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  1. P.S. yourkeau, an Impstoff isn't a treatment.
  2. Hi Chelski. Yes. I think it's called the German health care system. I'm pretty sure they have doctors and hospitals in Berlin who can help. Yeah, yeah, thanks so much. It's just that efficacious early treatment with, for example, Ivermectine and/or Hydroxychloroquine has in many/most countries of the world been disallowed, with doctors who prescribe these drugs finding themselves mired in difficulties (such as being struck off). And then there are stories like this: https://conservativefiringline.com/man-dies-from-covid-as-hospital-refuses-to-prescribe-ivermectin-despite-court-orders/   If you've been following the progress of this "pandemic" and related issues, you'll know about such things. You'll also know that these drugs were banned so that the current "vaccines" could be given emergency approval.   As for the jabs, mako 1, it's up to each individual to do their research and reach their own decision.   1  
  3. It is by now well known that efficacious early treatment for Covid-19 is available. Are there medical practicioners in Berlin or elsewhere in Germany who are offering this?