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  1. Where to buy carry-out burritos

    Thanks !
  2. Where to buy carry-out burritos

    Anyone got recent updates to this topic ? Looking for a Chipotle quality burrito.
  3. Citizen Women's ECO Watch

    Citizen Women's ECO Watch. White analog display with brown leather strap.   Very nice and very reliable watch - not used because inherited a different watch.   Photos sendable upon request - The website upload does not work even with less than 145kb :-/   link to Amazon.de advertisement/information/photos/reviews   Asking 80 eur
  4. KS KindSchock Dropper Seat Post - Mountain Bike LEV Si 31.6 mm x 150 mm   I've already a different one. Just took it off a brand new bike.   This one works great and is rather light. Giving for free the factory seat.   Photos sendable upon request. Website has problem with uploading.   Asking 150 eur  :   Link To Current Market Price And Pictures
  5. This stuff worked !..   Had results in 3 months and stopped after 5 months. Then continue with a German product.   Quantity : Actually have 7 bottles (ie.: 7 months) of product to sell.   Expiration date : End Of Sept 2020   Asking Price : 30eur   https://www.amazon.com/Kirkland-Minoxidil-percentage-Strength-Treatment/dp/B07H2SDWCH/ref=sr_1_7?crid=24A4WY7V489I5&keywords=minoxidil+kirkland+6+month+supply&qid=1577517239&sprefix=minoxidil+kirkland+6+month%2Caps%2C234&sr=8-7
  6. Now have one available in Size Large (56-60cm) - Same Blackout color !
  7. Oakley DRT5 Helmet blackout (99479-02E) https://geizhals.de/oakley-drt5-helm-blackout-99479-02e-a2029751.html   Brand new in box. The best !.. Beautifully functional and top safety features.   Asking 75eur. (new price ranges starting +130eur)   Meetup in person or can ship for free via DHL.