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  1. Coronavirus

      Thank you...I did it! The point is: why this was not done since the beginning? To me it looks like a path to a big Big...  
  2. Coronavirus

      Infact I would love that government put online some web site where people are free to decide to get anyvaccine available and refused...why freedom must be only one-way?? I am 41 almost and I am completely open and free for AZ despite a lot of people I talked with was scared...it is unlogic for me to think that some people has freedom to refuse and I do.not have freedoms to get it :/  
  3. Coronavirus

    Mine is a "Arzt, Allgemeinmediziner"...so what is supposed to do? Cut slices of prosciutto? ...if someone is in my situation what should do? Find another doctor? To me doesn't sound so much logic... 
  4. Coronavirus

    Some good Samaritan can explain me why some people of group 4 have started to get vaccine, simply by calling the doctors? The funny things is that I asked the doctors' contacts to all of them (..all different, and all of them provided vaccines to 3 different people I know, which are group 4) and once I called them, they all deny the possibility to book/reserve but told me to refer either to the official impfung website (which I did since opened) or to my Haushartz (which unfortunately doesn't do vaccination). Am I unlucky or do I start to suspect that the organization is the same as I left in Italy (Sarcasm as I am Italian)???    be clear: all these 3 people of group 4 with no risks case at home (Sickness pregnancy etc...) are Ausländer...I am just wondering where can I see formally a timeline of delivery, per Age, per area etc...that would be nice to avoid the idea that "Vitamin B" is overtaking the rules...    
  5. I forgot to mention that I need an automatic gearbox and the choice among the market for b/a segment to get something reliable for minimun 5/6 years (15.000 km per year) is not so much.   My list: Old Yaris Hybrid New Yaris with CVT (oil not hybrid) Aygo with Robotic MMT (Which I have read bad and good...) Citroen C3 with Eat6    Please go ahead with your opinion and suggestions...I am interested!      
  6. Hello Folk, I just open this thread to ask (and share) some opinion about the next steps coming after covid: do you think taxes will be increased? In which sector? Stocks? Housing? Employment salary?? Are there discussion already in place? And what do you think will be done??      
  7. Hello Folk, I am looking for buying a new car (Toyota Yaris), and all options (2nd hand old model or brand new model) are valid...but I wanted to ask if someone has experience with handlaer around Munich or in Munich and if you can suggest someone specific for Toyota.   Thank you!!