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  1. Random pointless comments

    I remember quite liking Banana ketchup. A "Hot" variation might not be horrible
  2. Bank no longer accepting my iTan numbers

    My bank (ING-Diba) also really wants me on the App. When I went digging, I did find out that the mTAN system will stay in operation (in the fine print, they really want me on that app). It's an SMS confirmation system, so no smartphone required. You can check if your bank has a similar system.
  3. What are you cooking today?

    May require additional tweaking of the recipe. Not too bad for a first try though.
  4. What are you cooking today?

    I got tofu marinating in a mixture of oil, vinegar, pepper, garlic and maple syrup for a Korean Tofu Taco Salad tonight. That certainly isn't something I'd marinate tofu in unprompted, but the wife is working her way through a new cookbook.  
  5. I had stocks and then that company changed name and function. New stocks were made of the company which used to be the company I had stocks in and stocks of that company were automatically bought by my broker.   I mean, the stocks just got exchanged. It's like between Google and Alphabet, the company, CEO and whatever remains the same but for some reason it was more complicated than just changing the name and so stocks got sold and new stocks got bought instead(The google -> Alphabet thing is probably a bad example).
  6. Yeah, I had that 1-2 years ago. Took a bit of figuring that one out. New entry all on its own. Am I hacked (but in a good way?). The hell?   Also had something reinvent itself. 2 letters 1) We have sold all your XXX for [amount] 2) we have sold all your XXXv2.0 for [same amount] Alright, sure.
  7. Why are you unhappy today?

    Ow wow. Best of luck to your company. There's certainly nothing that can go wrong with that (although if everyone signs on regarding the risk that is of course just fine).
  8. With a name like Riedijk . . . yeah.
  9. There's a couple of things before a Dutch scenario can be considered.   Has the marriage between her and her husband has to be recognized? Marriages performed by a caliphate not recognized as a state? Not likely. If yes, the child is his and therefore Dutch. Paperwork has to be filed, should have been filed by now, but can probably still be filed. If no, the father has to claim parenthood in paperwork. Doing this now will be a significantly longer journey.  Is the father still Dutch? They've been revoking citizenship of people that have traveled to Syria. The husband is currently on the terrorist watchlist.   Anyway, this is for her child to be Dutch. Asylum based on family re-unification requires the non-child applicant to be 21 years old.   So . . . . couple of steps away from the Dutch having to deal with the mother. And separating mother/daughter isn't really something that's high on anyone's list of desirable outcome.
  10. Santorini

    We did Naxos in April. Which is 2 islands north, I think. Weather was good. Beaches were better for there being no tourist yet.   But half the restaurants were closed and all major tourist activities weren't running yet. I'd hoped to take a wind/kite surfing class, but all 5 surfing schools on the west coast hadn't opened. There was one boat offering day-trips rather than the fleet that flyers at travel agents implied. April was definitely not "in season".
  11. Airbus cost cutting starts with temporary staff

    There's one (just VTP) in front of one of the restaurants at Airbus Hamburg and as you bus by it it's really big. And then after you leave the bus you can walk up to it (it's just there between road and parking lot) and it just keeps growing. It's 22 meters tall, I think. I've had brushes with the A320 and A330 VTPs for work and at 6.xm and 7.2m high they're pretty big already. Then there's the A380. Damn.
  12. Airbus cost cutting starts with temporary staff

    And funnily enough there was also over-engineering for the smaller brother. There were initially plans for a -700 version and the tail fin has to be bigger on a shorter aircraft to compensate for losing an engine. So they sized the tail fin of the entire series for the -700 and ended up with something another 2 meters taller than required for the -800.   So, for this one part at least, there is a smaller aircraft -> bigger tail fin-> more weight  
  13. Complete FAIL

    I saw one years ago where in the final round (so theoretically the smartest 2 left) the question was: What is the biggest, most densely populated island in the Mediterranean?" The answer given was "Spain".
  14. German house insulation vs US?

    Yeah, I'd expect German houses to be better at keeping out the cold than Australian houses. In much the same way where I fully understand why houses here don't come with A/C - it's not a requirement for 95% of the time. Then again, I spent 2 winters in a place where January averages -7°C and my front door was metal. So who the hell knows what some people are thinking when they build their houses.   My current house is old. Not old-old, but old enough to have straw as insulation in some parts. The windows don't quite close right. It's not great. And someone in the past has cut a hole in the roof for a winter-garten which is hell to insulate, let me tell you. So . . . my heating bill could definitely be lower.  
  15. Twat of the day

    Well . . . that didn't work