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  1. Disturbance by neighbours animals

    Buy a pet fox.  
  2. de-register the car

       A search on Toytown  "Unregistered car Tüv" will save you a lot of pain. Sorry for making the reply so loud but I do not want anyone reading your advice. If your Tüv has expired could be why they said its OK but no registration (plates) and insurance big no no.  Trailer or trade plates is another way your garage could do it. 
  3. Diesel scandal compensations/bans/retrofit?

    My take on the compensation is you register first. Then if a car company later makes you an offer the law company sends you a bill for doing nothing. The rest is Green accounting we add 4000 subtract 4000 sell it to another punter. 
  4. de-register the car

      No idea where you got that idea from but your very very  go to jail huge fines take the house if you crash wrong. You must have temporary plates. Cost of registration and new temporary use once plates + insurance for the plates.   I just had to go though all the BS twice  with parts for retest delayed, added Covid complications of booking an appointment and service by the rudest German I have ever met. I don't meet many most are great to deal with.  The insurance I booked did allow the temporary plate insurance free with the policy as long as you took out the policy in time otherwise 130 Euros.    
  5. de-register the car

    Problem is if you de-register and the Tüv expires its a problem getting a new Tüv without registration.  You or the buyer cannot register without a Tüv and need to buy a temporary registration and insurance for the 3 days also expensive with the problem of getting parts, having  it repaired and retested if it fails in the 3 days if required. otherwise more expense.  It would be worthwhile applying for a new Tüv before de-registering. Otherwise the car devalues a lot. With only 100K  its quite a good buy for someone. Are you sure its genuine with old Tüv certificates as proof it will increase the value. A new Tüv increases value and gives 2 years grace.