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  1. Can you perhaps imagine why?  I doubt anyone contacts them with a smile on their face.  Personally, I would hate such a job, as I am sure they do not enjoy what they do.  Yes, you contacted them and as you wrote were polite, but see it from their side as well.  This is what they deal with for an 8 hours shift. To be quite blunt, we (consumers) are responsible for our own debt.  It is up to us to stay atop of who we owe, when and how much.  It is not up to companies or debt collection agencies to remind and pursue us endlessly.  If it went before a judge, it would be ultimately decided in their favour and you might end up with a lecture about staying atop your debts.
  2. Mail

    A letter was posted to me from the US on 4 April.  I received it on 6 May.  Rather says it all.  Oddly, I had 15 days from the date it was sent to respond. 
  3. Best campsites around Bavaria

    There are numerous books and websites dedicated to camping sites throughout Germany and Europe.  Doing a google search is going to provide more up-to-date info.  The vast majority allow dogs, but one does need to pay a bit extra.  Most will separate tent areas from RVs.  Googling will also provide reviews and costs along with what is on offer.  Wild camping is mostly forbidden in Germany, although there are areas where it is allowed.  Here in the Allgäu there is a route one can take that does involve camping or overnight in a Hütte.  It offers nature and only a wee bit of luxury with the ability to shower, toilets, biergarten, bed (if desired) and food.  One can camp nearby if desired.
  4. Best way to keep my residence permit while staying abroad

    OP, if you do a search here, using that wee box in the upper right corner, answers to your questions will be revealed.  Self sufficiency is a strong trait.
  5. "Please call me by my first name"

    Señor Juan De los Gunns!  
  6. "Please call me by my first name"

    Roughly 30 years ago, I was given the nickname 'Hondo'.  Somehow it stuck and over time, I grew accustomed to using it.  It has grown a wee lif of it's own.  People used to call the office asking for 'Special Agent Hondo'.  I do have a last name, but it seems to have taken over.  Someone a few years back said it's a bit like Sting or Bono.  What a great club to be in...not! Yesterday, I took part in an online leather course.  The entire day was listed out by time and instructors, to which I was one.  Course 1, 9-10:00, Mr Don Smith.  Course 2, 10-11:00, Mrs Mary White, etc.  Course 5, 13-14:00, Hondo.  On the matter of Du / Sie.  I am a 'du' person.  When a customer enters the shop, 99,9% of the time, I know whether it's a local or tourist.  No one from Köln or Berlin would dare enter and offer Servus as a greeting.  And no self-respecting Allgäuer would ever offer 'Guten Tag'. Personally, I enjoy hearing, 'Guata Morga'... .   Regardless, I will normally explain that I am a 'du' person which has yet to upset anyone.  I do not do such with my older clients.  Even the locals.  I would say that most tourists don't take issue, but I think I've done a rather good job at judging them quickly.  One can easily see who has a stick up their bum and who not!
  7. "Please call me by my first name"

    Certain governments still use the terms Master and Miss...or did up to the time I retired (2009).  Differentiating between Mr Smith and Master Smith was and most like still is, in my former field of work, of utmost importance to distinguish the two.  For the average person reading a government police report one could argue that K. Smith and B. Smith would suffice or Smith Sr. and Smith Jr.  But courts needed to be fully cognizant that Master Smith was a minor and treated as such.  There could never be a mistake of forgetting or being unawares.  
  8. UK Mobile Operators Free Roaming

    @AlisonVodden, you're not roaming if using a UK carrier permanently in Germany.  You can read more here. The allowability of this changed a few years back set by the EU.  If you found a UK carrier today, on 01.01.21, it will be null and your monthly bill will increase considerably. Probably best off finding a German carrier who will make it easier after the UK leaves the EU:
  9. Conspiracy theorists

    Science & 5G solid YouTube video explaining 5G using science based data...and that it's unharmful.
  10. I woke up blind in one eye this morning

    Outstanding John!!
  11. Vodafone exasperation, getting out of a contract

    Could it be that you had a special offer two years ago that increased when the contract extended?  Normally Vodafone monthly bills decreases a wee bit each time a contract is extended.  Go online and look at which tarif you currently have.  One can change plans online and either increase or decrease the monthly rate.  Does not go automatically into effect.  I believe you are able to do that once during the life of a Vodafone contract.   I've been with Vodafone now for 21 years.  They have bothered me to no end.  A few years ago, I made friends with a lad in Munich who owns two shops.  I contact him each time for contract renewal for both the kabel/ festnetz and my mobile.  He works to get me the best rates with little headache.  All he's ever asked for is online reviews.  I also had a good view of a Vodafone shop in Frankfurt back in 2010.  I have learned to shop around for Vodafone shops and find a good salesperson to assist.  Ringing Vodafone main offices or online questions do FA.  Seems Vodafone is better using old school methods. 
  12. Assistance with filing American tax returns

    I find it truly appalling that... You're an American and living in a foreign country.  You carry a passport, so do a damn tax return because we want part of your income.  Pay your fair share! You're an American and living in a foreign country.  No stimulus check for you, because you live in a foreign country.  No share for you! I do hope for you all, that I am wrong on that last point and a check arrives to help support you during this crisis.  At least it's relatively automatic in the US.
  13. Steuererklärung fee für small business very high, unclear

    As stated, this is set by law and our resident tax goddess, PandaMunich will support all what has been written. I too am self employed and am a business of one.  I am a leather artisan.  In 2016, I had a tax advisor do my taxes and cost roughly 770€.  So the 800 is a very normal rate.  I live in the Oberallgäu...more cows than people.  The cost for a tax advisor here in the land of cows is no different than what it cost for you city folk.  A Leberkässemmel is less expensive though... The HWK is presently suggesting a 60€ hourly rate for hand workers, but suggests it should be more.  So, for an 8 hour day, if your husband charges that rate, is 480€, plus materials at a (minimum) 10% mark up.  A tax advisor charges more per hour, obviously.  Taxes on the self employed is a rather lengthy matter and would take a full 8 hour day to go through the bookkeeping, payments in and payments out, along with all the extraneous matters of insurances, vehicle use, etc.  If you think on it as 8 hours of work at 100€ per hour, it's very reasonable.  People get sideways when they see a bill from me, as I'm sure they do with your husband.  No different with a tax advisor.  The constant changes and updates in tax law means a tax advisor has to constantly study and read.  What they charge to do their work is no different than what your husband does and would feel as angered over a disputed bill.