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  1. thank all for your feedback and nice discussion.   Just to be clear: My friend ( the applicant) does want a normal (unbefristet) rental contract, but is denied. As a middle solution he asked if he himself applies again (with signature etc) and asks for a e.g. 3-yrs contract (i.e. the legal burden of the short-term contract will be on him and not on the landlord), but the Hausverwaltung again rejected.   An Update: The friend has contacted the management of the company and they had told him that duration of the residence permit is not an issue for them and they 'will talk to their employee'. So, fingers crossed, and I keep you posted. :-)
  2. He is.  but the landlord did not mentioned nationality or race, just simply the residence status! 
  3. Thanks.  @fraufruit: I don’t think they have chosen another tenant. It is a big house and indeed the friend wants to rent the apartment I am currently living in and leaving;-)   @yourkeau: Understandable! I was surprised that they even mentioned the residence status as reason in email. Usually they reject without saying a reason.     
  4. Hello all,     A friend of mine has applied for renting an apartment (not private, Hausverwaltung landlord). The firend has studied in Germany, and had recently re-newed his visa (still valid for next 4 years). He also just got a job in Germany (unbefristet). The landlord has denied him a rental contract, and mentioned (in Email) becuase of his temporary residence. Even when my friend suggested a temporary rental contract, they have denied again, and accusing him of illegal (!) action.    From my point of view this is illegal from the landlord, and even discrimination.  Does the landlord has any legal grounds to do so? From what I read they are now allowed to do that. Any advise?   Thanks in advance.