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  1. I woke up blind in one eye this morning

     don't let the children bully you on the trip John. Speedy recovery!
  2. Wisdom from pop music

    'Why don't we get drunk and Screw' ~ Jimmy Buffet 'They all call her Puta, 'cause no one really knows her name' ~ ZZ top Wisdom!
  3. In Search of a hat

    Frankonia in Munich will have one...  It's a hunting clothing shop and they are all over Germany.
  4. Hi, am calling from Microsoft. Your PC is infected

    Interestingly, one of the 'Microsoft agents' contacted me last week.  Before I had a chance to say anything other than hello, he immediately began the spiel of 'I'm calling as your computer has been identified as being infected'.  Not sure where in the 'wet noodle between me ears' this came, but I spilled that this was indeed odd, as I worked for the Microsoft office in Munich, Germany.  I was horrified to hear a dial tone.... 
  5. I woke up blind in one eye this morning

    John, you are a patient man.  After 18 months of dealing with this and you've maintained your humour.  I would have just ripped my eye (and hair out) about 12 months ago!  Hope you're doing well!  
  6. VAT on Online Teaching

    Please use the search function in the top right of the screen.  PandaMunich has written extensively on this subject. 
  7. Compulsory bag inspection at the grocery

    You should seriously consider watching fewer YouTube videos and read more books.  What you fail to understand is a your 'right to privacy' ends the moment you exit your dwelling.  Inside the confides of your home you have a right to privacy that you loose (to a degree) once you leave and are in the 'public domain'.  Within the public domain, we all have a right to feel secure whilst engaging with others.   When you visit a mate, you have little to no right to privacy.  What is in your pockets or belongings is yours and considered private.  If law enforcement enters that dwelling (legally I should add for conspiracy theorists) there is a chance your privacy would be in jeopardy depending upon the totality of the circumstances.  But that dwelling is still to a degree private. Go into a shop and your privacy is now limited further.  No one can simply walk up and search you or your bag without Probable Cause.  Even then it takes law enforcement to perfom a legal search, but will be based upon probable cause given by evidence of a shop employee or a witness.  Yes, you do take a chance walking into a shop and being wrongfully accused of comitting a crime.  Mistakes happen.  But are few and far between. I am one of your 'grey haired oxygen thieves' as you so poetically phrased it and I have nothing to hide or loose should someone inquire as to whether I took something from a shop.  'Ms Security or Mr Employee, you are free to search my bag and I am happy to empty my pockets for you.  I understand someone thought I placed something in my pockets (although I didn't)'  Why?  Firstly, I took nothing.  Secondly within 4min, I am out the door and free to go about me life.  The alternative?  The police are now involved.  My freedom of movement has been hindered.  My name is now taken into record and me comfort to reenter that store is in doubt.  When a mistake or misunderstanding happen, it can be quickly and politely resolved by cooperating.  I chose to enter that particular shop.  They offer things I need or want.  I can be friendly and cooperate in kind. Did I lose some sort of desparate privacy I cannot live without?  No.  Not in the least.  Again, that is engaging with the public and there is always a chance of encountering issues.  But these can be resolved quickly. Making a point about privacy in a such a stuation brings about nothing at all.  Absolutely nothing more than causing frustration with everyone.  I can nearly imagine that if you are such a situation where a shop mistakenly suspected you shop-lifted something you would wait for the police and complain the entire time and scream about rights and privacy.  All while annoying everyone for the sheer matter of principle.  What a load of shite! If nothing else, you've made a great impression here on TT.  Your first post is a wind blow of garbage.  I bet your mates really enjoy spending time with you.    
  8. Banks have utterly lost their mind...or have they?

    When I was in Scotland last year, I used my AmEx card and somehow the number was obtained and used simultaneously in Spain.    AmEx blocked it immediately and contacted me after.  I was not asked to verify who I was!  But there is a huge difference between AmEx and other card issuers.  I just find it odd that this particular card issuer knows my home and mobile numbers and I still need to verify who I am.  They do this each time they call and I refuse to provide the requested info.  Days later, a letter is delivered via the post.  As this seems to be their MO, there is a 'hoch tier' who is directing them to do this.  Company policy.  This baffoon or group of baffoons (would that be a murder of baffoons or a herd?  Perhaps it's a gaggle!) is utterly clueless and is scarily out of touch with current affairs and a nervous / scared public.  I buy numerous online products for my business, but I won't register online with a new company until I do a little due diligence to make sure I am not offering personal data to a fake website.
  9. This is quite perplexing, to say the least.  I often envision a bank's CIO, CSO or CTO as someone round 50 years of age, educated, but lacking true up-to-date scams and fraud.  However, I am often hopeful they surround themselves with younger, more aware, information, security and technology experts.  But do they listen to these people? I use Sparkasse for my personal and business banking.  They leave me fairly in peace.  I do, however, have to credit cards.  Hate them, but sometimes necessary. Over the past few weeks, one has been ringing on both my home-shop line and my mobile.  I know it's them, but I chose to play dumb, because what they do is mind boggling.  They ring me and ask me for identifying data!  I recall all too well PayPal's remarks of, 'we will never ask you for your password.'  I think Amazon had a near same phrase.  Is it possible to mask a phone number?  Aye, it is!  It can be done, albeit difficult and costly.  But to ring a customer and ask them to provide date of birth and address to verify who I am...?  I asked the same of the caller last time they called.  Oddly, she refused. Is this becoming the norm?  Have banks suddenly lost all knowledge of scams and fraud (along with the noodle between their ears) to go down such a dangerous path to ring a customer and ask them to identify themselves?  I hope no!  Thoughts...or am I being too...worrisome? Perhaps the old fraud investigator in me has never truly left.  
  10. Shop window monitor...suggestions

    Aye, it does...automatically.  It has several features, albeit nothing fantastic, but suits my needs.  There is a built in timer so it starts at 9 and turns off at 11pm.  Can also change the brightness and colours a wee bit.  It's not overly flashy with the built in slideshow and that can be changed as well.  I''m quite pleased.
  11. old school car key cutting

  12. Medical overbilling

    Doctors and hospitals are notorious for this.  Sometimes It's an honest mistake from the billing people other times it is out right fraud.  In your situation, as you've dicussed it with him, it is going to be your word against his.  Nice that you have a medical degree, but it most like fall on deaf ears.  I suggest you forward the bill to your insurance for reimbursement and find another eye doctor.
  13. I woke up blind in one eye this morning

    Wishing you a speedy recovery, @john g.
  14. I woke up blind in one eye this morning

     eh...john...  ??? 
  15. I woke up blind in one eye this morning

    Hopefully you're finally on the mend...Captain Greybeard!   The pirate look suits, john!  All you need is a pair of boots and a sword.