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  1. Road construction next door

    You could try various council members for what their opinion is on the new road. Our city has a bypass planed and the Green party are against it as the original planing was around 20 years ago and the traffic pattern has changed. Its taken 20 years to get this far still not a lot happening, 
  2. Mailing medicine within EU countries.

    Zoll are not that silly to have a mailbox on the customs side of the airport. He will also have to quarantine for 14 days before visiting the post office. 
  3. question about tire wheel sizes

    Have a look inside the fuel filter cap see if the tyre pressures are listed. Most problems are with alloy wheels.  
  4. Quitting without giving the two weeks notice

    6 months probation. The chemistry may be they are being nice trying not to fire you. Perhaps just say your so stressed by the company and cannot come in for the next two months but willing to walk away rather than call a lawyer. .
  5. Non-compete compliance verification

    I was reading the " Photography law while not photographing" thread on Toytown and thinking the same as Lenny. I wonder how many people she has been making this statement too?  
  6. Non-compete compliance verification

    Google "eu employee non compete agreement"  https://www(dot)nortonrosefulbright.com/en/knowledge/publications/9807eea3/a-comparison-of-laws-in-selected-eu-jurisdictions-relating-to-post-contractual-non-competition-agreements-between-employers-and-employees  Just part of the page regarding Germany. Who would want to leave the EU? Compensation A post contractual non-compete covenant is only valid and enforceable if a compensation payment is promised already at the point in time when the parties agree on the covenant; whereas such promised compensation must be at least 50% of the most recent contractual remuneration received by the employee for each year of the prohibition. “Contractual remuneration” in this regard includes all fixed and variable payments and also any benefits in kind (e.g. a company car).
  7. My car has been off the road de registered  in my garage doing some welding repairs to the body work. I got 5 day plates and insurance took it for the Tüv it failed on a list of things and the emissions test. The emissions may be due to the fact it had been sitting 3 years and not used? It will take more than the 3 days remaining to fix and I can resubmit till 19.10 7) Your vehicle has been subjected to considerable Defects detected.  8)A re-shipment within 2 months (until 19.10.2020) is required.  The emissions I would like to drain the tank change the fuel and oil blast with injector cleaner and see what happens. Other problems CV steering boots cracked, Yellow faded from the side indicators and horn never used I stop if in danger. one ball joint. parking brake sticking a bit. ( I have already ordered new fluid and plan some  work on the brakes they felt quite bad driving there but they passed I almost turned around at the door. Beware of the test. ) Can I register the car on this 2 month period work needed done Tüv or do I need 5 day plates insurance every time I need it checked or work done?  I expect bad news but just asking have no plans to drive except for emissions testing blowing out the cobwebs at least they where happy with my welding. 
  8. First question a German lawyer will ask you is do you have legal insurance? The lesson here is don't ask random non lawyer at the insurance company for legal advice if you have cover, let your lawyer deal with it.  Let him deal with the fact you where told illegally your not covered as well. Perhaps you need legal insurance for your legal insurance. I'm not a lawyer. My daughter is if anyone wants to play. 
  9. Another driving licence one

    On checking it turns out my UK licence was indeed canceled. Stating it was replaced, issued by another authority   
  10. Another driving licence one

    If you still have the details you can use your NHS number to check online if your UK licence is still valid for a hire car? Although Germany returns the licence does it actually get cancelled? That requires a Bobsworth to work and no one is paying. www(dot)viewdrivingrecord.service.gov.uk/driving-record/licence-number
  11. bike and car accident

    The train station I use has a path with one or two cyclists going the wrong way at high speed when I turn left. I always take care not only to avoid hurting someone but assume I am liable when a non motor vehicle is involved.  Special thanks also to the driver that stopped crossing a bike path when I assumed I had right of way. It takes two to have an accident, that's why there is so many kids.  
  12. EU has a site importing from outside of the EU. I would recommend you try to find a customs broker willing to handle it as most will not touch private imports due to upset customers if things go wrong. Example If customs decide to search for drugs you pay for the truck and driver to sit and wait. Can you import it as a business? Google "importing goods from outside the eu" I take it you have looked at EU compliance matters to use it here?   "To illustrate what the technical rules of the FTA mean in practice: there will be no need to conduct specific expensive tests to show compliance with a wide range of safety standards (e.g. resistance to crash or impact, effectiveness of braking, etc.) as the tests conducted in the EU to show compliance with EU standards will be recognised by South Korea. Equivalence with European standards on OBD would represent a major cost saving since Korean norms for petrol cars are based on US Californian standards, which makes it extremely costly to market in South Korea a car model which is not also marketed in the US. In the absence of flexibilities on emission standards, it would be very difficult for EU producers to maintain and expand their presence in the Korean market since most sales are concentrated in the high segment of the market."  From the EU trade deal South Korea. Soon it might be easier than importing from the UK. Google "eu-south korea free trade agreement a quick reading guide" The UK voted for all this paperwork :-). 
  13. Its complicated just starting a small business in Germany health insurance being one your straight in the deep end minimum amount 190 euros a month. I think there is a start up payment scheme for unemployed it may be worth waiting. Depends if they where trying to help you when they gave the advise or annoyed you asked?
  14. If your from the EU you can use your licence as long as you like no need to ever convert. I have hired cars with a 40 year old paper UK licence without problems. Only Brexit forced me to change to a German licence. No questions asked easy. 
  15. There has been a legal judgement in the law regarding in car cameras and monitoring when driving in favor of the camera user. Every new Tesla has the option of a security camera when parked. Banks petrol stations hotels.  Lawyers sometimes also quote urban myths only 50% are correct in all court cases.