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  1. Are you already paying using your phone?

    A store i go to from time-to-time offered this. Not yet 7 years after I would routinely have to withdraw cash because restaurants accepting cards was a 50/50 proposition.   I may actually have to read up on this.
  2. I can imagine the cost of maintaining ticketing infrastructure is hardly offset by those ticket prices.
  3. Money last month + money invested this month ≈ Money now. So that's alright   What's this about Vorabpauschal change come January?
  4. I update my spreadsheets once a month, and try not to at any other time. Last 2 months haven't been great.  Lots of theoretical money lost. But overall, we're still in the green.
  5. Kicking the bucket, are you prepared?

    My wife knows I don't have a stake in being buried/cremated. So whichever suits her. If she doesn't care, cremation to avoid clogging up land unnecessarily.  And on top of that . . . . she is aware of our joint bank account? After the birth of our kid we said we'd make her brother responsible for their upbringing if we ever kick the bucket. One of these days we'll have to tell him that, I suppose. Maybe write that down somewhere?   Well prepared, am I.
  6. Zehnersystem--------      5  /  10  /  7   /  13    Zweiersystem--------   101  /  1010  / 111  /  1101    I'm guessing Zweiersystem is binary   And to help you with future problems:
  7. Complete FAIL

      I wonder if this is so that after they catch you doing a terrorism thing they can put you away for terrorism AND perjury or something
  8. Lists of typical German mistakes in English?

    A list of English-German false friends which might be worth perusing. After sharing this with a colleague to show the mismatch between "director" and "Direktor" he pointed out my use of "seriös", which is indeed on this list and doesn't mean what I've been using it as for the last 7 years. . . .  
  9. I want to make an investment account for my child. Are there any considerations I should account for when putting it under my/their name? Taxes or . . . . other stuff?
  10. Rules of the road for cyclists

      That's hard to argue with.
  11. Rules of the road for cyclists

    No!     I come out of the bike lane with plenty of of time for you to react. There's no reason to slam on the brakes. There's hand signals and everything (not that anyone here knows what the hell that means). Yes, you'll have to slow down, because I am not going 30/50 (plus the extra 5 kph coz, let's face it, noone is watching) kph.   And doesn't it just grind the gears of a couple of assholes that they must do so.  And again, if this sort of thing bothers you, turn to your local verkehrambt or whatever and have them provide decent infrastructure.     And then there's this bit where you divert from the specific and went back to generalizations that has no bearing on me.  
  12. Rules of the road for cyclists

    I used to ride across zebra crossings, but got yelled at. Then I dismounted to cross zebra crossings. I got yelled at for taking so long.   Basically, I get yelled at.     This combo annoys me.  I don't know how things are in Berlin, but in Hamburg there are bicycle lanes. And then there aren't bicycle lanes And then there's a line on the main road with a faded bicycle sign which is clearly meant for parking cars on.   If you drive in a straight line you will alternate bicycle lane, road, bicycle lane, road, bicycle lane, sidewalk (coz the bicycle lane stopped in the middle of a block with no offramp) So proper lane use is to enter and exit traffic flow constantly. Which pisses people off. And I can't blame em. It pisses me off, makes it that much more likely to end up in that second category.   So I vote in local elections for bicycle friendly parties and write to them that they got my vote because of it. And when I get into a dispute regarding road use I will point out that it is their idiotic infrastructure and rules (playing the foreigned card a bit) that causes this stuff and they should contact their local whateveramabob to implement better infrastructure. Because I pulled out in traffic in front of you (safely) because that's what your rules say I should do. And if you have to slow down because of it, that's not on me.   And . . . then I get yelled at. Hopefully, after they've calmed down they'll see my point.  Or they'll turn their hate of bicyclists up a notch, I don't know.
  13. Rules of the road for cyclists

    Let me know if you can no longer differentiate between hyperbole and reality.  I pass by that intersection every now and again and I'd like to know whether I should be carrying a baseball bat to ward off any Gwaptivas foaming at the mouth intent on anyone on a bicycle.
  14. I hope you bought some of that at the start of the day.
  15. What are you watching right now?

    Ow, has that always been there? Watched season 1 [X time] ago, now I can catch up with the new 2 seasons