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  1. How integrated are you?

      Buying a house today is both a commodity and an appreciating asset.  Both commodities and assets can appreciate over time.  They can also depreciate.  It depends upon markets, supply and demand and investment strategies.  Not all houses appreciate.  The housing market in Detroit, MI is a good example on a large scale.  Houses there are worthless.  Literally and figuratively.  Houses have been abandoned due to a shrinking work force and economy.  That's just one simple example. 
  2. Advice on Properly Ventilating a Basement

    I feel your pain.  My cellar has a WC and two rooms, but thankfully doors and a heater.  One room is my bedroom and the other a storage room.  I purchased a dehumidifier and hygrometer last year, which has helped.  I also removed the old crap aluminium windows in 2018 and replaced them with insulated windows.  There is no real secret to this, but hit and miss.  I will also run the heater on occasion to help dry out the room. When I wake, I 'kip' the windows.  Mostly to circulate the air and get fresh air in.  On rainy days the humidity might be 70% while the windows are open and sometimes 55%.  I simply watch the humidity levels and when it's above 65%, I'll run the dehumidifier for a couple of hours.  One does need to watch this as mould can develop and is a health hazard.  If the mould becomes really bad, it can cost a large sum. If you are doing laundry in the cellar, I highly recommend you do not leave the wet clothes to dry out down there.  This does not help the situation.  Also, do not keep anything directly against the walls.  Air needs to circulate around the room as much as possible.
  3. Physical disability, job loss, and career trajectories

    Could not agree with kiplette more!  There are three people on Instagram who I follow and both have CP.  One, a Scottish lad, is working on being very physically active, ie., weight lifting among others. The other is an American, I believe, who assists the elderly and works on her physical strength.  The third is, like me, a leather worker!  All three have constant smiles on their faces and are a positive influence regardless of their CP. The Bundeswehr would be a fantastic idea!  The government would take serious issue to discrimination.  If not a teacher, definitely a translator.  The Bundewehr here in the Oberallgäu had a Scot translating for the military for 20 years.  He was treated very well, he says, and has a cosy little retirement.  The government do a proper job of taking care of it's disabled employees.
  4. How integrated are you?

    Speaking of proper queuing...  one word:  Lift.  I used to have a good laugh watching Germans queue before a lift.  They press the button for the lift and stand directly before the doors, knowing well someone might wish to exit before getting on.  While we don't have lifts here in the Oberallgäu, There are a few in Kempten.  Can't help but chuckle each time I watch this occur.  Integrated?  I suppose in that aspect I certainly haven't.
  5. How integrated are you?

    Been here... 35 years now.  FFS...  Have I integrated?  I would say so.  I've had a few friends of various ages say that I am near on an Allgäuer.  Not sure that's a compliment.   In some ways I suppose I have developed numerous German habits and customs.  But in a few ways, I've retained my old habits...  my music tastes, for example.  I cannot abide Bayern3 or Antenne Bayern.  Awful stuff!  I still watch movies in English.  There it is.
  6. Is it a DISCRIMINATION at work place.?

    Here's a novel idea... have you considered talking with the disponent?  Perhaps this person is unaware of your physical limitations.  Before you go through official channels, why not give this individual the opportunity to rectify the matter.  If it continues or you are ignored by the disponent, that will carry weight with your company's leadership.
  7. computer printer - which to buy?

    In 2016, I bought a Ricoh SP 220SNW on Amazon for 125€.  The biggest reason was it handles transparent film, which I need for work.  Although it's not a colour printer, it does a fantastic job and is an absolute work horse!  One cartridge will last me about a year or about 1250 - 1400 pages.  A laser cartridge costs about 20-25€.  For my work, I'd say a solid investment.
  8. I've googled this and asked the locals and can't seem to find an answer.  Perhaps here... I live and operate a shop in a house in the pedestrian zone.  During the past 10 months it has rained twice rather hard.  So hard, in fact, that the basement has flooded and the fire brigade was called out to pump the water out of the basement.  In doing a bit of research, I discovered that this house is roughly 120 years old and the issue of the water stems from the main canal pipe or the house connecting flow pipe to be more exact. To the front of the house, there is no walk path or sidewalk, simply the street.  The house sits directly on the street.  Between the canal and house, there is a flow pipe (connects the house to the canal.  However, this pipe is strictly meant for the boiler as it stops just inside the house (between the boiler and the exterior wall).  This flow pipe comes up to the basement floor and has a a metal cover.  When it rains heavily, the canal is full, the water comes into the flow pipe (and upwards!) with such force that the cover is moved and the basement is flooded. I hope I described that well enough. As the house is 120 years old, that flow pipe was built without any safety measure.  It needs a Rückschlagklappe.  The only means to install one would be under the street into the flow pipe.  There is no room to install one inside the house.  The flow pipe is perhaps 10-15cm long inside the house before turning vertical to the cover. It seemed to me that this would be the responsibility of the city as the flow pipe belongs to them and is under the street.  I cannot hire a plumbing firm to dig the street and install the Klappe.  However, the city says it's not their problem.  I asked who is responsible in the event that flow pipe breaks.  I was told the city would be.  So, what is the difference?  Because something the house needs is to be installed and that is not their concern.  Rock and a hard place. Do any of you have, perhaps, some knowledge to a matter like this?  I have a meeting with the mayor next week and would like to have some legal ideas to harden my case. Thank you in advance.
  9. Caan was an impressive man.  I recall rather well in the 1970s, this man who grew up in NYC, tried rodeo.  He was so good at it, that he made the professional ranks (PRCA) in team roping.  He was nick-named 'The Jewish Cowboy'. 
  10. City council / neighborhood representatives to complain to?

    Cars blocking disabled...park spaces?  building access?  This would be a matter for the police or Ordnungsamt. Unsafe cycling paths... how do you mean 'unsafe'?  potholes?  not clearly marked? cars parked in the bike path? Without knowing what you mean by unsafe, it would be difficult to help point you in a direction.  Could also be the Ordnungsamt, police, Verkehrsamt, or the Bauamt. The e-scooter alarms.  If you have the license plates from the repeating offenders, this can be given to the police. Some vehicle alarm systems do have sensitivity adjustments.  A bird lands on the scooter and it beeps it can be adjusted so this will occur less often.  Going to an elected official without these steps first, will get you no where.  I would recommend you use the public offices first.
  11. Mould due to broken pipe in Apartment

    You're in a right mess and I feel for the stress you have and worry over the health of your family.  This is the type of matter that really needs a lawyer.  This is the game of blame and not blame and only a lawyer can sort it. Your physician says that it's likely the flat is a health hazard, and he is most like correct, but he is not an expert on the condition of mould in the flat.  He can only surmise the cause of the coughing.  A Baubiologe can.  He or she can test the air, walls, furnishings, etc to ascertain the hazard level of the mould spores in the air, the health damage to people and means to repair this.  A Baubiologe is the only expert in this area.  As the water has been repaired, new wallpaper, picture frames removed, is helpful, there is a good chance there is still mould in your flat.  Anything porous is going to have mould.  The drapes, furniture, carpet, clothing, wood, etc. Were the walls where the wallpaper was replaced made from stone or sheet-rock / dry wall?  Replacing the wallpaper helps, but the walls can often absorb the mould. There is more to this than simply move out or have a firm 'clean' the flat and send the HV a bill, which they will ignore and claim that you are responsible for a bill they did not authorise. The items you take with you might have mould in them that you are only carrying from one flat to another. The Mietverein can help to a degree.  I agree that you do need to leave the flat.  It's a health hazard.  If I was in your situation, I would get legal advise.   
  12. Paper registration and insurance in the car is the best method.  The police are used to that and it alleviates possible other questions:  Digital alteration, for example. However, whilst the idea of pdf registration and insurance on one's phone is an idea.  Consider two possible scenarios. 1.  Your phone is stolen or lost.  There's quite a bit of information on those two documents that might not be in your phone - normally.  What now? 2.  You get pulled over for a traffic violation and it's pouring down.  Do you want your phone in the weather while the police scrutinise the documents? Additionally, you or the police will need to 'swipe' to go from one document to another.  What if in the course of that, the police swipe in the wrong direction and see something you'd rather the police not see?  What if the phone slips out of a wet policeman's hand?  A cracked or wet screen isn't going to help the police properly view the documents. I could go on and on to possible issues. I'd argue that more people forget their phone than their wallet with driving license.  Perhaps that is simply my age. You only want to give the police exactly what they request and nothing more.  Handing over one's phone is loaded with things they don't need. In a country that still relies on faxing documents, the idea of digitised official documents is a long, long way off.
  13.  Hausverwaltung What is curious is how the mailbox was opened with a key.  If a locksmith opened it, they are to ask for proof of residence - renter or landlord.  This should be mentioned to the police when the report is made.  I would also recommend you check with the Post to ascertain the status of your mail.  Has someone placed a forwarding address card to the Post or had your mail canceled?
  14. When does a contract become binding

    To simplify a complicated mess.  An item is offered offered for purchase at X amount.  The buyer agrees to the amount.  That, in and of itself, is numerous locations a binding contract.  When it is documented and signed, it holds more weight since it is on paper, dated and signed by the involved parties.  The terms of the contract can come into play, for example if illegal terms are written into the contract. Contract law can be complicated, scary and worrisome.  I am not a lawyer, but was a government investigator working contract law and contract fraud.  Take these comments as you will. Agreeing to and signing a contract for 35000 Euros, makes the buyer obligated for that amount, short of any additional, legal and binding terms in the contract.  Interest or closing costs, for example. In your example above, you verbally agreed to the terms and contract. It is therefore binding. Signing it does add weight.  In Germany, a verbal contract is viewed as binding, but for the purchase of a house, written is better in the event the matter need be brought before the German courts.  If the seller signs the written contract and the buyer does not, it is still a binding contract based upon the oral agreement.  On the matter of the 5000.  One has nothing to do with the other, unless that shorted 5000 is written into the terms of the house purchase.  The 5000 and 35000 are two unique sets of 'business'.  The owed 5000 has nothing to do with the purchasing of the home.  If you have this 5000 Euros owed to you somehow documented, I would suggest showing this to the seller's attorney or explaining it when there is no documented evidence and ascertain if the contract for the house can be changed to lower the 35000 to 30000.  But to hold payment back due to this could place you in breach of the contract and chances are the seller stands a good chance win before the courts. You should have negotiated the matter of the 5000 at the beginning when you were in initial talks about the home.  Unless you can have the seller's lawyer involved to change the contract, it may be too late.  
  15. Andy Fletcher from Depeche Mode died yesterday.