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  1. Database recommendation

      I'm not specifically looking for cheap or free. I am open to offers and suggestions of what is available (preferably in German) Zwiebelfisch had a couple of suggestions but it looks like they are based in the US.
  2. Database recommendation

      The full monty...
  3. Database recommendation

        1. How many users - 1,000 2. How many concurrent users circa 300 3. How much data - 1TB should do it - with pictures  & documentation 4. How many changes per workday as a percentage - not sure how to calculate this but it would not change that much on a day to day basis - lets say 15% Tracking tools when they need to be sent from one site to another or when they need to be sent to a testing company for annual check.   5. Do you have a tech support staff - Yes 6. Can you afford to lose data changes - Not really, would like to avoid if at all possible.
  4. Database recommendation

    Hi wise people, Has anyone got a recommendation for a database (could be cloud based) for itemising company hardware? More specifically for a construction company to itemise it's kit (from Bohrhammers to Baggers etc...) The company is open to a custom type database that could be specifically designed and tailored for their needs. What are the free and paid for alternatives? Would anyone be interested in a job designing something and putting it together?   Look forward to replies.   TG.
  5. Frtiz DECT Telephone range

    Have you considered using a FritzFon? They work just as well as normal phones but are connected to the WLAN. You could also get a DECT Booster for your existing setup but AFAIK they are quite pricey. If you have CAT.7 cable upstairs you could attach a repeater for your fritzbox WLAN signal upstairs. A FritzBox repeater is easy to come by for €20 if you know where to look ;-)
  6. I have a couple of IKEA PAX Wardrobes for sale. This would be the perfect starter pack for a young couple in a new apartment. Pick up in Thalkirchnerstr. / Brudermuhlstr. They are very similar to the ones in the pictures. The wardrobes are in great condition. They are already dissasembled and ready for transport. I am Interested in serious offers only with transport. These are big heavy wardrobes 2,30cm tall and approx 110cm wide. The doors are gloss and mirrored and sell new from Ikea at €100 a pop each. So getting two whole warddrobes with doors (x4) is a good deal. Also supplied with the warddrobes are sliding metal baskets, shirt hanger bar and trouser rack. There is one small caveat; the warddrobes have been in storage for a couple of years; there might be some small parts missing but in general there is nothing wrong with them. I will do all that I can to make sure you have a working wardrobe after assembly. Call Patrick or Whatsapp 0179 959 2434 to arrange pick-up Weekends preferred.   Pictures
  7. computer repair

      Most shops have a queue of customers so unless you are very special indeed (like my favourite Rock Star) or can avail of a VIP service, your likely to waiting a week or two.
  8. computer repair

    Hi JJ, ZEKLINK (my company) Notebook and PC Repair actually have a partner company in Frankfurt: www.computerreparatur-Frankfurt.de 
  9. Hi, we're looking for freelance IT Technicians with minimum 3 yrs IT Helpdesk support for major cities in Germany. Hamburg, Oldenburg, Stuttgart, Frankfurt... etc... English required, basic German a plus but not a must. The role is part-time. You receive instructions per Email/Telefon (WhatsApp etc...) go to a location announce yourself to the store manager and carry out a task on a specific device or devices. The work is not difficult, you need to follow some written instructions. A clean appearance and good personal etiquette is appreciated. Pay is €40 an hour.   Please PM me for further details   Thanks, TG.
  10. Hi guys, I found an iPhone at the weekend in the area of Lilienstr. (Au-Haidhausen) has anyone lost one? It's most probably UK registered. 13:30 Saturday afternoon
  11. I would like to offer my services to the community.   Customer reviews   All types of computer problems fixed, mainboard, graphic chip   Apple MAC, iPad, iPad 2, iPhone, iPod, Blackberry, Smartphone Windows PC, Desktop Laptop, Notebook, Netbook Internet connection Home office (SOHO) networking or office networking Website design, hosting and content management offered, contact me: patrick@zeklink.de   Tel: +49 (0) 179 959 2434 Email: info@zeklink.de   Looking forward to your call, SMS, or PM.   Regards, Patrick.