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  1. From online.  " Just to let you know, we received our CDP this week for our overland trip starting in September in Cape Town, and needed to pay €200,– instead of €600,– as mentioned (plus €3,50,– for registered mail inside Europe)." Only €200. 
  2. Will You will need your Carnet de Passage en Douane (CPD) to tow your UK trailer again with LB plates. No one seemed to take much notice anyway. Collin Chapman made good use of it. F1 teams are going to be a bit cheesed off with the deposits never mind the smaller teams who will not have the backing of a major company like DHL to handle all the paperwork. What is the new UK duty free limit same as current international flights. Be fun when they realise they voted for one bottle of wine and 200 cigarettes, never mind the WTO 32% import duty instead of the current 10 cents on cheap wine. My old mate will be happy with his van that was a tobacco pouch shorter on the inside than the outside. Until the day they measured it he did OK. Lucky he still had enough after the fine to build a posh nursing home.     Tim Martin will be happy mind you on his wines the duty might be less. 
  3. Relotius Case: Fraudulent Reporting in Spiegel

    He was an entertainer a very good one, with a job to sell clicks will the advertisers get a refund? His story's where no more lacking in facts than any other newspapers and perhaps he used Google rather than some ex stripper well past her prime. Which one is telling the truth. I agree with the stripper by the way based on my political opinion. Is that correct? In Australia we had a MP meet a girl on sugar daddies. Again any truth he is a total T? Yea sure 100% true mate.    He can work perhaps for the Daily Express in the UK who write so much rubbish its as if they are taking the Micky being polite. Even my local rag ran a story last week of a car crash that destroyed a BMW that had hit a road sign.  Failing to mention it was maybe the tree behind the small white post that did most of the damage. As Adrian Lincoln said on his death bed if you want the truth read Wikipedia. 
  4. Wiring up lights in a German apartment

    Except people may be dumb enough to grab the outside with power on but not many stick their finger in the hole. Huge difference also on fused led power supply's. 
  5. A permanent solution to prevent pregnancy - Berlin

    To reverse mine I would need a brain transplant first. Only time I have had regrets is in relationships where a month later realised it had saved me. 
  6. Wiring up lights in a German apartment

    That is a mess Black in older places would normally be the active with Green yellow or red the earth. It looks like they only had Green yellow tape when they extended the wire? scrape of the white paint and see what colour it is? Power off first also the earth wire is missing. Are you renting this place? The brown could be the active with blue neutral again you need to test. 
  7. Wiring up lights in a German apartment

    That's quite normal to have power plugs and lights on a different circuit. Good advise Turn off and check every time. 
  8. You Tube has quite a few videos showing German products and application. I'm sure you will adapt in no time. They are all in German so might be useful for learning trade terms. They seem to like doing things the hard way.    Have a look on Google maps for trades people and you can quite clearly see the borders and lack of self employed in Germany due to the paperwork requirements covered elsewhere. At least you now have joined the health insurance train, one of the big downfalls for self employed expats.    An online site MyHammer: Handwerker finden bei Deutschlands Handwerkerportal has job offers. I had one reply when looking for a plasterer builder? My roof I fixed myself after no one got back to me. The demand is out there.