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  1. TT Translators, I have a question for a friend here in the Oberallgäu.  She works from home and does translations.  She has three main firms for whom she does translations of patent projects.  These firms are in Austria.  She's been working with or for them since 2010.  She studied in Munich 25 years ago.  The income from these firms is, well, rather good.   I visited her about ten days ago and she was not in a good place due to her recent discovery of DeepL.  She is deeply worried.  Oddly, I too discovered DeepL shortly before we chatted and was rather impressed with the programme.  I found it much better than Google.  But that is me as a simple occasional user.  She obviously sees it differently as it has the potential to eliminate her.  Moreover, since the software costs 20€.  She is 48 years old and is quite concerned about her future as a translator.   Presently, she is paid 0,16€ per word and what she translates are documents up to 200 or more pages!  She feels that with the DeepL programme, she will only be doing corrections to translated documents these firms will potentially purchase, at a much less rate for her.  We discussed the rate, which I felt she offered too little.  She mentioned 40€ per hour and I countered with 100€.  Regardless, it is still significantly less than what she is presently paid for her services.   As translators, what are your thoughts on this?  How do you see the future of your industry?   She is a wee recluse and knows no other translators so I offered to ask here to get your take on this.