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  1. Trying to find Rebecca Fitzpatrick, in Munich

    Its from Ireland :-(
  2. Hi, an official looking letter (Gov) was delivered to our place addressed to a "Rebecca Fitzpatrick". I found a FB profile which says she lives in Munich, anybody know her? Obviously it could be a completely different person but the chances are slim.
  3. Service Wüsste Deutschland. (Service Desert) Germany is infamous for no-customer service. There are exceptions to the rule but those people have been trained by outside companies (take Karstadt for example) the staff were terrible until they decided to get trainers in from outside. It's just the German way; [Cold] They need to warm up... but it takes a few months... maybe years in some cases ;-)   Oh yeah, and buy Japanese... they don't cheat on their emissions tests and rarely break-down. Nissan, Mitsubishi, Honda
  4. Worst jokes ever

      Its at the end of the line
  5.   You have to convince them that what you did in the past was pure stupidity, how sorry you are and show how you have changed your life. If you are being sent to an MPU for use of alcohol or drugs there's no point in turning up unless you have a year of abstinence and can prove it. You get the proof by visiting the 5th Floor of the Forensisch Toxikologisches Centrum GmbH at Bayerstraße 53 4x times a year where you do an expensive hair-cut (€150 a pop) 3 x 3cm which is then chemically examined to see if you have been a good boy / girl for the last 3 months. I'm currently on my third certificate, one more to go in September.
  6. anything you want to know about MPU hit me up. I'm the MPU master!