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  1. Berlin to get a Tesla Gigafactory

    Your correct Mike I'm not a huge Tesla fan but have worked in design and manufacturing high performance cars. To build a factory design the equipment and production line, logistics, build the cars, add an autopilot, and find the cash to keep it all going. I have no idea if he just threw money at the design and management team even then you still have to hire them but given the time frame he is a genius. Might be problems sure but look at the requirements to change the timing belt on a VW 4WD or a new battery pack cost wise the same.   
  2. That is a part called the Waveguide cover there are some instructions on line how to replace. Most of the time it would cost more to call someone than repair depends on the brand.
  3. Question about driving licenses

    You would be much more likely to get points in the UK so get the German one. My sat nav goes nuts when I come of the boat at Dover. You can use your German licence for trips to the UK, as before the EU was born. Your then covered for Brexit. Its easy bo it before the rush. 
  4. blitzed in a right hand drive car?

    You nominate him as the driver and give his address they will send him a form to sign confessing the offence. The important part is he returns the form. As long as the photos match you will be OK. He will not get any points on his UK licence from experience. Worth while getting a German licence yourself in case of Brexit Although you will then get German points, they have tons more speed cameras in the UK than Germany. German fines are so low in comparison its like a Black Friday sale when you get blitzed.
  5. Personal experience. Drove with wife to the UK. As we could not get the UK family visa link was not working,embassy did not answer phone, guard would not let us in? we just turned up at Dunkirk French no problems, then UK passport control with proof of EU residence centre of life. 30 mins later lots of paperwork got though.  My wife and daughter flew back without me as I had some business to attend to alone. Some questions at EasyJet but they managed to find someone that knew the rules no problems after that.
  6. Lost driving licence

    When I obtained my drivers licence in Germany due to Brexit I noticed they had the start date of my original license on the new German one valid until 2034.  I only obtained the licence due to Brexit there was no requirement to do so while the UK was an EU member. My correct address is now registered they did not ask about my UK address from years ago. (not legal) however the German licence has no address on it.  The dates listed in the class section could be a problem for you. However they did not really look at my resident certification only at the computer perhaps my Car registration was on there?. I did this in October without any problems.  I would ask if the licence has been handed in and apply at the old address or a friends in Hungary most times German workers do not care about the small stuff. You can always do the weekend de-register Friday and change your mind and come back Monday  
  7. Verpackungs Gesetz - Tax on packaging

    Information Before packaging subject to system participation is placed on the German market for the first time, producers or initial distributors are required to register with the Zentrale Stelle Verpackungsregister (Central Agency Packaging Register).  Do you fall into this category?  "first time, producers or initial distributors"
  8. How to separate and maybe divorce

      Only thing I can suggest is you read information for women. Just because the sex is different the guidelines for copping and advice are the same. I picked the kids up one day from my ex, Her partner was standing out the front. It shocked me that I saw myself standing there the poor guy looked drained. She treats him way worse than she managed with me. Of course everything is your fault she will say. I felt quite sorry for him.  As it says in the female brochures you can identify the type of abuse and its not your fault you have an abusive partner. Good luck.   
  9. How to separate and maybe divorce

    I guess if one parent dies its a problem. All that insurance and no where to go. Still its better than the kids saying mummy's in the trunk not talking today, at passport control.
  10. How to separate and maybe divorce

    Passports have no details of the father. What happens if you take a friend with you at passport control? Its 2019 and women fly all over the world with kids alone I'm sure passport control on a good day use the 6th sense when something is not right. But Its a minimum pay job these days when I checked how much preparation was being made for Brexit. The husband might be quite happy to be relived of the financial burden and a few flights or Skype a year might be all he wants along with the mother being happy in a supported background. Immigration rules are part of the problem as he cannot follow them as another solution.  All international relationships should come with a health warning. I got lucky or maybe I just accept the huge cultural differences are better than my own cultures habits. Every situation is different and people in a happy relationship always come up with advice based on one side of the story. Toytown I would be expected to be flamed and not take it personally. In Toytown people do give advice they are not saying do it my way. Thank them most care and tried. 
  11. Divorce abroad valid in Germany?

    I got married in the UK divorced in Australia all signed with Lawyers and legal. No one cared where we got married. Just don't lose the divorce certificate that is all you need.. Might be cheaper to fly to Vietnam?
  12. A friend of mine had one fall off. 
  13. VPN on Unitymedia cable Working in NRW OK 24.10.2019 I use personal DNS settings as I have found problems in the past.  Nord VPN has been having problems I use Witopia.
  14. Rüdiger Wienberg is quite a large insolvency administrator so I would recommend you accept the advise they give you as fighting will cost you even more. Check it is actually them? The company Relocately seems to be a dot com on the normal model of running at a loss hoping to float for billions. I doubt the assets are worth much. I guess the next round of investor funding did not arrive. Home contents is a complicated clearance procedure and most clearance brokers will not touch it.. You may be able to claim on your credit card or speak to the insurance company for the shipment but its not looking good I'm afraid. Sorry you are going though this nightmare.      
  15. Mechatroniker Ausbildung - recognition in the UK

    From what I have seen online the UK has a C&G test which you would have no problems passing after a few weeks study. Try you Tube for more details and the test name.