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  1. English speaking mediator

    Thanks, a mediator is what I am looking for. I sent you a PM :) 
  2. English speaking mediator

    I'm looking for some recommendations on a good English-speaking mediator.  I broke up with my ex last year and we own a property together. He wants to transfer the deed over to my name completely but we cannot come to an agreement on a fair division (it's not a simple 50/50 split).  Any recommendations much appreciated. 
  3. Changing locks

    Hi Toytown,    When my ex moved out of my flat, he took a spare key with him. We were still on good terms and I also have a spare key of his.  More recently, we are not getting on anymore and I don't trust him to not come around unannounced, or even force his way in.    I am the owner of the flat. The key not only opens the door to the flat, but the building, the garage, the cellar, and the outer gate.    I'd like to change the lock to my flat so that he cannot access the flat anymore. But if I change the lock, does that mean all other locks in my apartment building would need to be changed too?  Just wanted to check if anyone else has done this in the past (even if you are renting but got permission from the landlord). Just want to check what options there are before I contact the Hausverwaltung, who are generally unfriendly and unhelpful.    The key system is from IKON, if that helps.    Thank you.
  4.   Thank you. For sure we will get a notary and lawyer involved, I just really wanted to double-check on this 50% thing. My ex is greedy so I just want to be prepared. 
  5.   Well that was not my intention. I wanted to see if anyone had been through something similar and could maybe verify or not if this 50% rule is true or not.  Of course we are going to a lawyer in the end, but just wanted some preliminary information. 
  6.   Well thanks for your useful comment. I thought the whole point of a forum was to get other people's perspective and learn about other experiences... 
  7. My ex (not married) and I broke up last year - victims of covid. We bought a flat together in 2018 and we are both on the contract and in the Grundbuch.  We are on OK terms and he has moved out to his own rented flat. I'm currently paying 100% of the monthly mortgage payments.    We would both like to remove him from the contract and I buy him out of the share he has contributed already to the overall mortgage (about 6%). I would then take over the rest of the mortgage and contract.    I spoke to someone today and they mentioned that it's not possible to just pay him back the 6%, but I must pay him 50% of the property value. I just wanted to make sure that this is correct? If yes, who enforces this? We are doing this amicably and he doesn't want to take 50%. We understand that the Finanzamt will charge a sale tax, and that's fine if the tax is applied to the whole property amount, but we just want to make sure that we can work on him getting his 6% back.   Thanks! 
  8. I have permanent residency so I managed to get back already. I guess for now I'd like to make sure there are no breaks of my living here, I hope they can cancel the deregistration, or let me register for the same address for the same day that I "left".  Thank you
  9. thanks @Cheekyfox  I'm a British citizen. I have applied for Dual (submitted long before Brexit) but it's still in the process. 
  10. Hi Toytown,    Just before Christmas I deregistered from Berlin as I had a job lined up in the UK (my home country). I was there over Christmas but came back to Berlin to settle my affairs. I got news yesterday that my job offer was rescinded and for now I have decided to stay in Berlin since I own a flat here, etc. My old employer has already said they would keep me in the company.    Am looking to re-register only a couple weeks after I had already deregistered. Is that going to look fishy somehow? And will that affect any of my previous details, like tax ID and so forth, or do these stay the same?    thanks!