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  1. Couch for sale (about 2 meter long)

    Sold, trying to close the ad now.
  2.   After moving we are selling a two-seater couch in dark gray / anthracite. The fabric is high quality and durable. If you are interested, the couch can be checked out with no obligation; the seams are all intact, no pilling, no holes, no stains.     The pillows are not included.   All pictures in this Dropbox folder.   Size: 198 cm length 82 cm high 88 cm depth 57 cm seat depth 156 cm seat width New price: 1400 EUR (see invoice in the box folder) My price: 350 EUR negotiable   You would have to arrange the transportation, in case you decide to buy it.   Also, if interested please send me a private message as I won't be monitoring this thread.   We are a pet-free, non-smoking household.