension funds (benefit of the company). Let imagine that tomorrow I go in pension:


    Hypothesis 1) I receive the rente and the private fund pension and I am still in private kkv: do I pay the entire monthly amount, which now is split between me and the company??   


    Hypothesis 2) I get the pension and then I decide to move in Spain or Italy: am I still obliged to pay the private kkv even if I am definitely moving in a country where there is the public health insurance?






  13. 4 hours ago, Starshollow said:


    no so stupid, trust me :-)
    The German system is inherently complex and contradictory even, therefore there are no stupid questions when it comes to the German health insurance system.


    Q1: The one with public health insurance (GKV) can, of course, stay with public health insurance. However, if the income of the spouse with private health insurance (PKV) has significantly higher income and the one with GKV is not an employee, parts of the income of the PKV-spouse will be counted towards setting the premiums/contributions into the GKV. So, if one is a stay-at-home-spouse with no real source of income, the monthly dues will not be those minimum contributions around 180 EUR p.m. but will rather climb all the way up to max. 50% of the highest public contribution. 


    Children can later be insured in GKV, too. But at costs. I.e. the min. monthly contribution has to be paid for each child.


    Q2: depends on where you move and what kind of health insurance you'll have there. If you move to a location with compulsory national/state health insurance, the PKV can be terminated at once. So, bascially moving to any EU-memberstate will get you out of PKV that way. If you move outside the EU, PKV can (!) be continued if you so wish (which you have to tell your PKV) but otherwise the PKV will get terminated when you deregister your residence from Germany to abroad.




    I am a professional independent insurance broker, financial adviser, and authorised advertiser. Contact me.

    Thank you for the very clear answers!!!


  14. 2 stupid question: in a couple married where both are working and only one is private...who pays what??? Is the partner under public obliged to move private?? And eventually children?



    If the rente is reached and it is taken the decision to move out and live in another country, the rente will be continued to paid, but what about the health insurance? Is it mandatory to pay and remain insured privately with the original health insurance even if not anymore resident in Germany, in order to get regularly the rente? 


  15. On 29/4/2019, 11:11:11, snowingagain said:

    At Frankfurt airport you can have your luggage checked by a bed bug sniffer dog.  106 euros for 3 pieces of luggage.




    On 29/4/2019, 11:11:11, snowingagain said:

    At Frankfurt airport you can have your luggage checked by a bed bug sniffer dog.  106 euros for 3 pieces of luggage.




    It would be curious to see how many cases of BB catch every day...reading in Reddit bedbugs channel it seems that in USA everyone living in a big city has, and there is no way to get rid of...:(



    Here a friend of mine told me that in "social house" where some "refugees" was parked, there was the need to make "strong disinfest" due too bed bugs (people were not able to sleep anymore)...maybe it could be isolated case but I do not have the numbers to tell :/...hope really that in Bayern and München will not become endemic like in the USA in the next years...