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  1. Theft / Diebstahl in Germany

    Swimmer, I wrote from the perspective of a former law enforcement official.  Clothes being stolen were never reported to me as it did not fall into my level of responsibility.  However, I do have experience of housebreaking, burglary, and theft.  Less than 5% of those I did investigate involved stolen items of clothing.  I am by no means saying it doesn't happen, but it is rare short of your examples.  If someone breaks into someone's home to steal - repeatedly - they are looking for items of value they can transfer to cash - this is most like not a sexual deviant or a poor person needing clothes.  The motivating factor, while not current known, is most like items of value.
  2. Theft / Diebstahl in Germany

    Clothes are a strange item to steal.  Not saying it doesn't happen, but unless these are extremely expensive articles of clothing, it is odd.  Aside the clothes and money, what else?  Details of what was stolen is helpful. At what point did she change the locks?  How long after this began and since the changing of the locks are things still be stolen? Does she live in a multi-family house (several flats) and if so, which floor does she live in? How long has she lived in this house? Is the landlord also the hausmeister and where does he live? How far do you live from your Aunt?  If you live close by, can you check that all windows close and lock properly. A bit personal, but how old is your Aunt?  I have had investigations similar where the 'victim' was older and growing forgetful and imagined things.  I mean no offence, but it is a part of life.  I would hope not for her sake, but something to consider.
  3. The New Gillette Social Awareness Campaign

    'Boys will be boys'... really?  Does anyone use that phrase today?  Seriously.  It's antiquated.  I can't recall the last time I actually heard it used. This thread has truly caused be to think on it for a few days.  Not sure why, actually.  It simply has.  Many, many years ago, I learned to not discuss politics and religion amongst a social circle.  Beliefs are personal and to discuss these can cause a wee strife or create a distance with friends and mates.  I have friends on FB that discuss nothing but politics and have placed them on silence, as I simply don't wish to read their political views on a daily basis, but want to maintain contact with them.  It's a personal decision. If I had to categorise myself into a political tribe, I would lean more conservatively.  To me noodle, it makes more sence to be so, however I have an appreciation for left leaning people and what they offer to society.  The left can have the populace look at things in a different way and I for one have an appreciation for that. The left has helped the world see that all people are equal.  That we need to better care for our planet.  That we need to help the less fortunate.  That while the present way might be good, change is as well.  Etc, etc. I never knowingly knew a gay man until I was about 23 or 24.  Can't recall the lad's name, but one of my mates told me one day he was gay.  I do recall being surprised, but it changed nothing about our friendship. I continued to hang out with him, but again it changed nothing.  Today, I have mates who are bisexual, homosexual, trans-gendered and vegans .  I take no issue with any of them on that as it has no direct effect on me.  They are all wonderful people.  When we do argue, it might be on music, politics (often heated), or other topics.  If any of my straight mates take issue with them, I ask them to be respectful or leave. So, perhaps as a right leaning man, the left (perhaps) impacted my view on how to look at the world.  By that I mean that for decades the left (mostly) helped us to think how we view others.  How we think of others.  To look at a person of colour and not see simply another person, is not correct.  The left help to open our eyes.  But all of this is external to us.  'The way you are looking at XYZ is wrong.  Look at it this way in stead.'  As a whole we have changed or altered our view of others and the planet.  Today, we are more respectful of others.  I would say that bigotry is statistically less than it was 50 years ago.  More rights and equality exist today because of this positive change.  As a white man I can see the errors of our past and am thankful for this needed altering of our mindset.  Acceptance of others.  A man or woman born in Africa can't help where they were born.  They are simply brought into this world and are raised and taught to have difference beliefs about all kinds of things.  But they are basically no different than I am.  I agree.  Father Francis in Ghana is a good friend and do enjoy chatting with him when he is in Germany.  Our favourite topic:  The catholic church.  At least we are able to laugh and hug at the end.  He prays for my soul...  a waste of his valuable time. Well, now the left has changed.  Today the focus is on us personally.  Since we have made numerous changes to things external to us (again, men and white men in general), the focus is now on us.  It's not enough that we've made changes to how we view things externally, but now have to change who we are and how we are.  The demand is that we change how we're wired internally and genetically.  The fact that I am a white male, makes me a walking blood bag of toxicity.  Well, isn't that lovely. In reading several websites to fully understand 'Toxic Masculinity', most refer to the socially-constructed attitudes that describe the masculine gender role as violent, unemotional, sexually aggressive, and so forth.  I have often been described as suffering from an emotional deficit.  Bothers me not in the least.  But to tell me it's wrong, would be as wrong as telling a woman she's too emotional.  Moreover, I would never demand a woman put her emotions in check or that she needs to turn her emotions down.  Theses are part of our make-up.  Men are less emotional and women are more emotional.  It's simply how we are made.  I can change these in me about as easily as a woman can changes these in her.  Personally, I think the differences make a relationship more exiting and challenging. Aye, men are more violent than women.  We are physically more confrontational than women.  They key is finding an outlet for this violence that does no harm to another.  Be it meditation or exercise.  Most matters involving violence (aside from mass murders) deal with men who have no positive release of the rage inside them.  But this trait of violence has been passed along for millennia through our genes.  Education is (mostly) the difference between a man who knows how to properly release that stock-piled rage and one who doesn't.  I don't mean university education, simply being taught. Sexually aggressive.  Yes, men are much more sexually aggressive than women when it comes to matters we call 'legally incorrect'.  However, most of the women I have personally interacted in my life do enjoy men being aggressive sexually - in a relationship.  Sexual aggressiveness that involves rape or sexual assault these deal with something entirely different and also involve education and society.  Where sex is consider a taboo or is repressed, the aggressiveness is increased.  South America and Africa have the highest rape statistics.  The USA is quite high.  We are all different.  We have learned to accept others.  Regardless of beliefs.  We have changed so much over the past decades.  The late 1900s brought so many positive changes to the world.  Now the 2000s concern me.  While we were taught to accept others for how they are, it seems one group can no longer be accepted for how they are.  This group needs to change as other's forgot the old left idea of acceptance.  Men are toxic.  Men must change. 'Boys will be boys'...  Here's another old one, 'Live and let live'.  I think it better.
  4. The New Gillette Social Awareness Campaign

    Wednesday night there was a Facebook post on one of the nearby 'spotted' town threads. A lad was asking for his friend the name of a girl who worked in a bakery. I newly spewed my beer on the Computer screen! I replied that a real man would simply ask her directly... and a real mate would tell him to do so.   The comments to my remark was astounding...both men and women and most of the women asked why men don't do so.  Weicheier! 😂😂
  5. Ecological shops

    During me midday break, I took a wee walk as near each day. A new shop is opening here in Immenstadt - a packageless grocer. Been a donkey's age since I've seen such. One must bring their own container. I imagine laundry and washing up soaps will be amongst the offers.   How this will fair in Immenstadt I can't say. We have roughly 15k citizens and loads of tourists. I hope it succeeds, but am a wee doubtful.
  6. The New Gillette Social Awareness Campaign

    I just watched an advertisement from a company that makes shaving products.  I've decided to change my entire life and outlook.  I've decided to be more in touch with my feminine, sensitive side.  Seriously?  WT-absolute-fook!  Life advice from a company that makes shave gel?  I don't fookin think so.  I'd prefer being directed by a true expert:  A deo company. I am a man, masculine and proud.  I've been called an arsehole at work.  A title I wore proudly.  I've never been called one by any woman in me personal life.  To call masculinity toxic is utter shite!  Yes there are arsholes in this world who abuse women.  There always will be.  it's a fact.  As there are arshole women.  Another fact.  After watching this ridiculous advertisement, I see it for what it actually is.  Gillette is in the limelight.  Well played.  They used a current pop-theme to their advantage.  People are talking Gillette now, which is what they actually wanted.  They probably give less than a fook about what this campaign is about.  They want their name mentioned. I use an electric Braun razor to shave where my beard isn't.  Beard:  A sign of masculinity and is non-toxic. 
  7. Hand workers: help! Need advice

    Called a mate and we were able to work this together.  The Dübels were behind the shelves (obviously), so were not able to work the Düble themselves.  Some of the wall cam with, but that can be easily patched.  Fook hella evening.  And all I wanted to do was get blootered.  Just.
  8. Hand workers: help! Need advice

    Let's see if someone has an idea on this as it is driving me mad! A few years ago a carpenter built a hanging corner shelf over my workbench.  It's beautiful work.  As I am moving, I am taking it down.  But there is an issue and most like not his fault - this is an old house. Seems two of the six Dübel are merely spinning and failed to either expand or grab the stone.  These are not small screws - 6 x 12.  I have tried using pliers to pull the bloody thing out whilst turning the screw.  Not working.  There is no room to saw the screw off as both (sadly) are in the upper corners - so at least holding the shelving up.  Just. Does anyone have a trick to get the screw or Dübel to somehow bite?  There is only about 3-4mm of the screw exposed - just enough to get a grip with pliers. Ideas?  Help?  Edit:  Yes, I having looked through the Internet for advice, but it seems these are always where a Dübel was placed into a bored hole in the wall.  Nothing in which removal is the question involving shelves or the like.
  9. Notice of forgery from the police / criminal office

    Chapter 23 of the German Criminal Code is all inclusive of offences surrounding forgeries.  These involve the submission of false documents. An element to all of these is the intent and moreover, the intent to deceive.  Intent is a difficult thing to prove quite often, but in your husband's case it's a non-starter.  He submitted with his official application, a colour-copy of his driving license rather than the original, to which he possess and maintains.  Correct?  The copy he submitted was neither a forgery nor false.  It is simply a copy of the original, submitted (mistakenly) in good faith - albeit without thinking. When he is interviewed and provides the original and explains - factually - the circumstances, this will most like not go far at all.  Kripo will need make sure that the original driving license he has is in fact his and that could mean dealing with India, which if that happens could take time. I doubt anything beyond a small fine will occur and the basis for that again, deals with no intention of deception.  Someone made mention to not state, 'well, in India we do this and that'.  In this instance, you'll need to.  Making a copy of a driving license is odd here and in most western countries.  So this will need be explained to Kripo.  Of course, explaining that while your husband no longer lives in India, but in Germany, why a copy is still carried and not the original will fall on deaf ears.  I do hope this to be a wake up call for your husband as he seems a wee lackadaisical in how he moves about.
  10. Ecological shops

    They used to be.  Around 1990 in Würzburg where I used to live, there was a bio shop.  Laundry and washing up soaps were available, but one needed to bring a bottle as they offered the soaps from large containers.  Also for müsli some type of container was needed. It was a very basic bio shop that I believe no longer exists.
  11. Transfer of criminal record from uk to Germany, if?

    The information is 'shared'.  Nothing is transferred.  Your conviction was under the jurisdiction of the UK.  Not Germany.  Therefore it will not be transferred. As the offence has been spent, normally you would not need declare it, for a job as example.  However, yes the conviction stays on your record.  Convicted of drink driving.  As you are applying for citizenship, this is well beyond a job application.  In that, this is government to government.  The information will be made known to the German authorities.  Even if it is not shared for whatever reason and that does happen, best to proceed on the side of caution and admit it.  As it was nearly 12 years since, should not pose a problem.
  12. Relotius Case: Fraudulent Reporting in Spiegel

    All of the other publications are researching his past stories to ascertain the truthfulness.  This is far from over.
  13. Relotius Case: Fraudulent Reporting in Spiegel

    When I was in university, I dated a journalism major.  Nice lass,... wondering now whatever happened to her.  Beside the point.  We were, I think, in our first year - me a business major.  One of the things she told me was something along the phrase of 'a reporter should never become the story' or some such. Seems Claas missed that day in uni.  This morning, having me espresso and listening to Youtube, Claas is the topic of discussion.  He's admitted to being ill and needs help.  While he's written for several publications, Der Spiegel alone, 14 of the 60 stories he wrote have now been shown to be made-up.  I want to believe this is a one-off; that journalists push the effort to be honest.  I want to believe that my fellow man and woman are basically good.  This, however, will only fuel the flames of those who love the phrase 'fake news'.  This matter does not help journalistic integrity in general, which has become stymied of late. Having written reports for the government, I have always been highly impressed with anyone who writes for a living.  Regardless if it's a novel or news.  Writing a forum post is easy.  Writing pages upon pages - not so much. Claas' career is over.  Sad, that.  At 33 he will never recover from this.  He could write a novel or a biography, but his days of ever being a reporter are over. If he truly is ill, I hope he does get help.  If he lied due to laziness, exaggerationism, or commercialism... fook im!
  14. Relotius Case: Fraudulent Reporting in Spiegel

    There is no such thing as honest news any longer.  Regardless of the news outlet, it's become a business model - twist the information just enough to where it's relatively correct, but also outrageous enough to keep it's customers returning.  'Honest reporting' left the house years ago. Now it's 'what sells' and it's been that way for quite some time.  Reporting sport and the closing stock exchange results are about all that is left.  I'm not even sure the weather is correct.  They say it's going to snow tomorrow and it's dry as can be. Magazines, newspapers and telly have to get us to view them, as most get news from the Internet when we have the time.  So exaggerating a wee bit is 'approved of'.  Blatant lying?  Not so much.
  15. Risk Aversion