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  1. Car air con specialist?

      Thanks for the link. They do say you must return the bottle.  As of 1st April 2010 Halfords are required to provide a duty of ensuring air conditioning canisters can be recycled and refilled in an environmentally friendly manner. To comply with these regulations a fully refundable deposit of £10 will automatically be added to the retail price of this product. This deposit is refundable from your local store on return of an empty canister and a proof of purchase receipt dated after 1st April 2010. I guess they then throw it in the bin. The Polish guys selling the gas should learn to add this. They must have good silks is all I can add. The STP site states no F gas training required?  Under the link  https://www.stp-aircon.eu/stockist-info/   Q. Will a garage or technician need a license to by our refillable product? I guess you only need it if you "buy" the gas? Does not even address the new regulations.   Then again the regulations are used to make a massive profit for the manufacturers without really doing anything.   
  2. Car air con specialist?

      Must have been a long time ago. Poland has still not implemented the new EU laws and sells refillable bottles, leading to the current confusion and prosecutions. A good example of taking back control and sovereignty when you never actually lost it in the first place.  
  3. You could try as students seem to be accepted when they start employment.   Plan 2: Is it possible for you to live in another EU country for a period be covered by that country's health insurance and then return.    Just a theory perhaps experts can advise.   
  4. Car air con specialist?

    Don't waste your money. Highly illegal to sell R134a in non refillable containers. Yes its being sold in parts of the EU. However People have been fined heavily with the some country's  demanding to see who the gas was sent to by the seller. In addition the person is charged with the cost of disposal.  https://www.coolingpost.com/world-news/german-ebay-awash-with-illegal-r134a/ https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/consumers_safety/safety_products/rapex/alerts/?event=viewProduct&reference=A12/0451/19&lng=en   Cars are now being filled with propane. Despite cars, fridges, and whole tower blocks bursting into flames this is considered a reduction in greenhouse gasses.  
  5.   There is more skill and risk putting up a sat dish If he asked 2000 he would have a sale. 5000 he is just waving it around all day still be waving it around in two years. You spend 15 grand at an auction no maker fees. Although looking though Google there is quite a few trying to charge a fee for finding the public on line listings. 
  6. @GoBike... If the Makler took 10% of the value, he would only make a grand!!   Not a very good business plan out in the east, hence the big courtage price.    Fair enough but  when you sell a 600,000 property you still pay the same percentage. I would be happy with a flat 5 grand. When he re-sells the buyer will also have to add the 5 grand again.     Its a mid terrace with two empty places next door. What type of neighbours could you end up with?  You may be required to bring the energy level up to a minimum standard by law as well?  But as you correctly point out you have to be in it to win it. Germans are beginning to wake up, but position is king.   
  7. Property Auctions - The in and outs  has a lot of good info on the site 10,000 is way to much.    A site https://www.dga-ag.de/ has examples of prices paid
  8. The local court publishes notices of homes for sale at auctions due to bankruptcy. they are sold with no commission for the real estate agent. I would check its not on the list there has also been a change in who will pay the real estate agent just recently. 5000 Euros sounds a lot when the average is 3-5% and quite a few houses are in the 40-50K range.   Walk away or buy some Nike's. .   
  9. TV/Radio licence is mandatory right?

    Yes, thanks I understand that we have had a letter before at the same address. I also found you can enter it all on line. It was the part that translated in Google and other sources as "room mate" I found interesting especially as they should have the details.
  10. TV/Radio licence is mandatory right?

    Interesting we revived a letter from rundfunkbeitrag requesting if my wife had a TV licence, She has a different surname. On the website which I entered the details it asked to confirm     Die Wohnung ist bereits von einer Mitbewohnerin oder einem Mitbewohner zum Rundfunkbeitrag angemeldet.?   Why are they asking for your roommate rather than fellow occupant are they planning to introduce a fee unless your sleeping together in the same room. Maybe its just a translation problem. It will not affect us but cannot believe they are planning another tax grab, with students over 18 next,  for the TV which we don't have. Its a  Haus as well not a block of apartments. (enter expletive)