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  1. Google suspends Huawei's Android license

    Everyone here is missing a very important factor in this and this is not Google's doing - by any measure.  China's National Intelligence Law from 2017 mandates that every citizen and business, regardless of where they live, have a duty to spy on behalf of the government.  This has been a long standing concern with Huawei and several governments, not only the USA.  The concern with a mobile provider is the idea of backdoors in the phone that could allow the company to monitor conversations, record them and provide them back to the Chinese Government.  I'd say is an honest concern. Due to this, the American Government banned American companies doing business with numerous Chinese businesses to include Huawei.  This is also the basis for the 5G issue in the US.  And none of this is new.  Spying is a real concern for many and the concern of monitoring phone conversations is raised in many countries throughout the world. Based on Chinese Law, all countries should seriously consider banning Huawei. 
  2. Game of Thrones (TV series) (Spoilers )

    The direction GOT has always gone has been against the grain.  Whatever we expect never happens.  We went through seasons of Dany claiming the throne was hers.  We built excitement to that.  Then came Jon and his secret and the show has been building toward that.  He says he doesn't want it.  Dany showed her ass in the last episode destroying Kings Landing.  I doubt it will be either of them. Sansa?  Nee... queen of the north. Arya?  Nee... she wants to fight.  She's not queen material. Tyrion?  Would be interesting.  Intelligent but not really kingly.  He wants to fuck and drink.  I understand that.. Brienne?  Possible.  (El Jeffo, I too found that emotional scene beneath her and not in character) I concede.  The way the last seasons have been depicted have been a wee let down.  Might just be Jon or the people will forgive Dany and let her reign.  Or they'll bring Robert Baratheon back from the dead like they did Jon and seat him on his throne.  How the fook knows! I just hope somehow Cersei dies off... I don't like Lena Headey.  Never have.  Never will.
  3. Obituary thread of notable and obscure folk: Niki Lauda

    @john g, we will John, we will.  Thank you for the kind words.  Nice way to start the day of an otherwise shite week!
  4. Obituary thread of notable and obscure folk: Niki Lauda

    Australian PM Bob Hawke No Australian by a long shot, but heard today he died.  Personally sad for me.  In 1985 I was at university in Texas, oddly enough, and was at a gathering near Johnson City, Texas.  Had something to do either with Austin, Texas and a city in Australia or sister universities.  Cannot recall.  It was on a rather extravagant ranch.  Aside from the a-list of politicians, there were Texas Rangers, FBI, Secret Service and Australian LE.  For me, as I was about to go into federal LE it was big.  Eventually one of the Rangers took me into the game room where I had a beer and talked to some people.  A man walked up to the group and asked if anyone was interested in a game of snooker.  He had a beer in hand, as did I.  I looked at the others who consenus stated they didn't know snooker.  I did.  I offered to play and introduced myself, as did the man, 'Hi I'm Bob'.  We played two games to which he truly ran the table.  The LE guys stayed and watched.  Bob and I had a grand time.  He asked about me and my future, as I was 21 at the time.  A really nice, down to earth guy.  I vividly recall asking about him and what he did.  He was so humble, his only reply was a smile and stated, 'nothing significant'.  His words. He was in the process of a shot, so I went over to get another pint for me and asked one for him as well.  One of the Secret Service agents leaned in to me and said, 'Hondo, you do know who that is, don't you'.  No. who?  The fookin Australian Prime Minister! I was shocked.  'Bob' is a PM?!  Yes, he is.  I brought him his pint and stated something along the lines of Mr PM I wasn't aware and I think I was too informal with you and offered my apologies.  He blew them off and told me, to not worry as he is enjoying himself and did simply state his name was 'Bob'.  After our snooker games ended, we talked for about 10 more minutes.  What a truly good man. I didn't know his politics and honestly could have cared fookin less.  He was simply a good guy and I enjoyed spending about 30 - 45 minutes with him and sharing a few beverages.  I played snooker, shared a pint and learned a few wise things from a PM.  Rather cool, that. Bob, I enjoyed that.  34 years on, and it was my one truly memorable brush with a famous person.  Cheers!   
  5. Lists of typical German mistakes in English?

    About 30 years ago, I had a driver named Uwe.  Uwe was a carpenter by trade, but the government hired him to drive and he drove for me on about two years.  His English was ok, at best.  The one phrase he would say all the time that made me laugh and I never bothered to correct was, 'what makes you?'.  He would ring me, say Hi and what makes you.  to this day it still makes me laugh. 
  6. Streaming Laws in 2019

    VPN.  Save the hassle.
  7. Hello to all the online lurkers!

     Twist and mend... speedy recovery young man!  
  8. Hello to all the online lurkers!

     Status?  I consider that me residence hasn't change to the local Friedhof a status. A positive one at that! @john g.  Why a shite day? 
  9. Game of Thrones (TV series) (Spoilers )

    Sir (formerly Lady) Brienne von Tarth is / was a virgin.  Who would have thought it?!
  10. Best options for new central heating system

    @SpiderPig, I have a pelletofen and love the thing.  It is on the ground floor and it heats the upper level as well.  It is not noisy at all.  The only noise comes from the heating itself and is quiet.  Aye, it does make a wee noise when it fills itself again.  But nothing troublesome.  All three floors are open here.  I have only one door to the WC and the bedroom is in the cellar, directly under the shop.  I did leave the stove on one night and I'm more than sure the thing filled itself once or twice.  I heard nothing and I am a light sleeper. I had it installed in February and bought 500kg of pellets.  I think I've used about 100kg since it was installed, maybe 150.  The remainder is in the storage room in the cellar for later this year.  I paid about 125€ for the 500kg.  Here in the Allgäu, lots of people and businesses have either wood stoves or the pellets.  The Pellet ovens cost more, but are more energy efficient and in the long run, you'll not only save money on the heating cost, but less rubbish that wood brings.
  11. Disappearance of Madeleine McCann

    It is possible, but not conclusive.  It neither proves nor disproves anything.  Again, had the police determined that no DNA was found anywhere in the car - no hairs, no prints, no DNA, that would be quite interesting.   The fact that her DNA was found in the boot could be useful in the future.  It will depend upon the totality of the circumstances.
  12. Are people with tattoos stupid?

    Not only TT, but Amazon as well.  When shopping once whilst blootered...  Not. a. good. idea.
  13. Disappearance of Madeleine McCann

      Every time I watch a 'krimi' where the husband or wife kills the spouse and the police question the 'suspect', 'why was your DNA / prints found on the kitchen knife (murder weapon)'?  Fook, I dunno... perhaps I've been known to cook on occasion.  Would have been more interesting Jeffo, had no DNA been found in the boot or car for that matter.  She could have sneezed in the direction of the boot, spit, or soiled (urine stained) underwear placed in the trunk.  Numerous explanations and possibilites.
  14. Are people with tattoos stupid?

    No Mike, she saw him as a 'bad boy', but his extent of that was extreme.  You still don't understand that tattoos are merely an expression.  No different from earrings or hair colouring.  Has FA to do with anything else.  It was my arguement in the 1980s when I was accepted as a federal investigator.  The powers that were took extreme exception to me being tattooed.  These exterior items do not effect me internally.  They hold no power or bearing over me. Based upon your opinion, I should be a terrorist, rapist, murderer or some sick nutter.  You can't seem to get your head around the fact that people with tattoos are well adjusted people who do good things just as those who aren't tattooed.  To say or think such seems to be the flavour of the day with all the politically correct garbage floating around. Judge the person based on personality, intelligence, feelings, expression, wisedom, happiness, charisma, etc.  Not on their outward appearance.   To judge someone based upon their exterior is not only incorrect but unfair.  It's 2019, haven't we learned from our history about judging people based upon their outward appearance? FFS!
  15. Disappearance of Madeleine McCann

      Very, very little.