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  1. All Boeing 737 MAX Aircraft Grounded

    A BBC report last week involved an interview of a test pilot who stated, 'the plane was design by clowns and supervised by monkeys'.  A stellar analogy.
  2. Broken - expensive - toilet seat... Who should pay for repair?

    A toilet seat is very easy to repair.  Having just renovated a flat with two loos, this was a cake walk.  Near all are the same as far as mounting and shape.  They range in price, but 30 Euros is plenty for a good one.  I doubt the landlord has the make, model and mileage of the old one...    Any seat will do. There are only two screws attaching the lid and seat to the toilet.  They normally have either two plastic screws with wings (easy to grip and turn) or metal ones.  Obi, Hornbach, Toom, etc., all carry them.  If the landlord makes a fuss, just explain those are no longer made.  But I doubt he would ever be the wiser for a replaced lid/seat.
  3. Ordering from USA to Munich...taxes?

     Thank you Panda!  Seems I forgot that...
  4. Ordering from USA to Munich...taxes?

    When it arrives, the Zoll will take control over the package and send you a note.  You will pay 19% MwSt, which include the cost of the item and the cost of posting.  You will need all sales documents, receipts, etc. for the Zoll.  The USA and the item is immaterial.  Anything sent from outside the EU is handled such.
  5. seems you're not grasping this.  You are not the employer.  You are the customer.  Fiverr, My Hammer, etc., is merely a platform that brings contractors to potential customers, rather than the customer traveling around or ringing them all. Consider you need your car repaired.  You drive to several repair shops and find one you want to work with.  They will most like give you a repair form, which you will sign.  This is basically a contract.  When you collect your car, you pay and leave.  The taxes will be displayed on the receipt, which the repair garage is mandated to report to the tax office.  Not you!  Again you are the customer and it goes the same as your initial post.  You are only responsible to pay them for the work done.  Nothing more  They, as the contractor, are responsible for all taxes, insurances, etc. This is why governments contract out for various service and building needs. Less headache. They have no involvement in the employment or administration of the contractor.  They want 'A' done or performed, the contractor fulfills the requirements of the contract, the government pays them and that is it.  Everything else falls on the shoulders of the contractor.  If the contractor fails in following rules and regulations such as tax reporting, that is on them.  It is not the responsibility of the customer to ensure they are following regulation.  Aye, the government would need to, but government contracting is in a world of its own.  
  6. Painters took money and never did the work

    When you provided the cash (and keys), you did get a receipt - separate, but for both?  As stated, the HWK is an option, but they will also want to see receipts and and contracts or written agreements.  A lawyer is another option, but same goes.  
  7. Tipping the Hausmeister at Christmas

    What a grand way to begin me day!  Cheers John!  As far as being the best looking guy in the village... competition was tough this year.  It was between me, a mule and a coo! No worries, Lisa13 thinks I'm 'swoon worthy' and Lavender Rain offers poetry.  No complaints! @lisa13, I thought on this last night while in the pub.  I chatted with the owner and we came to a conclusion: Handworkers and / or artisans.  You might not tip your mechanic or the joinery who builds your home, but if a carpenter build a small wooden item for you, you might feel inclined to tip. It seems, or did to us last night over a few whiskys, that tipping an artisan is rather normal. I know of a few artisans in Munich.  There is the world renown cobbler in Munich.  He is tipped - often.  Considering his shoes are incredibly expensive.  Tipping an artisan does make sense and is most like common place, but would depend upon the local culture.  
  8. Tipping the Hausmeister at Christmas

    That's odd Lisa.  Maybe its a Munich thing..or a large city thing.  I get tips in me shop near on always. I have a 'kaffeekasse' jar in the shop and people leave a few euros in. Restaurants and pubs is normal.  But other's as well. The woman who cuts my hair (rare as that is) has a tip containers for each woman in her shop.  There's a 'Töpferei here that also has a tip jar. Maybe it's an Allgäu thing?
  9. Cowboy plumber

    was the 60€ quoted or your opinion of what it should cost?  At present, the HWK recommends 57,74€ per hour for craftsmen and they state that this is too low (as @someonesdaughterrightly pointed out).  We have massive amounts of overhead that consumers mistakenly do not take into account. Details can be read here. I presently charge 70€ per hour, which is low compared to colleagues in large cities that charge upwards of 100€ per hour.  Also, take into account that this does not include materials, just the hourly rate.  
  10. Favourite picture of yourself?

    Oh terrific...  please no!  The return of 'Baddoggie'? Help us all! 
  11. Favourite picture of yourself?

    I am smiling john!  Photography has never been me thing.  For work, it was and still is a necessary evil.  I met Marcel (photographer) a few year ago and was impressed with his skill.  This photo made me a fan immediately.  It is also on his website here and is hung on the wall next to the entrance of his studio.  Some have remarked it is a place of honour.  Don't know about that, but I am honoured. @Lavender Rain, lovely poem.  It does resonate.
  12. Favourite picture of yourself?

    John, you should ask Tor if his hair is...home made!
  13. Favourite picture of yourself?

    Nice that!  Thank you Lisa.
  14. Favourite picture of yourself?

    Professional done.  A good mate who is a photographer took this near on 3 years ago.  Must say I do like it.
  15. Hi, am calling from Microsoft. Your PC is infected

    Of late, I've been receiving numerous emails about my Apple ID.  I have no Apple products.  Similar but different.  I suppose it's a matter of time before they start ringing me.