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    Why dont all of you have your clothes and groceries or whatever your basic needs are delivered ot your house? This is the easiest way and the only way I know to shop

    What kind of weirdo wants to get clothes delivered?? Do you shop with Kays or Freemans or something... sad! :lol:


    Also, are you some sort of spaz that you don't know how to go to a store??



    @ Wee Mun, there is certainly a hierachy of so called Ausländer for many Germans.


    White English speakers are pretty much near the top so experience less of the racism that is endemic in German society.

    I know, an english mate of mine was in his local german pub, when one of the regulars had a go at a turk and was giving it the old auslander aus. He asked if that meant him as well, they were like nein du bist kein auslander, du bist englisch...


    Fucking wanks!!



    Wow, I must have hit a nerve here. Sorry

    I see from your profile you are meant to be 30ish, surely you are mature enough to realise that the only reason this thread was started was to get exactly the reaction you have provided. Why get all up tight about it when the poster is obviously some bastard kid (or very sad adult) who wants to get a rise out of people. Grow up mun!



    Fine if you don't agree with the gay "lifestyle", - von mir aus - everyone is entitled to his/her opinion. But shit like this should not be tolerated. Who else is gonna speak up? Or am I the only one who believes in equality for all?

    You are one of the few stupid enough to feed the troll i'm afraid :(