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  1. Irish Aine - The rates of first trimester miscarriages are surprisingly high. Uncountable numbers of women will never even know they were pregnant. Maybe your miscarriage is related to the OD, maybe it was completely unrelated but was noticed because you were under medical supervision, maybe the OD made a miscarriage that would have happened anyways occur earlier. Unless your doctor said something specific, there is no way to know (and I can't fathom how he would know either).


  2. If there is an existing thread on this topic, I apologize and would be grateful if someone merged them. My advanced search isn't working at the moment...


    Does anyone have a recommendation for a decent, not too pricey hostel in Beijing? I don't mind sharing a bathroom, and smaller dorms (4-6 people, preferably separated by gender) are fine.


    Thanks in advance!



  3. Every few months I take a peak at the Moving to Berlin and my situation is unique thread. Thank you dear people of Berlin for absorbing what seems like an overwhelming majority of the clueless and demented, allowing the rest of us to lead better lives. Your patience is outstanding.


  4. I think there are three points that make the language question inherently different in the academic setting. Note, I am not talking about basic German, but rather pulling yourself up to higher-level conversational capabilities.

    1) Many of our colleagues will probably find themselves abroad in the future, most likely in an English speaking country, and they also need to network at international conferences. Many of them have already been abroad, at least for an internship, and have taken part in international conferences. They will be expected to show up able to converse in English.

    2) Many of us won't be in a German speaking country for very long. PhD studies are 3-5 years, and at the post-doc stage it is common to move, often to a different country, every 1-3 years (at least in my field). For all anyone knows, the next stop is Spain, Sweden, Brazil or the Netherlands. At some point the costs (time, energy, frustration levels) of learning German beyond what is needed for basic stuff outweigh the benefits, and by country number three it becomes ridiculous to try to learn all of the languages.

    3) We get saddled with a ton of work as the English speakers doing editing of manuscripts and helping prepare people for talks. We don't get paid for it, and in some cases we were hired specifically so there would be a native English speaker around. Many working groups I work with specifically make sure there is at least one on staff at all times for this specific reason. As one of the reasons we were hired is our English, and we are frankly being taken advantage of for it, it would be nice to get something in return (be it people willing to talk to us or help with German when we need it).


  5. I think it is balance than needs to be struck, and a matter of expectations. As a funny furriner, one certainly needs to learn some German to their best ability and available time, but if the working group promised an English environment, at the end of the day they aren't in a position to then complain when their members don't know the language and they need to give people time to actually go to class and do their homework.


  6. Before coming I was told that not knowing German is absolutely not a problem - everyone speaks English. I have no idea what possessed the person who said that.  Needless to say, I have had to deal with colleagues who speak no English, technicians who speak no English, and of course the general public (who understandably) speak no English. The Auslanderamt flat out informed my adviser, to my face, that they think it is out of line that they did not take a German for my PhD position. I can't count the number of times I have been told off by random uni staff for not speaking German.

    All this said, the OP's working group is totally out of line. I'd suggest having an off the record conversation with someone from the international office if you think you can trust them.


  7. More disgusted than irritated -

    The yearly music festival on campus took place this weekend. The entire campus is now littered with smashed glass. Did you guys come to listen to music or to get trashed?? D**n Germans and their drinking culture, it may be the one thing I never get used to!


  8. Now ISIS they know what happened they're unlikely to do it again. 

    This isn't exactly rocket science and has been a problem forever now. I assume that every military talks to its soldiers about this constantly. The same article mentions a case where the American military lost helicopters due to similar idiocy back in 2007.


  9. Maybe the Internet is really damaging social skills? Perhaps it's good for all of us to switch off and look around the real world for a while.  Might give it a go soon myself.

    I totally agree when you are traveling or somewhere with either an international flair or tourists, but I sometimes find myself in the middle of nowhere either alone or with a small group of people (say 2-4) for weeks at a time for work reasons (Sorry Mr.G - I need to include the Schorfheide in that description). Switching off and card games work for a while, but then you start to go mad. If you don't speak the language and are only around for a few weeks, getting to know the locals doesn't work - especially not as a woman on her own, and if there are no tourists around, it is up to you to amuse yourself for duration.

    I usually go for crocheting, reading, and computer games.

    The elder scrolls v skyrim. A quick google should be able to tell you if they work without internet

    Supposedly Skyrim won't work well on my laptop, it is apparently too weak. I'll check out the Gordon Freeman/Half Life option, thanks for the tip!


  10. In all seriousness, I will probably be sans internet at some point for 6 weeks. I plan on taking a huge amount of crocheting and a computer game that is offline and can actually run on my laptop. (Current forerunner is Oblivion. Any other recommendations for something that can run on an HP Probook 4330s would be warmly welcomed).


  11. Because so many of my friends, past and present, are thoughtful and interesting people as well as forces for good in society.

    Happy birthday to you -----, and your request that everyone reads an article written in support of position which with they disagree as your birthday present is just awesome. "I don't want people to change their minds. I just want them to understand that: 1) there are other opinions in the world. 2) those opinions are not the product of insane people, just folks with different ideas."


  12. Talk about accuracy, isn't there some 10-15 meters minimum inaccuracy for commercial devices (i.e. higher accuracy being reserved for military stuff)?

    Commercial differential GPS devices have inaccuracies of 20-50 cm. And even my cheap handheld regular GPS in dense forest was usually off by only 3-5 meters at worst (and usually less).