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  1. The "UP Side" of Quarantine

    Finally got to do the editing on some short stories that have been laying around in rough shape. Finished Wolfenstein: The new order and The old blood. Launched a satellite in Factorio Set up a daily workout and have been sticking to it fairly well (90%+ completion rate over 3 weeks now)   Not looking forward to the step after Kurzarbeit. But while it lasts . . . . . not so bad.
  2. Food delivery from supermarket

    I've used Rewe and it worked quite well. Gotta book 2-3 days ahead of time to get a delivery time to your liking. If you're a better planner than me you can do that a week in advance and it's no worries. €3-5 added on delivery charge and they've been pretty good at getting to me in the allotted time frame. They've forgotten maybe an item or 2 and once broke a bag of flour.   If you are planning to use Rewe now. . . . . . good luck. The website allows to book up to 4 weeks ahead and mine is booked solid.
  3. Free Education/Entertainment during COVID-19 time

    Have Neil Gaiman read you his book Or him and his friends read you his other book