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  1. Zero Covid

    Chinese Baidi image search has the picture for all to see.  The Shanghai Rumor Refuting Platform checked on several short video websites and found that the original video was first published in July 2021, and the title of the video was "Malaysian Epidemic Prevention Corridor Covered with Barbed Wire". Since then, the video has been reposted many times, and the original title has disappeared. It was used by some netizens to link my country's epidemic prevention and control measures.
  2. You cannot charge Spain the VAT its an EU export to a company. You have to at some stage own the goods on your books. Your claiming VAT back when you have not purchased anything. This will look very bad for you. You will also need proof the goods where exported to Spain so its important you have copy's of all the shipping documents, EU site has tons of information on this. Its a great opportunity to do business do not stuff up the paperwork side. Also as the actual EU importer you do realise that you are the responsible person for any product liability or product recalls ordered? Brexit taking back control.   
  3. The problem as I see it is that Spain is paying for the goods. You can lose money and still claim the Ust paid to Germany on importing from a 3rd country. Also are the goods 100% UK produced as required under the trade deal or exempt from EU import duty? There is no requirement to charge Ust to the Spanish company if compliant under EU rules.  
  4. Passport renewal situation (UK)

    When you make it to the end of the UK passport renewal application they ask for Visa or Mastercard no other options. I thought I could use my Australian MC but it was declined as it requires a one time code sent to your phone. Problem must be an Australian phone. You can call a friend which kind of defeats the purpose? What time is it there? 3.00am Good idea but I like my friends. They got me new DB debit MC card ordered, all passport data lost start again when it arrives.
  5. Seems the German way is to buy the house with a current legal insurance policy and then sue the owner afterwards for any defects that were not pointed out. Be very careful when selling. 
  6. Consumer Rights – too many repairs

    Bauknecht is owned by Whirlpool and also make Indesit repairing Indesit products under a five-year guarantee gave me a form of PTSD dealing with customers as I fixed the machines. The company to be fair replaced anything we wanted to replace but people had to take time off so the repair guy gets it in the ear and is unable to say you bought a heap of seaweed don't blame me I'm fixing it for you free. I don't care if you broke it I still get paid so I will just lie for you. Your Ikea was probably at the time made by the same company now made by Electrolux. Haier the Chinese brand is ultra-cheap if you buy online. They took over a New Zealand brand and throw money at it. Don't go overboard the parts inside are the same. 
  7. Travel insurance recommendations

    I have sent letters to Hansemerkur regarding the renewal of my annual policy due 13.03.2022 for cancellation or adjustment  because unfortunately, my wife died on 11.02.2022.  They informed me that this is not possible unless I give one month's notice.  As soon as I received the death notice I sent a copy on 25.02.2022 yet still, they refused.  I wrote on 28.02.2022 and 11.03.2022 and just receive automatic ticket numbers.  They want to sell a new annual travel insurance policy to a dead person and charged my PayPal yesterday.  I have to ask apart from dealing with the distressing side of the problem is it legal?
  8. My condolences to you as well. They accepted the English translation in the end as it was certified by the German embassy.  She was able to write a will a few months before. That helps with family overseas and children from other marriages. I found the first days were the worst its getting better nothing you can do to change things and everyone is willing to help when needed. Just leave a pm.  
  9. Just a follow up the translated document in English had been notarized and sealed by the German embassy in China and has been accepted.    Also you may know, it is impossible to remove ashes from Germany. So the cremation will take place in Holland where the ashes can be returned to her home country.   Thanks for your support and wishes.    
  10. Thanks John I should add TK have been wonderful during the last two years.
  11. Sadly my wife passed away last Friday night. It was after a long battle with cancer so not a shock but rather a sudden end.   I have been asked for a copy of the marriage certificate and translated to German as it was in Chinese we had it translated to English and this was accepted by the immigration office. Now we are being asked to have it translated to German is this correct?    Also, we have been in Germany for 9 years 6 months does this alter anything as I read there is a ten-year rule?     We had prepared a will before and expected to be dealing with the Notar but it seems the funeral home has to prepare some documents.    I will of course have to obtain proper legal advice.    Be worth noting if you're in the same situation to just call the police you would not believe the trouble getting a doctor to come out. After an hour I called the police only then a doctor come out. Even someone at the ambulance service complained we do not have a name on the letterbox like it was a major offence. The Police call centre was great and the people attending of course. 116117 and 112 I would avoid.       
  12. To the Australians: Why are you here in Germany?

    Do they have chimney sweeps now in Australia? I informed mine my neighbour had died and he sat outside on one cold day to see if any smoke came from the chimney. Of course, the CFS might come round and pull your arms off instead. 
  13. To the Australians: Why are you here in Germany?

    The cost of the Australian dollar has gone from €0.85 to around €0.63 making down under attractive again given house prices in Germany have increased over the last 10 years. Of course, there are some benefits after being caught speeding at 140 in a 110 motorway zone I wondered if fines were on sale that week? I would have been on 7 NEWS as a hoon granddad terror watching my Smart being crushed rather than holding up the Audi drivers. Being fully vaxed and boosted would mean not sharing a room with some tennis player next door smashing his balls against the wall all night. Never having to turn the heating on again for the next few years and going down the beach having it all to myself on those nice but bit hot 15 degree days.