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  1. Assistance with filing American tax returns

    I find it truly appalling that... You're an American and living in a foreign country.  You carry a passport, so do a damn tax return because we want part of your income.  Pay your fair share! You're an American and living in a foreign country.  No stimulus check for you, because you live in a foreign country.  No share for you! I do hope for you all, that I am wrong on that last point and a check arrives to help support you during this crisis.  At least it's relatively automatic in the US.
  2. Steuererklärung fee für small business very high, unclear

    As stated, this is set by law and our resident tax goddess, PandaMunich will support all what has been written. I too am self employed and am a business of one.  I am a leather artisan.  In 2016, I had a tax advisor do my taxes and cost roughly 770€.  So the 800 is a very normal rate.  I live in the Oberallgäu...more cows than people.  The cost for a tax advisor here in the land of cows is no different than what it cost for you city folk.  A Leberkässemmel is less expensive though... The HWK is presently suggesting a 60€ hourly rate for hand workers, but suggests it should be more.  So, for an 8 hour day, if your husband charges that rate, is 480€, plus materials at a (minimum) 10% mark up.  A tax advisor charges more per hour, obviously.  Taxes on the self employed is a rather lengthy matter and would take a full 8 hour day to go through the bookkeeping, payments in and payments out, along with all the extraneous matters of insurances, vehicle use, etc.  If you think on it as 8 hours of work at 100€ per hour, it's very reasonable.  People get sideways when they see a bill from me, as I'm sure they do with your husband.  No different with a tax advisor.  The constant changes and updates in tax law means a tax advisor has to constantly study and read.  What they charge to do their work is no different than what your husband does and would feel as angered over a disputed bill.
  3. Duty and Mwst payable on product samples from China?

    Smaug is correct.  The tax will be on the combined value of the item and posting.  OP, your post sounds like you are a business.  Is that correct?  If so, you will need an EORI number.  I could also be very wrong on this, but don't be surprised if these items get quarantined for rather obvious reasons.  Porous items coming from China....?
  4. I woke up blind in one eye this morning

    Not good....John, do take care and I wish you a speedy recovery!
  5. Very, very true.  I don't recommend it.  You've sent it, they have it.  You need do nothing more.  If you absolutely want to, give it about 4 weeks before you do so.  A follow up too soon will not be well received. Also, do not write 'Good day and I hope everything is going well'.  Much too familar.  German business (depending upon the size of the firm) is going to be very formal.  Those two phrases are 'chit chat' or 'small talk'...not to be written in a business letter. Better: I submitted a job application together with my CV & portfolio earlier this month for the XXXX position, and I'd like to following up and express my interest about the opportunity to join XXXX team. I believe my skills and experience in xxx & xxxx would be an ideal match for this position. Please let me know if you have questions or comments pertaining to my application. I look forward to speaking with you and sharing ideas on how to contribute to the growing team of XXXX.  Thank you for your consideration.
  6. Work with the computer - chair required?

  7. Police letter for Shoplifting

    Section 242: Whoever takes movable property belonging to another away from another with the intention of unlawfully appropriating it for themselves or a third party incurs a penalty of imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years or a fine. Unlike several countries, Germany does not place a monetary figure on the amount stolen.  The proscecutor looks at the totality of the circumstances to differentiate between felony and misdemeanor theft.  Germany has Theft and Aggregated Theft, the later of which is a felony.  Shoplifting, again depending on the circumstances, is generally a misdemeanor and the subject can be sentenced up to 5 years in prison - even for 4 Euros worth of stolen property.  It could potentially happen, but is more often than not merely a fine.  
  8. Police letter for Shoplifting

     So, where do you draw this 'imaginary' line on theft?  4 Euros, 10, 20, 100?  Theft is is the taking of property, not yours, with the intent to premanently deprive the owner.  Theft is theft.  Period.  If the police in Sachsen are pursing theft at this level, it is directed by the state's attorney and police administration and there is most like a basis for it. Lately there has been quite a few of these posts here on TT.  While not all are obviously members of the wonderful TT, this crime does seem to have escalated of late.  If the TT threads are a small amount or percentage, then this is perhaps systemic across Germany.  Could be a reason this is being pursued by law enforcement, even for a small amount.  When it becomes common place that these are getting reported and fines are set in place, shoplifting crimes will decrease. It's also generally a crime that can be easily solved and resolved.  Bike theft can be more complex and involve more hours to solve and the chances of resolution are usually lower. 
  9. Makler unannounced visits

    Landlady stopped by a few hours ago.  Roughly 2 o'clock.  We chatted and she is not amused.  She apologised and told me she is going to end the contract with the Makler (husband of the Marklerin) today.  Abour 20 minutes later, a couple entered the shop and my landlady was going to leave when they stated they were there to meet with the Marklerin...who was late at this point.  The three chatted and the Marklerin arrived and greeted everyone but me.  My landlady was again unamused.  The couple, landlady and Marklerin did a tour outside and the flats above me.  The landlady returned along with the Marklerin who looked like death warmed over.  She apologised endlessly and stated she hoped I would not think ill of her or her husband.  My only reply and response was 'too late'.  My landlady then told her in my presence that she was no longer welcome in the house and would contact her 'boss' to terminate the contract. Once she left, we had another wee chat and all is well.  In typical Oberallgäu fashion, I have now been offered 'du' with my landlady.  I do love this country sometimes.... All is well and thank you all for the thoughts and advise. 
  10. Makler unannounced visits

    Can't lock the door.  This is a shop in the high street...  The landlady is stopping by tomorrow. Nothing in the contract, sadly.  Only that I make the flat availble for viewing. Will give the landlady the opportunity to rectify it, first.  If it fails, then definitely the Mieterverein. Thank you all for the input.
  11. Makler unannounced visits

    I don't think this involves the Mietverein.  Could be wrong.  But as this is a matter between me landlady and the Marklerin (contract)...the landlady need hold her accountable, if she can and should.  I think making the landlady aware and having her correct it, if that is the best path, should suffice.  If that doesn't correct it, then it's a matter between me and the landlady. But again, can the Maklerin merely show unannounced? Also, I was told by the neighbour (shopkeeper), that she was offering info about me to the potential buyers.  Nothing too personal, other than I am a retiree.  Seems almost borderline...datenschutz.
  12. Makler unannounced visits

    Have done a search, but have arrived empty handed. The house I'm in is for sale.  This is my flat and shop.  Neither I nor the landlady are fans of the Marklerin.  She's simply odd.  Over the past year, I have tried politely to have her understand that I am busy as she'll arrive before the appointment and want to chat - whilst I'm busy and focused in work.  I've tried to explain to her that whilst working, please don't chat me up. Deaf ears... Of late, it's a new matter and I am wondering the legalities of this.  Today was the second time on this.  She tells me of an appointment date (no time, just a date) and then arrives a day early. She was in the shop on Tuesday and told me of an appointment on the coming Monday.  Yes, the shop will be open in Monday.  Today, at 1500 she comes into the shop and tells me she has buyers.  I said, no, you told me on Monday.  Yes, she said and today.  She's done this before.  I don't like it, but whether I like it or not, is this allowed?  Seems to me a Makler cannot merely show unannounced.  Or can they? Edit:  I returned from the shop next to mine, in the same house.  The Marklerin spoke ill of me with the shop keeper and with the potential buyers.  Basically, that I feel I have a long contract and will not be forced out.
  13. I cannot say how it is in larger cities, but most villages and smaller towns have a shop that works in conjunction with DP.  Whilst we have a DP here, I would more often than not frequent the flower shop where I would send off packages and buy stamps (it was closer and more convenient).  Now it's a small grocery store that does it as the flower shop closed.  Never a queue and I get me shopping done at the same time.
  14. Losing WLAN connection

    Fully aware SP.  I have the MAC addresses added to my router.   See here Yes, again been doing so for donkey's age both laptops and, mobo, ram, HHD or SSD, video, audio, flashing BIOS, etc. 
  15. Losing WLAN connection

    Yes, built.  I did not build each individual piece of hardware.  Been doing so for about 25 years.  To include the CMOS.  Sp, you could be correct.  Jeba could log into the router's admin and add each MAC address for all devices and make the router private rather than public.