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  1. Should I renovate my flat (that I rent) with my own money?

    I just did this.  One need consider the pros and cons and find a means to protect oneself financially.  I'm near on 55 and hope me next move involves a long dark car with a box in the arse about 20-30 years time.  So, I looked at it longer term.  I invested 11.000€ in someone else's house.  Am I a bawbag?  I think not.  We had to build a complete bath as there was none.  I brought my old fitted kitchen, which he had to alter a wee bit.  This was completely an office area and shop previously.  Not a home.  Now it's a shop-flat. I signed a 10 years lease and the landlady gave me a letter promising to not increase the rent for 7 years.  Odd number of years but she would no for 10.  After all was done, she actually offered to pay for 25% of the costs!  During the discussion, she didn't want the stress of handling the workers and the planning, which I did on me own.  Also, her letter about the rental increase includes a statement about the selling of the house.  As the house is for sale, in the event it does sell, I am to be left free to reside until December 2028.  This is to be transferred to a potential buyer.  All backed by lawyers. I say, if one think it wise and have the funds to spare, do it.  A comfortable place to live is important.  Nothing worse than coming home to a place one despises. 
  2. Protocol with Handwerkers

    Depending upon the type of wood for the panels was used, sealant, lack, screws or nails, it would very easily be 100€ per SQM.  The Handwerkskammer and other guilds estimate the costs of various handwerkers per hour in Germany, depending upon the field.  These are hourly rates and tend to be minimums.  Aye, they can go up or down, but generally to a minimal degree and local costs of living are worked in.  As a leather worker in the Allgäu, I tend to stay just below the minimum suggested.  If I lived in Munich, I would most like increase the hourly cost as me overhead would be higher.  But to suggest they can charge whatever they want is not correct.  If a schreiner was going to charge me 150€ per hour I'd tell them to fook off...and off they will fook.  Because OBI, Hornbach, Baywa, or whoever charges 100€ per SQM for material, I expect the schreiner is going to add 10-15%.  That is normal and I do the same.
  3. Street checked by die Polizei

    It has nothing to do with a database.  When the criminal police (regardless of level) is looking for someone, the uniformed officers know little.  The information is taken and passed along to the relevant kripo unit.  If the uniformed police who stopped you had more information and you matched, you would have been taken along.  As you were obviously not the person they were looking for (from your perspective) you have nothing to worry about. When an APB (to use layman's term) is put out, whatever information is known is passed along.  In this case, it was most like not much.  I would venture an experienced guess that the criminal police were looking for an Indian male, perhaps one who rides or was riding a bicycle, and your info was passed along.  You might be contacted and perhaps not.  It would seem the kripo had limited information and therefore the uniformed police as well.  This has nothing to do with racial profiling. It is natural for a person to ask why or what's about.  This is three fold.  First, and while I've already written it, they had little to none.  Secondly, It falls into the category (especially if you are not the person being for whom they are searching) of none of your business.  Lastly, time.  To waste time explaining things to you is less time spent looking for the person they are after. 
  4. English-speaking driving schools in Karlsruhe

    Did you even bother to click the links from immerLernen?  Apparently no.  Zebra offers training in English.
  5. Verdi - terrorist union

    John, you are 100% correct, but times companies do things that truly is wrong and unfair. In 2006, I was working on (but gave up - a long story) my MBA.  I wrote a paper on Carly Fiorina.  From 1999-2005, she was the CEO of HP.  She was given a grotesque amount of money and perks as a signing bonus (3Mil USD), plus 65Mil USD in stocks, plus other perks.  Over her six years span at the helm, she bought Compaq.  Her tenure as the CEO caused a 50% stock decrease, she layed-off 30000 employees, the company was increasing it's debt and their cash flow was decreasing yearly.  She was voted as one of he worst US CEOs ever. When she left, HP gave her a 42Mil USD severance package! A bit unfair I believe and definitely worthy of people being angry over unfair treatment.  
  6. Ketogenic Diet Anyone?

    Food and nutrition is something I've studied over the past 25 years or so and do me best to stay on.  As a child I was heavy and at one point I was around 124kg.  Today, I am a tidy 79-80kg and keep it there.  Perhaps a wee thin for a 188cm frame, but am happy and energy levels are good. Nutrition is different for everyone for a number of reason, but the differences tend to be minimal amongst the majority of the population.  There are some who differ to a large decree, of course.  Where most of us fail is the evenings.  We eat more than is necessary.  Food is our fuel.  We need it in the morning to give us energy for the first part of the day and then again to get us through the rest of the day.  Then, we are home at night, doing only a little (some perhaps more) and we fill our tank.  This is the biggest mistake we make.  Dieting at night is not easy for most of us, yet can have the largest impact on weight loss or weight management.  A large number of people will eat, at a minimum a few carbs and maybe some fat.  Perhaps meat.  This energy boost is really unnecessary during the evenings. We also don't eat enough good fats.  This has a good impact on more than a waist line.  Guys, eating nuts, helps our nuts. One website that I know specifically has helped a number of people is MyFitnessPal.  There is an app as well.  Everything you eat and drink is documented and you can see the results.  Tinned foods, packaged foods, fruit, veg, meats, fast food, etc., is in the database.  If it is not there, you are free to add it in yourself.  It gives you a means to track what is going into your body each day.  Not merely protein, carbs and fats. Other nutrients as well. I tried the paleo diet a couple of years ago for about 8-9 months.  I actually liked it.  It wasn't difficult for me as I already eat very little carbs short of veg.  I'll generally eat about 200-300 gr of spinach at lunch. As with most things we do in life, learning is what makes us better at it.  We don't really learn much about nutrition and food in school, unless that is your field of study in uni. 
  7. What happens if the post branch loses a purchase shipping?

    It makes no difference what type of person or business shipped the parcel.  If the attended recipient does not receive the parcel and DHL cannot locate it, it becomes a matter between the person who shipped it and DHL.  The shipper makes a claim direct to DHL, but the recipient need make the shipper aware.  Still, wait a day or two.
  8. Risk Aversion

    The past near on two months since signing the contract and renovating has been illuminating.  Most in regards to others I've been talking with.  I can only say how it is here in the  Oberallgäu.  While I have lived in this country for near on 31 years, I suppose I was a rather ignorant consumer not really paying attention. When researching for my business plan, I was rather surprised at what we have here in regards to small businesses.  Immenstadt is, in my opinion, unique.  This town, where I have called home for the past 8 years is odd.  A town of roughly 16000, to which Oberstdorf is 20 minutes south, Kempten is 20 minutes north and Oberstaufen is 20 minutes west.  All are tourist magnets.  Immenstadt not so much.  But they do come and I cannot figure why.  We have one clothing shop here for men that is extremely upscale.  All suits are tailored only.  Shirts start at 250€ and ties at 150€.  While the owner mostly sells Italian belts, he sends his patrons to me for custom made belts - business belts, mind.  Who are the majority of his customers?  The Swiss.  All of the shops in this small town center are locally owned, short of Müller, a TEDI and a NKD (across from the bloody Schloß!)  We only have three small hotels.  These shops are mostly higher end than I initially thought.  And they thrive.  My carpenter, who I've known for about 6 years now, has a booming business.  I have a mate who is a blacksmith and stays very busy.  I've grown to know a pottery maker here who struggles to stay atop her orders and keep her shelves stocked.  Is it fair to include tattoo artists?  They too are very busy.  The one I frequent and we have become close over the years.  It takes me 6 months to get an appointment with her!  My first took a year! All of the shops here are doing very well.  Surprisingly well.  We have two second-hand clothing shops that do brilliantly as well.  I feel mostly because when one enters, they don't feel they're in a second-hand shop.  It's nicely decorated. We are still renovating me shop, so I can't say who my customers are.  After 01.03, I'll have a better idea, but for about a month, I did have items in the show window and people did come in for a chat and a few orders did occur in January.  All were locals.  But it does seem that small businesses do well in this country despite little to no help from the government. In the coming July, we'll have Jahrmarkt der Träume, which is every other year.  An estimated 10000 people invade our small town over a weekend.  In August is the Allgäuer Festwoche in Kempten and I'll have a stand in the Hirschbräuzelt.  These two events should boost my exposure.  One thing I have noticed that is worth mentioning is the support the other small businesses give each other.  That alone has been amasing.
  9. Verdi - terrorist union

    There was a recent Facebook article (always question the validity) about striking bus drivers in Japan.  Whether true or not, the idea is an utterly brilliant one. The basic premise was the drivers go on strike, but report to work, drive the bus on the proper routes, but never charge the passengers.  The company looses each day,  but has null to a positive impact on the passengers.  Again, whether true or not, grand idea! Pilots can't do such.  Obviously.  DB could do.  It is a better idea that causing the consumer delays or irritation.  Could other fields of industry find a better means to strike than merely walking away from work.  I often wonder if unions like Verdi consider the impact their strategy has on consumers.
  10. Legal help, dispute with employer

    Treats people like garbage....ladies and gentlemen, I am honoured to present the Berlin employee of the... oh wait!  You want to play sickies so you don't have to go to work?  Right!  Got it. Employees, employers and companies make mistakes.  Errors and mishaps are a daily occurrence.  But as is typical, you see things from only one side.  Your own.  Understandable and very immature.  I don't know you, your boss or your company.  I can only make an assumption.  I would gather the company has a HR, Finance department, IT, etc.  Perhaps even a CEO.  The company really messed up on your pay.  But that is perhaps not your boss' fault, but the financial department in conjunction with HR.  Quite often when terminated, a company must review your holiday balance or perhaps you are in debt to the company, or perhaps they owe you more than normal.  All of these are taken into account, so your final pay is often held in abeyance (love that wee word!).  So, sometime in January, your former...well, actually your current boss contacts you to discuss your work.  As you refused to see him...I doubt your calendar was completely full on that day or the following, you declined.  Perhaps, he contacted you to state an error was made and that your job was still yours, but you couldn't be arsed enough to engage in a conversation.  Had you done, perhaps they would have rectified your pay whilst there.  A one month pause from complaint to court is incredibly fast.  The company and court could have delayed it over numerous reasons.  Rather impressed they owned up immediately, which seems my thoughts on the reason your boss contacting you might have been spot on.  So, you had a lawyer, you won in court you can have your old job back.  But that isn't what you want?  WTF!  What did you expect?  A one million euro cash reward?  That your boss goes to prison?  You were mistakenly terminated, you decided to fight it, won, have your job back and now you're unhappy and ill.  Had you gone back immediately after court, all would have been well, but you are making matters much worse but playing sickies.  And now you want more legal advise?  Go back to the one you had! I hope you never make a mistake in life.  They know you are willing to legally fight them if they err again. It will be icy the first few weeks, but after time all will be better.  What do you think they're going to do when you return?  Stone you to death? Burn you at the stake?  Grow a spine!
  11.  My new favourite word!   Prefuck is so passe'
  12. Starting my taxes for 2018.  Doing them meself this year and thanks to @PandaMunich for the Wiki page and @someonesdaughter also for her advice. Elster only gave me the option of Est1A, AUS and G. I see that I only need to fill the EÜR form to assist me and maintain it for records. What about USt2A and GewSt1A?  My tax advisor did both of these in the past, but I cannot find information on them in Elster. Are these the same as EÜR?  Simply fill and file them for historic purposes?  I am less then 17.500,00€ for the year and will not see 50K€ Umsatz for 2019.  
  13. Theft / Diebstahl in Germany

    Swimmer, I wrote from the perspective of a former law enforcement official.  Clothes being stolen were never reported to me as it did not fall into my level of responsibility.  However, I do have experience of housebreaking, burglary, and theft.  Less than 5% of those I did investigate involved stolen items of clothing.  I am by no means saying it doesn't happen, but it is rare short of your examples.  If someone breaks into someone's home to steal - repeatedly - they are looking for items of value they can transfer to cash - this is most like not a sexual deviant or a poor person needing clothes.  The motivating factor, while not current known, is most like items of value.
  14. Theft / Diebstahl in Germany

    Clothes are a strange item to steal.  Not saying it doesn't happen, but unless these are extremely expensive articles of clothing, it is odd.  Aside the clothes and money, what else?  Details of what was stolen is helpful. At what point did she change the locks?  How long after this began and since the changing of the locks are things still be stolen? Does she live in a multi-family house (several flats) and if so, which floor does she live in? How long has she lived in this house? Is the landlord also the hausmeister and where does he live? How far do you live from your Aunt?  If you live close by, can you check that all windows close and lock properly. A bit personal, but how old is your Aunt?  I have had investigations similar where the 'victim' was older and growing forgetful and imagined things.  I mean no offence, but it is a part of life.  I would hope not for her sake, but something to consider.