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  1. Car Hire or Transport - Riva Del Garda - Munich

      Thanks very helpful yesterday : Rovereto is a great possibility ...
  2. Looking to get from Riva Del Garda to Munich. One way with mtnbike. At end of July.   Rental car agencies average price is over 1000eur (yikes)(actually preference is car hire).   BlaBlaCar/etc seem out of business during corona times, and Deutsche Bahn is simply not convenient.   Any ideas ?
  3. Beware of the ticks (Zecken)

    Achtung !.. The government already warned schools and gave out tick removal cards. I can confirm that this year the threat is real ...   During the last month we've already found 5 ticks on people. Today a kid went into a rather normal looking bushy area - we immediately asked and got him out. He was only was in there for like 20 sec and got the tick in attached fotos.   Some Infos : https://www.zecken.de/en/about-ticks https://www.zecken.de/en/tick-removal   https://www.bfr.bund.de/en/presseinformation/2001/15/caution_ticks____the__common_tick__can_be_dangerous_for_humans_and_animals-1363.html "In Germany 10 to 30% of ticks are infected with the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi."