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  1. Hello and Namaste!   I, a German citizen, would like to import Ayurvedic food supplements and wellness products (no medicine) from India to Germany. Direct import from IN to DE causes an expensive process of certification (e.g. via and registration.   Another fully legal way is importing those goods (with labels surely in German) via another EU country like the Netherlands with harbour Rotterdam to Germany. Lots of Indian and Pakistani shopsellers in Germany do like this.   Who can advise me on this matter? I will certainly later on when the business is running, go for German certification accordingly but for a start-up company, I really would like to postpone such activities.   From custom´s perspective import of those is fully fine as long food authorities also accept the import. Which they do not o for a direct import without certification.   Is there a way importing via Rotterdam and have the goods declared already in the Netherlands, so that shipment can enter legally into German market? Final destination is Frankfurt.   Any help is most welcome!