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  1. Laptop and PC Repairs Munich

    Would just like to bump this post. I'm still alive and well. The shop has moved though to Pasing; we teamed up with a mobile phone repair shop in Pasing Main station a good group of guys called PHONESTOP.eu...   If anyone is interested in a demonstration of a Windows Virtual Desktop using a similar system to Synology NAS, please get in touch. This is something I feel could save your bacon! We use it specifically for small businesses with users of 1-4 (Small hotels, Doctors Surgerys, Lawyers, Tax Consultants) Basically you are using a Windows virtual desktop on a cloud device; the device is very similar to a Synology NAS which stays in your home or office. The advantage of using this device is that (A) The data stays in your device (B) it is mirrored on more than one drive (C) should your laptop crash one day you are covered with the virtual machine which can be transferred to a different server within hours and get you back online.   Look forward to your call or Email. info[at]zeklink.de or 089 120 720 92   Best regards,   Patrick.  
  2. Enjoying the beautiful weather this evening with a good cycle on the bike paths around Germering I came across a fenced off area that does not appear on the maps and was wondering if it is an old disused rocket site? I did find some interesting characters in the concrete nearby, maybe there are some buffs out there who could shed some light on this one???   K | CH FF 672 ... this was printed into the concrete near some old rail lines that went into this fenced off area.   Would love to hear from anyone on this, I find it fascinating. I think also in the Perlacher forest there is something very similar close to the car park off the Autobahn.