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  1. @ExPattheDog  My Job Contract had a clause that said that the company can assign me other tasks other than the ones listed in my contract, depending on how and what the business sees fit. So I assume that this is legal(my employer puts a lot of value in employee rights, and doing the things the right way) to do. So check your contract. If you have a Worker's Union(or Council) contact them for support, if not involve the HR.
  2. I don't live in HD, so I can't give anything information specific to the city. But, here is what should work: Search for Groups on Facebook and, for generic expat events and attend a few that might interest you. There offer a good chance to meet similar people like you.   You can also search for groups that engage in subjects, hobbies and activities that you are interested in. If you can't find anything close enough, attend a few that fits the closest, talk to people and form a smaller group (whatsapp for instance) with those who you want to hang around with.   It may also help to prioritize what you are looking for in this new phase of life. being single again, as much as you didn't plan for it, is still a chance to focus on you as a person, free from any of the familial responsibilities.  There are a lot of options out there for you: Making new friends, discover your new sides, new hobbies and interests, another relationship , learn the language and find ways of settling down here in Germany, maybe travel, career and so on. This helps with bringing a better perspective in planning out the things, and setting up a regularity in life. Good luck!
  3. Difference when you dress up and down

    You are still confusing your ability(will all those pre-qualifications,in summer dress, with tall guys,on the street...) to make a good a good impression with likeability. Without the "substance", all that attraction makes no difference afterwards.    Also, I think, the the obsession to be "liked", isn't exactly a healthy attitude. It is similar to the insta and FB phenomenons where everything is done just to be liked!   What is it that you want ? That more guys(girls) turn their heads when you walk past ? Or, just to attract the "right" group ? Or to make sure that your current acquaintances like you more ? Or that you have more meaningful relationships in life, and being a happy individual ?  
  4. Difference when you dress up and down

    Guys staring at you in summer, does not imply that you are suddenly more likeable!  Sure, physical traits do make a first impression, after all, there isn't they know about you, other than how you look. Maybe you look cute, sexy, pretty, weird, ugly or maybe a special physical feature(your ass, elbows, weird toes...) of you is more prominent in summer. But, you can turn to always your girl-friends, if they notice some kind of difference, women in-general notice such things more than men. If you are interested in knowing how likeable you are, check with the people who you hang out with. A good indicator is whether they invite you to stuff, wanna spent time with you and enjoy your presence. Sure, pretty people have it easy to break the barrier especially with the other gender, but if people don't tend to stick around you, then you should know something is amiss. And once people get to know you, they way you dress up matters less as much as your attitude and how you behave around them, hormone-driven interaction excluded