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  1. Food delivery from supermarket

    I've used Rewe and it worked quite well. Gotta book 2-3 days ahead of time to get a delivery time to your liking. If you're a better planner than me you can do that a week in advance and it's no worries. €3-5 added on delivery charge and they've been pretty good at getting to me in the allotted time frame. They've forgotten maybe an item or 2 and once broke a bag of flour.   If you are planning to use Rewe now. . . . . . good luck. The website allows to book up to 4 weeks ahead and mine is booked solid.
  2. Free Education/Entertainment during COVID-19 time

    Have Neil Gaiman read you his book Or him and his friends read you his other book
  3.   The first part of this post isn't aging well :D
  4. What made you laugh today?

    Don't you mean   Uno, dos, one, two, tres, quatros  
  5. Coronavirus

      They're saying to call 116 117 here. Is that just in Hamburg or in all of Germany?
  6.   I'll be buying some every week. I don't know how to recognize when it's turning up again. Maybe I won't make as much money on stuff i buy now than I make on things I will buy in 2 weeks. But if/when things go back to normal I'll have made some money.   But it looks like the panic is starting to set in around here . . . so yeah, probably worst is yet to come.
  7. There are thousands of people that take the different ferries to Airbus and surroundings every day, it's generally considered fine. It's not the ferry that's the issue, it's getting there.   There is no free parking spots after 06:00 (or 05:30 even) so you'll have to bike/public transport in, show up super early, or try to park in the "neighborhood" somewhere and walk the last 1-2 km (my old boss had a folding bike in her trunk). There is the dedicated bus (E86) from Altona that leaves every 7 minutes. There is the 21 from Klein Flottbek(and beyond), the 286 from Blankenese/Othmarschen(and beyond) and the 36 schnellbus from Altona/Blankenese (and beyond). Getting dropped off isn't really recommended with the large volume of buses where you want to disembark, but there are enough red lights/foot crossings where I've seen people jump out of barely-stopped cars.   Alternatively, if you can get to Neumühlen/Övelgönne easily - especially by bike - it is an easy skip to Airbus or the ATP area (where the subcontractors are) from there as well. And a lot less Airbus (and associated) personnel on that ferry (though far more tourists in the summer months).   Acceptable locations to live are with a decent connection to Altona/Blankenese/those buslines. Hell, theoretically the train from Elmshorn is 20 minutes and you exit in front of a bus that leaves every 7 minutes. Your commute would be better than my colleague from Bergedorf, which is technically Hamburg.   My 20 minute commute through that tunnel has regularly taken far longer (I've quit that, might be a lot better now)
  8. A good substitute to eggs

    Ow right. Tofu scramble. Geez, I've not made that in ages. I think our recipe is from . . . . the veganomicon?
  9. A good substitute to eggs

    Depends on how you want your eggs. As binder you can use applesauce or mashed bananas for sweet stuff. Mashed pumpkin for savoury. And soaked ground flax seeds and tofu are neutral. If you want to make a meringue  you would whip chickpea juice (yes, really)   If you want it boiled, fried or poached though . . .  I don't know. I'm sure there's a product on the market, but I don't know it.
  10. I've not gotten on this bandwagon 5 times now. Because surely the hype will stop   I have been wrong 5 times Also never bought into Apple   Might be a pattern there?
  11. Is Harburg a safe area to live?

    Could do worse apparently. It gets shittalked a bunch, but I have a couple of friends living there that don't mind it at all.
  12. Movie recommendations

    Watched Knives Out last night. Well worth it, very nice.   I'll be watching it again to see what things were signaled earlier in the film as soon as it gets to Netflix/whatever
  13. The English Teacher's Corner

      I was wrong. This came up in conversation the other day.   There is Dear Husband (DH) Dear Son (DS) Dear Daughter (DD)   But no Dear Wife (DW)   Coz only certain women on certain parts of the internet use this. And none of them are gay? So there's no need for DW.
  14. I woke up blind in one eye this morning

  15. The English Teacher's Corner

    I've seen +1 quite a bit in America. For your . . . significant other. Which I was also aware of. And in modern internet SO. However, I was referred to as DH for a bit before I figured that one out. And I haven't put in the time to see what the reverse is. Though I assume DW would work.   The singular They/Them have been around for centuries indeed. Though there's also modern initiatives.       Non-English it's different though. In Germanic and Latin languages there's no old words for this (or at least not something that stuck), but people are working on new ones. Then there's cultures where there have been more than 2 genders since forever and I assume they have pronouns to go with it. Which then wouldn't be gender neutral so much as 3rd sex/gender pronouns, I guess.     I have a friend who uses they now, but I knew them as her for years.  I fuck that up on occasion.