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  1. Moving to München from Italy

    This is an official state sponsered map of job offers/ads : ( to find offers of work - "Zeige Landwirte, die Helfer suchen") (website interface not so good - have to pan, zoom in-out, and such)   https://daslandhilft.maschinenring.de/boerse?idnr=67265&tab=map
  2. Moving to München from Italy

    This website comes up with current jobs and a map of their locations :   https://www.saisonarbeit-in-deutschland.de/find.php
  3. Where to buy carry-out burritos

    Interesting : Thanks :-)  
  4. MVV Isar Weekly Card Validity

    So ok. I took the card to an agent at Hauptbahnof. They read it, squinted and said aah yea the machine printed Sunday on ticket but ... Yes in reality it's good until Monday 12 noon even if printing on ticket saying Sunday is bit misleading. Thanks everyone !   SideNote : Confirmed not possible to buy Weekly IsarCard using MVV App. Agent said it make it too easy for people to save money ;-p
  5. MVV Isar Weekly Card Validity

    Bought Monday night at 19:30 - Should it not be good until the next Monday night 19:30 ?
  6. MVV Isar Weekly Card Validity

    Hi,   Last week we got a 1 Week IsarCard from the machine and it said valid Monday 02.Mar to Sunday 08.Mar (not Monday 09.Mar).   Seemingly expire EOF Sunday, not even full week. Is it possible to use it for 1 week or buy a 1 Week IsarCard that is good for 1 week from day of purchase ?   (side note: look like MVV App doesn't sell WeeklyCard - sneaky business practice)   BR
  7. Where to buy carry-out burritos

    Thanks !
  8. Where to buy carry-out burritos

    Anyone got recent updates to this topic ? Looking for a Chipotle quality burrito.
  9. Citizen Women's ECO Watch

    Citizen Women's ECO Watch. White analog display with brown leather strap.   Very nice and very reliable watch - not used because inherited a different watch.   Photos sendable upon request - The website upload does not work even with less than 145kb :-/   link to Amazon.de advertisement/information/photos/reviews   Asking 80 eur
  10. KS KindSchock Dropper Seat Post - Mountain Bike LEV Si 31.6 mm x 150 mm   I've already a different one. Just took it off a brand new bike.   This one works great and is rather light. Giving for free the factory seat.   Photos sendable upon request. Website has problem with uploading.   Asking 150 eur  :   Link To Current Market Price And Pictures
  11. This stuff worked !..   Had results in 3 months and stopped after 5 months. Then continue with a German product.   Quantity : Actually have 7 bottles (ie.: 7 months) of product to sell.   Expiration date : End Of Sept 2020   Asking Price : 30eur   https://www.amazon.com/Kirkland-Minoxidil-percentage-Strength-Treatment/dp/B07H2SDWCH/ref=sr_1_7?crid=24A4WY7V489I5&keywords=minoxidil+kirkland+6+month+supply&qid=1577517239&sprefix=minoxidil+kirkland+6+month%2Caps%2C234&sr=8-7