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  1. Your citizenship does matter.  Read the 'who may apply' portion.  It is rare that a US Government department or agency hire non-US citizens through USAJobs.  Very rare.  As an example, the FBI and DoJ hire from USAJobs.  To be an FBI agent or US Attorney or anyone who works for them, one must be a US Citizen.  Insurance is handled through the US Government.  It's not Tricare.  Tricare is for military members and their families.  Where one is stationed is solely based upon the job and the department or agency to whom they are working.  If the job provider is part of the DoD, then yes a military base is possible, but not 100%.  If the job is being offered by the DoE or DoI, then most like no as they don't normally operate on a military installation. Your first hurdle is the citizenship.
  2. Recognised disabled outside Germany, should I apply here as well?

     Thank you very much.
  3. Good morning,  I hope this will be a straightforward and easy question.  I've read through some older threads and can find nothing. I am recognised by the US Government as 90% disabled for various matters.  I am a small business owner and have my pension and disability payments (not through the social security adminstration).  I do have health insurance, but not have a German health insurance and the DRV is also not an issue for me. On the weekend, I spoke with a friend who offered that I should apply to the ZBFS for possible benefits.  I am unsure on this.  I function very well without aide, do not need physical assistance (presently) and to look at me, one would not think I'm disabled. I do have assistance with cleaning once a week as being on my knees or bending is an issue. I understand full well that the German Government might not acknowledge my 90% and view it at a lower level.  I worry that by contacting the ZBFS, there is no going back.  I can't merely contact them to simply inquire. Would there be any benefits as being acknowledged by Germany as disabled?  I suppose I am thinking more of tax benefits or assistance for my business, perhaps.  Perhaps public transport benefits?  I'm unsure what possible benefits there could be. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.