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  1. Wiring up lights in a German apartment

    Except people may be dumb enough to grab the outside with power on but not many stick their finger in the hole. Huge difference also on fused led power supply's. 
  2. A permanent solution to prevent pregnancy - Berlin

    To reverse mine I would need a brain transplant first. Only time I have had regrets is in relationships where a month later realised it had saved me. 
  3. Wiring up lights in a German apartment

    That is a mess Black in older places would normally be the active with Green yellow or red the earth. It looks like they only had Green yellow tape when they extended the wire? scrape of the white paint and see what colour it is? Power off first also the earth wire is missing. Are you renting this place? The brown could be the active with blue neutral again you need to test. 
  4. Wiring up lights in a German apartment

    That's quite normal to have power plugs and lights on a different circuit. Good advise Turn off and check every time. 
  5. You Tube has quite a few videos showing German products and application. I'm sure you will adapt in no time. They are all in German so might be useful for learning trade terms. They seem to like doing things the hard way.    Have a look on Google maps for trades people and you can quite clearly see the borders and lack of self employed in Germany due to the paperwork requirements covered elsewhere. At least you now have joined the health insurance train, one of the big downfalls for self employed expats.    An online site MyHammer: Handwerker finden bei Deutschlands Handwerkerportal has job offers. I had one reply when looking for a plasterer builder? My roof I fixed myself after no one got back to me. The demand is out there.   
  6. When you said, you rented an apartment was anyone else living in the apartment and paying the licence? The TV licence is only payable per household.  I did read something that the charge will now be enforced after years of mismanagement.  
  7. UK visit visa for non EU wife

    Had no luck finding a way of travelling to the UK with the so-called UK permit the page does exist but just takes you to a paid tourist visa service when you hit apply. The local British embassy does not open the door if you try there. Airlines are unlikely to let your wife board. So we travelled by car to Dunkirk explained the situation and was on the next ferry visa cost-free after they filled in the forms. We took proof of living in the EU.   My wife and daughter flew back themselves and were delayed at the airport check-in until they found someone that knew what an EU family card was. In those days there was no record of who left, so I guess they are still there on the books maybe? Once was enough stuff them.   I have no idea what happens if you just use a German driving licence for ID???