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  1. Scam calls, Ausweis/Residence Permit problems

    Call Centre Revenge A Youtube link.  Mark Rober, the glitter bomb genius, has gone after some India call centers.  The revenge part is good, but there is a part of the video discussing what one brings financially per day.  Roughly 62K USD!  Per day!  A 26min video... fun and enlightening.
  2. Scam calls, Ausweis/Residence Permit problems

    Most often they claim to be 'The American federal police' (which does not exist, well sort of, but is never described or introduced as such), investigating a criminal matter in Berlin and are working with Europol.  My German national identity number has been used in criminal activities. Yesterday, I was called again for the third of fourth time this week.  The lad on the phone said he was the German federal police, but is not allowed to speak German as the call was being recorded. As I used to be 'American federal police' and had a wee bit of time, I did play along on one of the calls.  20-30min of fun was had! Seriously though, when these people ring you up, make note of the mobile number and provide it to your local police.  It does help them compile the data (forwarded to the LKA & BKA) to eventually stop it or minimise it.
  3. Would this be a potential copyright issue (seems...maybe)?

    @PandaMunich, thank you and helpful info as always!  The lawyer's response to the question was important and rather brilliant. @travelerworker, the repurposing is a good line of thought.  Client buys belt properly.  Brings it to me.  I make a dog collar from it.  Where's the harm.  LV made their money...legally. But I think therein lies the issue.  Because I too am making money from it.  It's not an authorised use of LV's brand or trademark.  How would I feel if someone took an item I made with my mark on it and repurposed it to something else?  I would either be upset or flattered.  To quote @optimista, 'I would not sacrifice my peace of mind for one item'.... 'finger weg'.  I agree. Thank you all for the thoughts and ideas.
  4. I'm hoping for some insight on this, but understand I may need to speak with a lawyer if I am still unsure. Had a rather well known client in the shop in April.  He wants a Louis Vuitton dog collar, to put it simply.  His request:  He will bring me a LV belt, to which I will split off the top 'LV' logo layer (roughly 1mm thick of that two-tone brown), and sew it to a tailored leather band affixed with a buckle and D ring.  1.  As there is no means for me to place my maker's mark on this leather item and I am not selling the item as LV, I see no issue.  2.  However, I do see that some people will view the collar as LV, thinking it an authorised LV leather item.  The client travels between the Allgäu, Munich, London and California often... LV has been known to go heavy after knock-off makers.  Albeit, these are mass manufacturers who sell many of these fake items.  A one-off, by someone in the Allgäu would get little attention...  but still. There is a side of me that worries somewhat on this and a side of me that sees no problem.  One could argue that if the belt was used and upcycled to create the dog collar, it would most like not be an issue.  Does making it with a new belt cause the issue? I repaired an LV bag a few year back.  I know the french company who make the thread as I buy wallet thread from them, but they will not sell LV thread.  I used a yellow that was close, but not exact. So, what are your thoughts on this?  Do you see a potential legal issue here or would this be a possible doable matter? I have time on this, as the dog is still a puppy and the collar would not be needed until December, perhaps. Looking forward to replies.
  5. Beer bottles with flip tops (or swing tops)

    Lindau have 2 or 3 getränkemärkte.  I know of the Fristo and Hasenbräu.  Most pils and exports won't have the Bügelverschluss, but some do.  The stronger beers do tend to use them more and the odd weizen will as well.  Basically, you should have no problem, in Fristo at least, of finding several. 
  6. Buying car in Lithuania. Special considerations?

    Extremely helpful Rob, thanks!
  7. My VW Bus is about to give up the ghost.  It is no longer worth repairing or restoring.  There is a similar one in Lithuania that I am considering.  Understanding this is in the EU, which really means FA, is there anything about bringing a car back to Germany from Lithuania that I would need to consider insofar as TÜV and registration? Thanks in advance.
  8. Du vs Sie culture in office

    It was quite odd for me when I moved to the Oberallgäu in 2011, having lived in Unterfranken, Ffm and the Oberpfalz.  Near on everyone here uses the informal.  The only times 'Sie' is used is with a doctor or the government and even the latter is more informal often than the former.   I had a mini-job back in 2014 and after the hiring process I was immediately told to use 'du' with everyone short of the owner.  The Allgäu is truly a bit odd.  Nice, but odd.
  9. Successfully moving with a kitchen?

    I moved my kitchen to my new flat three years ago.  From one house to another.  The biggest issue is walls and outlets.  You'll need look at how the cabinets will  be placed in correlation to water.  If there are electrical outlets they're placement (height for example) and the placement of the Küchenplatte.   The largest issue I had was the levelling of the lower cabinets and fitting the küchenplatte.  I have a friend who is also a joiner, so that helped. It's not easy.  The upside is you might save a few Euros and no shopping round for new cabinets.  Downside is everything might not fit or might not align properly in the new kitchen or during the moving, one cabinet breaks (you did write, IKEA!) and now you'll need buy one cabinet, which won't match the others. 
  10. Does wildlachs really mean "wild caught"?

    After 35 years of living here, I still laugh when I see 'Lachsschinken'.  I mentally picture a pig swimming upstream to spawn on a gravel bed.
  11. Really enjoyed their music.  Gary's voice always sounded like Frampton to me. 
  12. A few years ago, a company I held an account with rang me and the 'employee' wanted me to identify myself at the onset.  Date of birth, address and full name.  I refused and terminated the call.  I believe I received a letter a few days later.  I no longer hold an account with that particular business.  Having never experienced that before, I thought little on it. Now, another company just did the same earlier.  Rang me, wanted my account number and pin.  Again, I refused.   This is the business that I use all my connectivity with (handy, WLAN, etc.) Are these companies unaware of identity theft?  Have they never heard of phishing?  Mind that companies have numerous phone numbers and often times the phone only displays a number and not the business name. I am, however, curious what you all do when you feel relatively sure a business you hold and account with contacts you and wants you to identify yourself.  This seems a very odd practice and not security minded, especially from a telekom business.
  13. Finding a live work loft rental

    What you are after is how I am presently situated.  Albeit, not in Berlin, but in the Allgäu.  This is quite old school, but doable.  For Berlin, I honestly cannot say.  What you will need to do, is what I did:  contact the landlord / landlady directly.  They will need to get a Genehmigung from the Rathaus / Gemeinde and the average Markler is going to be too lazy or to busy to pursue.  Depending on how you wish to have your office / shop and living area setup it will prove difficult, but again doable.  You will find landlords who simply don't wish to change the status quo. They have their property zoned for a pub, shop, office, etc, and wish to keep it so.  Here, at least, a change to a business setup - gastro to office - will cost roughly 20€ for the Genehmigung.  Offer to cover that cost and the cost to revert should you need to move out.  Where you're going to have the most headache is the refitting, as it were. Where I am, this was strictly office space or a shop in the pedestrian zone.  A kitchen and bath were needed, and that also fell to my cost and was not cheap!  Making commercial property also a livable space is going to take time.  We added the costs into my contract so that each year it depreciates and I can recoup something in the event I'm forced out. A tax advisor and lawyer were involved to ensure my interests and the landlady's were covered.  This involved a 10 years contract.  Something to consider. It is convenient and my thoughts today are nothing but positive that I did this, but at the onset it was stress, a headache, time consuming and cost quite a bit.  
  14. Legal Advice: Type of Law or Lawyer

    Thank you.
  15. Legal Advice: Type of Law or Lawyer

    Apologies... switched Internet providers this week and it was anything but a smooth transition.  Two days with no Internet, cable or festnetz. No fun! Also, I did a rather poor job at describing the matter at hand and why I need legal advice. A discrepancy in waist size.  Regardless if loss or gain.  It can be 4-7 months waiting time for an ordered item.  Aye, I'm that busy.  During that time, a person can loose or gain weight and this can turn into a...disagreement, as detailed in my original post.  It was obvious the customer had gained weight and the belt no longer suited her.  I measured the belt she left with me with the one made.  Same, same.  Then the belt she was wearing on Tuesday.  Obvious weight gain, but she denied it.  Easy to argue it's not my problem.   As the Allgäu is quite small, my work reputation is important.  I'd rather swallow the monetary loss.  Cost of a belt, versus hurt business rep and possible legal drama. I need legal advice for future similarities and a lawyer will be able to advise me on my legal rights in such an event.  So, what type of law would cover this?  This is a custom made item and does not fit neatly into business law, sales law, or art law.  Kind of an odd duck. Thanks in advance.