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  1. After 4 and a bit years here, I am hitting the road later today. Looking forward to being back in showery Scotland, but will miss this place and a good few people here...


    So farewell to all that know me... I think contact details have been passed on to all that want them, but I will check on here now and again for PMs...


    Take care





    I've consciously and intentionally avoided trying to get some meet or TT event to take place there

    Doubt you would get anyone to go anyway if they read some of the arrogant pish you post on here.


    Any pub quizzer knows, the quizmaster's answer is final. Fucking anal retentives check that answers in a pub quiz are correct, then go home and try to pass those rusks they ate when they were 2.



    Sometimes I find his recipes pretty bland compared to US food. But then compared to a lot of food here (and I guess most in the UK) it's quite flavorful for having so few ingredients.


    His recipes are nice and simple. Good for small European kitchens.

    Spoken like someone who has never really sampled proper UK food