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  1. I've been working with an English-speaking, Neuhausen area orthodontist to arrange for orthodontic treatment for my 15 year old daughter.   I received his cost-estimate in the post yesterday. I have no idea whether his quote of 7K+ euros for treatment (not invisalign, FYI) is typical for Munich. My only point of comparison is with a 2 year orthodontic treatment in a west coast, major US metropolitan area, completed several years ago. Munich is more than double.   I've sent a copy of the contract to my bilingual lawyer friend to make sure that I fully understand what the treatment entails and what costs, if any, are negotiable, before I sign anything.   We have private insurance which will require most of our expense to be paid out of pocket.   My inclination is to pay what I owe him for treatment already received (xrays, model), graciously thank him and either wait until my daughter starts university or find another orthodontist.   In the US, insurances often determine a price point for various medical and dental procedures--it is the "reasonable and customary" cost. What I'm trying to figure out is what is reasonable and customary for Munich.   Any guidance, webpages with data etc. would be appreciated.