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  1. DHL Rip Off for postage to the UK

    Does kind of beg the question why didn't you look online before going off to the Post? You printing the label, doing the measuring and the weighing of course would cost less.  The online system came about a means to not only save the customer money, but create less work for the DHL counter employees.  Want to use their printing system?  Their ink?  Their electricity?  Their service?  It costs.  It goes without saying that merely dropping a package for posting that involves little to no work on their part is going to be much cheaper.   Not sure what you're even on about.  Perhaps the fact that you failed to look online first? 
  2. I worked in a well known and large restaurant / pub in a large German city about 12 years ago.  The rule was 20 minutes past the reservation time and the table would be given up.  I can't think of any restaurant that would hold a table open for 1-2 hours.  Granted, in Germany one can stay at a table long after the meal is eaten and not be asked to vacate, but an expectation of holding the table... for what might seem indef, will not happen.
  3. Taxes declaration on gifts

    More information is needed. Is 'A company' a firm you work for or are you self employed?  These two items were donated... for you to use and return or for you to keep? How old is the phone (mobile, I would imagine) and the laptop?  After a time, their value becomes 0€.  The Finanzamt / government have calculated depreciation tables for items such as these.  This is not a matter of assuming a current value based off a wee look online. 
  4. - Yes, a US citizen is allowed to drive a EU registered car in the US, assuming that the registration is in your name.  Having both a German and US driving license is helpful, but not necessary.  You're simply on and extended holiday.  You might want to have the registration translated into English.  Doesn't need to be official.  Just something to help in the event you're stopped by the police, so they'll better understand the information.  On that, I would recommend using caution in smaller towns.  The odd small town police or county deputy is most like not going to understand how a US citizen owns a car with German license plates and a German driving license.  The German license plates alone will raise the occasional eyebrow, especially in more rural areas. - Insurance.  Your insurance carrier would be the one to answer this. - Diesel and petrol in the US will work in any car. - Shipping.  No idea, but why not do the Europe to US cruise that one can ship a car on?  Back in the 1980s and 90s, US Dept of Defense employees did this often at government expense.  Would be a wee more expensive than flying and of course take longer, but when you arrive you simply drive away after a quick inspection.  The cruise alone might prove fun.  
  5. E-Bay Kleinanzeigen - Zugang gesperrt.

    @mgr it should make sense that you cannot have two accounts using the same email.  Imagine someone finds your email address online (which is quite easy) and starts a eBay Kleinanzeige account.  Not good.  Why not just start a new email account and create a new eBay account.  Simple.  Inconvenient, perhaps, but easy enough.  I have four email addresses, one of which is for eBay and eBay Kleinanzeige.  Just keeps things, for me, tidy. Every so often, I'll go to a website to setup an account only to be messaged that an account already exists with my email and need to simply request my password to be reset.  I find this a rather small hurdle to keep my account(s) protected from potential fraud.  @bbogdanmircea from what eBay wrote, you must have upset them.  'Abstand von unserem Marktplatz zu nehmen' is a clue.  Perhaps your account was stagnant for a time and deleted.  This does happen often with various shopping websites.  If you are no longer active on them after a time, they delete your account.
  6. Researching, mostly. First, read the treaty between the USA and Germany from 1991.  This was done to halt any potential double taxing.  Articles 19 and 23 most important to you. Next, read this newsletter from 2017, which highlights some help information.  Go to page 2 of the article. Then read this.  The Analysis is the important part.  Next, read this from the IRS.  Page 2, Paragraph 'Terrorist Attacks'. Then read this from an American law firm.  Lastly, read this from the IRS, about half way down - VA Disability Payments. The treaty stops double taxation.  But not always.  There are matters where both countries will tax an individual regardless of citizenship or residence.  But that is not important here.  You are an American living in Germany.  A veteran who receives disability and retirement pay.  First your retirement pay or DFAS.  As the US acknowledges it as income and subject to tax, the Germans will as well.  This income will be listed in your IRS tax return as income.  However, as you've already been taxed on it by the US, Germany will not tax it. To the question of the VA disability pay.  This is not taxable income by the US and is not reported in your income tax return to the IRS.  As it is not reported to the IRS, it is not to be reported to the Finanzamt - Article 19 of the 1991 Treaty. So, you have a job (20k Euro per year), your DFAS retirement pay (10K USD per year) and your VA disability pay. 1.  Your VA pay is not reported to the US or Germany. 2.  Your German job and DFAS pay are reported to both the US and Germany    a.  Taxes are paid to Germany only for the 20k Euro job.    b.  Taxes are paid to the US for your 10k USD DFAS pay.
  7. Seems a bit contradictory, Mr Golf.  If it's not claimed (reported in the Steuererklärung) - which it should not be - then how can it be used to raise one's tax bracket?  The amount would therefore need to be known by the Finanzamt. I wonder if you're thinking on DFAS Retirement Pay?  This amount should be reported to the Finanzamt, albeit not taxed by the Germans, but reported regardless.  But then again this is not used to 'bump' one's tax bracket.  I am not a tax advisor, but this makes solid sense to me.  The Finanzamt looks at income from from retired US military living here similar but different to Bundeswehr soliders who get quasi the same retirement pay matters.  But with the US, the Finanzamt is content knowing taxes have been paid back to the IRS for the DFAS portion and the VA portion, due to it being a disability pay, is hands-off to both IRS and FA.  Germany wishes to be kind to its allies and not tax them twice - unlike the USA. The Finanzamt cannot use the DFAS portion to increase one's tax bracket or taxable income.  If it increases the taxable income, then by default the Finanzamt is levying a tax on income they should not. So, back to your example above, that 20K warehouse job person would only be taxed on that 20k and not 50k.  Because it is unknown and tax free. Could I be wrong here?  Of course.  PandaMunich will know better and have a much better explanation.  However, I am comfortable in writing the VA disability is completely hands-off and not reported to the FA.
  8. I can't wait for this year to end...  It has been a bad one.  Tax matters, someone hit my bus and drove off, bills, bills, bills.  Now a new matter has risen it's ugly head.  While it's too late... I need Rechtsschutzversicherung for any future event - to which I hope never happens.  Which firms are good for the self-employed? Most like, needed for my business and me personally (the current matter).  Would be good if I was able to chose the lawyer rather than need to travel a long distance (Munich or Stuttgart) for an in-network lawyer. I have looked online at comparison websites, but cannot make heads or tails as to what is and is not important or necessary with this type of insurance. Recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Renting of commercial zoned property - Work & Living

    @germanyherewecome, a wee difficult to follow your thoughts above.  But I'll give it a go.  I run a shop where I also live.  Shop is on the ground floor and my flat is above the shop and there is space in the cellar as well. The first thing that comes to mind is your plan to, perhaps, no longer be self employed in 5 years time.  That alone would tell me that this is a non-starter.  Only from the point that it makes little business sense to go into this with no plan to continue in 5 years.  Without know the layout or logistics of the bar (is there a bath and kitchen already fitted to the bar?), you're going to be investing in something you'll not a return on.  I understand that you would want to continue living there, but honestly, why?  Whenever I am done working and decide to shut down the shop, I'll move out.  Why would I want to rent a shop-flat, where I only live when someone else could use the space to work?  Also, less rent payment. Next, what would help in answering your questions is to know the type of business you have.  I suppose this will not a bar.  Again, hard to follow as you write the 'main floor' (whatever that is - ground floor perhaps?) had a restaurant and the place you are considering renting is below that...  in the cellar?  The landlord has a genehmigung for that space, even though it's 30 years old, is most like for gastronomie.  Again, as we do not know the type of business you have and I am assuming not a pub, the landlord would have to request permission from the city to change the permit from gastro to....?  The space I am in was an office before (media design), a second hand shop, a cafe, and a bank.  Each time the permit had to change.  My landlady spoke with the city to have the permit changed and asked on allowing me to live here.  Granted, this is a small town and was very simple.  The only change was the permit.  The reasoning here was that offices, shops and medical practices have kitchens and some a bathroom.  If and when I leave, those can stay if so decided and a new permit issues if necessary. To offer a solid answer to your first and second question it would help to know the type of business you wish to run...and don't be vague.  A silent business?  This is sounding more like a hobby than a business. Before I opened this shop, I worked from my former flat.  It was more a hobby at the time and suited my needs with the odd order.  I did this move into the pedestrian zone as I wanted to do it full time.  If you plan, which it seems, to only do your business part-time or when you have time, I would suggest simply maintaining a flat where you can work and live with little disruption to you or others.  Unless you are looking for foot-traffic to your business.
  10. Where to buy a haggis in Munich

    @Acton, forego the tinned and buy this instead.  Macsween are not the best, but it is about the best one can find outside Scotland, short of a proper butchers.  I've had it several times and it's quite good.
  11. British in Bavaria

    There are quite a few in Kempten and here in the Oberallgäu - Immenstadt, Sonthofen and Oberstdorf, there are quite a large number.  Mostly Brits due to the military that was and still are here.  Imagine a now retired Scot who worked for the Bundeswehr as a translator!  Kempten has 'Thousand Miles to Dublin' pub and Oberstdorf has 'O'Reillys' pub - the landlord is half German, half English and he takes good care the British military when in town for training. Perhaps MM is simply too far north in the Allgäu!
  12. Would you like to get taller?

    I'm 1,88 (6'2"), which is tall enough and a right pain to find trousers in the correct length.  Taller would make it more problematic.  Levis refuse to offer 501s in my size anywhere in the EU (W31 x L36).  I did send an email once to Levis and the response was astounding:  'look on eBay!'  I had someone send me four new pairs from the USA.  Taller?  L38 would be near on impossible! 
  13. Canadian privacy laws...for the dead?

    Very hepful!  Especially the second link.  I do understand that a church wishes to respect privacy.  But it seems, frankly, silly when someone died well over a century ago.  Thank you!
  14. Good morning all, a question for the Canadians.  My cousin and I have been doing family research for the past decade or so.  We found a male relative born (1829) in Scotland who married in Canada in 1853.  While the church archives are willing to provide an email of the information, certain things need be left out due to 'privacy laws'.  Pardon?  Privacy laws for someone who's been dead for more than a century?  I could well understand for someone who's recently deceased, but privacy for someone who died about 145 years ago...? Do any of you have any insight into this?  Seems a bit odd to me. 
  15. Landlord not returned deposit and ignoring messages

    She's most like awaiting the year end meter readings.  Some property owners will return the deposit immediately with the hope and trust that the previous renter will settle the Jahresabrechnung when it arrives.  Others, or most, prefer to wait until all potential money owed to the owner of the property is paid in full.