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  1. is it generally safe to share one's birth date?

    @lisa13, could it be they want to speak with the local police?  I've yet to adopt a pet, but I would well imagine they want to ensure you have been cited for animal abuse.  Just thinking worse case scenario.  In order to do that, your DOB would be needed.  As they will maintain it on file, they are mandated to keep it secure due to privacy restrictions.  In the event your data is abused by them, you have legal justifcation to seek retribution. Asking them why would clarify it, but I have a feeling it is most like what I described above.  I'm hope they want to allow the pets to be offered to loving homes and will secure your data. 
  2. Bought counterfeit clothes

    How did you determine they were counterfeit?  You've yet to say or detail that very important point.  In order for the Zoll to prove or disprove anything, it must be determined that they are either counterfeit or not.  A layman looking at an item doesn't prove anything.  They would need to take the clothing to either an expert or the manufacturer.  A purchaser's 'feelings' would not support it, should it come to an investigation or court.
  3. I woke up blind in one eye this morning

    Outstanding news!  Hope it finally gets sorted John!  
  4. How to get salary from my own EU-based company

    Yes.  contact a tax advisor in the Czech Republic.  The answers you get here are going to be very limited.  Asking in that country is going to serve you better.
  5. @franklan, me provider is also STRATO.  They have a fantastic help desk.  Can your mate simply ring them?  It does cost, but he can pay a one time fee and be done.  It's only 11€.
  6.   Therein is the issue.  This 'appears' like a business. Jonny PP C/O Housing Company 1 Hauptstr. 2 Berlin, DE Requesting an EORI made sense at the time.
  7. Not necessarily so (here in DE).  I am a small business owner.  There is no separation between me and my business.  My tax advisor lumps it all together.  I could be wrong, but I believe PandaMunich addressed this some time ago for small business owners.  In regards to taxes, I cannot separate myself (person income or salary) from the business itself. Profit is viewed as my personal income. Basically, I am the business I operate.  Yes, assets vary depending upon type (depreciation) and can be used to offset tax rate, but my income (me and the shop) are grouped together.  Again, could be wrong on this, but if I am over 50K€ Umsatz in one year, then things change.  
  8. I woke up blind in one eye this morning

    Wishing you the best dear John!  I hope this will finally come to end, your eye on the mend, and get back to other stressful things in the neighbourhood strays! 
  9. TV channels reset all of a sudden

    Jeffo, could it be a software update that does that?  I have Vodafone / Kable DE and usually once or twice a month it 'acts like' it updates and the channels become rearranged. 
  10. One can easily do it online, but it costs, I think, 14€.  It takes a few days before it begins.  Also, you'll need your name on your friend's postbox.
  11. How to date without tinder

      That mental picture has warped me wee brain for the day... and it already was from this oppressive heat!  Thanks John!
  12. How to date without tinder

      No better way to learn the language.  Both of me ex wives spoke English.  How much German did I learn from them?  Null! I met a wonderful woman a number of years ago who understood English, but we spoke German...albeit my German at that time was weak.  But it forced me into learning and eventually fluently speaking, reading and writing. I have tried Internet dating since it began and it was absolute rubbish!  Every woman I've met and dated more than once was from physically meeting the old fashioned way.  Through friends, work, pubs, whilst in a shop, cafe, etc.  Depending upon your hobbies, get involved in one.  No better means to meet someone or even make new friends than involvement in some sort of activity.  My biggest hobby is the medieval fests and concerts.  Near on each time, I meet someone new and we get on straight away.  It's a great means to meet people and is a sight better than wearing a permanent dent in a sofa cushion!
  13. Of course not dead...but health issues in the long term.  The same could be said for anyone who strictly only eats meat.  As I often say during these types discussions, is that we are all unique.  What works for me, isn't going to work for the next 100 or more people.  I do eat meat near on daily.  There are days where my only source of protein might be from things like milk products (cottage cheese or handkäs). As an example, my Heilpraktiker is 6 months younger (55) and a vegetarian.  I eat meat near daily.  His harnstoff levels are higher than mine and it bugs him to no end.  Also my cholesterol levels are lower.  So, either I am simply the odd duck or his health is dodgy.  If certain things in my blood showed I needed to change my diet, I would.  No question.  Another mate is a vegan.  He has serious health issues (shortage of B12 and iron), which tablets are not helping.  He won't budge, sadly.  I find it admirable to the cause of vegans. I do.  But not to the detriment of our own health and well being. 
  14. No... one does.  Both an animal protein based diet and a plant protein based diet have pros and cons.  Neither can support perfection..  Plant proteins are incomplete (do not contain all amino acids where animal proteins do) and animal proteins are complete.  A plant protein based diet shorts an individual of vitamins that meats have.  However, animal protein causes diseases that one cannot get from plants.  A plant based diet supports weight loss.  Simply stated, a variety and ALL in quantites.  All or nothing is a shite way to look at anything. I have always been fascinated with the Japanese diet, which is high in fish source meats.  Clint Eastwood, which is today, older than dirt only eats fish.  The Japanese seem to have a long life expectancy, which from what I've read, is largely based upon their diet.  Veg and fish.
  15. I am sooo happy to have me bedroom in the basement.  First floor:  Baking oven.  Shop/ground floor:  Hot.  Basement...nice and cool...  Happy days!