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  1. Database recommendation

      I'm not specifically looking for cheap or free. I am open to offers and suggestions of what is available (preferably in German) Zwiebelfisch had a couple of suggestions but it looks like they are based in the US.
  2. Database recommendation

      The full monty...
  3. Database recommendation

        1. How many users - 1,000 2. How many concurrent users circa 300 3. How much data - 1TB should do it - with pictures  & documentation 4. How many changes per workday as a percentage - not sure how to calculate this but it would not change that much on a day to day basis - lets say 15% Tracking tools when they need to be sent from one site to another or when they need to be sent to a testing company for annual check.   5. Do you have a tech support staff - Yes 6. Can you afford to lose data changes - Not really, would like to avoid if at all possible.
  4. Database recommendation

    Hi wise people, Has anyone got a recommendation for a database (could be cloud based) for itemising company hardware? More specifically for a construction company to itemise it's kit (from Bohrhammers to Baggers etc...) The company is open to a custom type database that could be specifically designed and tailored for their needs. What are the free and paid for alternatives? Would anyone be interested in a job designing something and putting it together?   Look forward to replies.   TG.
  5. Frtiz DECT Telephone range

    Have you considered using a FritzFon? They work just as well as normal phones but are connected to the WLAN. You could also get a DECT Booster for your existing setup but AFAIK they are quite pricey. If you have CAT.7 cable upstairs you could attach a repeater for your fritzbox WLAN signal upstairs. A FritzBox repeater is easy to come by for €20 if you know where to look ;-)
  6. I have a couple of IKEA PAX Wardrobes for sale. This would be the perfect starter pack for a young couple in a new apartment. Pick up in Thalkirchnerstr. / Brudermuhlstr. They are very similar to the ones in the pictures. The wardrobes are in great condition. They are already dissasembled and ready for transport. I am Interested in serious offers only with transport. These are big heavy wardrobes 2,30cm tall and approx 110cm wide. The doors are gloss and mirrored and sell new from Ikea at €100 a pop each. So getting two whole warddrobes with doors (x4) is a good deal. Also supplied with the warddrobes are sliding metal baskets, shirt hanger bar and trouser rack. There is one small caveat; the warddrobes have been in storage for a couple of years; there might be some small parts missing but in general there is nothing wrong with them. I will do all that I can to make sure you have a working wardrobe after assembly. Call Patrick or Whatsapp 0179 959 2434 to arrange pick-up Weekends preferred.   Pictures