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  1. Camera tripod, model "Star 62" by Hama, in perfect condition.   15 € (non-negotiable)   More pictures at this link (dropbox folder).    
  2. Coronavirus

    I find this data-driven analysis incredibly interesting and excellently argued   (don't think it has been shared before but even if so, it shouldn't hurt to link it again)
  3. Stock market investing in Germany for dummies

      Right, I didn't specify it earlier in the Trade Republic discussion with @Cestrian but I'm not currently using that to manage my life savings. More of a day trading/medium term investment tool on a "hobby" level. Managed to make some gains without spending weeks analyzing balance sheets :).
  4. Stock market investing in Germany for dummies

    Nice, let us know how it went! I agree it seems like a good time to buy. The only caveat, in my view, is: we should not assume the market has bottomed out just yet. Personally, I'm buying something now and if (when?) prices drop further I'll buy some more. The way I see it, the "average down" approach is a sound one as long as you're paying some attention to what you're buying and dividend-paying ETFs seem like a good choice to me in this regard. Just my 2 cents.
  5. Offshore pension to be reported to tax authority

      Actually I'd say it should go on Anlage KAP, lines 14-19 (the picture is from 2015 but you get the idea); the key is that "Ausländische Kapitalerträge" can be a negative value, which I think is what applies in your case. But I'll let way more knowledgeable people like @PandaMunich correct me in case this is BS  
  6. Stock market investing in Germany for dummies

      I'm using it and, in itself, it's great. In a sense it's a victim of its own success - the account opening and registration part can be lengthy and, at times, frustrating. Lots of people in line, it appears... But all in all it was well worth it! Good idea to buy now or in the near future - way to go.
  7. Coronavirus

      Might be a blessing in disguise to your students that you are temporarily unemployed    (it's all in good fun, don't get offended   )
  8. Forgot about the pictures, sorry - please see this dropbox folder.
  9. 2 big pillows for sale; 7 EUR is the total price.   - firm - 72x72cm - Model "Inner" by Ikea - can be used as floor cushions, too   The (freshly washed) pillow cases have broken zips so you should probably get new ones. We keep them on to keep the pillows clean. After moving we no longer need them, maybe someone else has some use for them so here they are.   If interested please get in touch via private message was I won't be actively monitoring this thread.   Thanks!
  10. Advice needed, encounter w/ threatening driver

      "I'm not saying it puts out the fire but it's a fire extinguisher" What kind of solution is one that does not solve the problem?   Not to mention what would happen when the person at fault is the physically stronger one: "gets yelled at for driving like an a-hole and then assaults the aggrieved party". Because might is right huh?
  11. 2 Pans, Stainless Steel

    Update: the smaller pan got sold. So this is what is left:   Pan by Fissler, 28 cm diameter, 15€    
  12. After switching to an induction cooktop, I can no longer use these 2 pans - hence the sale; I previously had a ceramic hob. If that or a gas stove is what you have, they will serve you well.   Total price for this set of 2 is 25€:   1) Pan by Fissler, 28 cm diameter 2) Pan by WMF, "Cromargan", 21 cm diameter   Pictures can be viewed in this Dropbox folder.   If interested please write me a private message, I don't actively monitor these threads.     FAQ   Q: Are they still available? A: Yes, as long as this ad is not closed they are still available   Q: Can you give me a discount? A: The currently displayed price is non negotiable. However if they remain unsold for some time, I will get back to this thread and reduce the price.   Q: I'm unemployed/a student/ a homeless person, my cat just died and your stuff is worthless junk no one will ever buy, can you give me a discount? A: See previous answer   Q: How much? A: Currently 25 €