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  1. Edited topic to Cable / DSL because in fact I've 6*** series Cable (not DSL). Thanks vivanco.   In summary and thanks guys : - New or Switching customers keep an eye out for free router - should be default. z.B.: Vodafone offers their Vodafone Box for free. - Existing customer without option to Switch; ADSL router can be swapped directly because uses dedicated/distinct phone line ...   Cable router if swapped, must be recognized by provider : customer must call service provider and provide the details written on box. - Either way 5eur/mo x 2 years = 120eur. One can find on ebay-klein for like 60eur and have a nice Indian Dinner to boot ;-p   (or buy new from Expert or MediaMarkt for 100eur and sell on ebay-klein later ;-)  
  2.   I reckon it'll work and to just buy one for 60eur off ebay-klein and try installing. Mr Google fund ...   1 Unlocking your FRITZ!Box If you purchased your FRITZ!Box from a retailer, your cable provider must unlock it first: Important:In Germany, you can only use the FRITZ!Box 6490 Cable with the article number 20002778 with all cable connections. Models with other AVM article numbers are not intended for use with all cable connections. Have your cable provider unlock your FRITZ!Box. Depending on the provider, you can either use an activation portal or call their customer service to activate it. With some providers, the serial number and the FRITZ!Box's "CM MAC" address are required to unlock it. You can find both of these on the bottom of the device:    
  3. Found a great rate Vodafone Kabel Deutschland via Check24 then here at 2 years ...   Wanted but unfortunately in my area have no other lower cost provider to change to ...   Objective : Router rental is 4,99eur monthly. We'd like to buy one off ebay and use that instead.   Question(s) : - What is procedure to cancel the Option HomeBox 4,99eur/mo ?.. Found no way in MeinKabel. - Any consideration or hangups to buy and use own router ? - Anyone got a Fritzbox 6490 for sale :-?   (ja : next time getting internet will just buy router at the get go.)   Happy 2022 !