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  1. My house was broken into a few weeks ago he used a crowbar master key.
  2. Buying property in Germany

    Even when renting the kitchen is not included in Germany unless stated. Lighting is another item as well were the requirement is a single bulb in the entrance. Why anyone would remove a kitchen or lights I have no idea. They asked me if I would like to buy the lights I said no but they left them anyway.
  3. Airport Chaos

     Heathrow airport does not own NATS. Although I have heard they also have problems. At least its all controlled remotely so cost of living in London is not a huge problem. 
  4. Airport Chaos

    Scammers are taking advantage of the situation and setting up copy Face book pages. After I could not contact LH I left a question on Facebook. Looking exactly like the LH website I gave my email and phone number. Alarm bells well full on scammer alert when he asked if I could verify details though a Crypto account. As I was deleting my info he offered to help me solve my problem by logging into my computer if I installed software. I played along as I reported and blocked him. Facebook as normal has done nothing the site under Joe Cole is still there at the top of the list with the LH logo in full view. There is a lot of effort in the site so must be paying well. There are hundreds of users waiting for someone from LH to "reach out"  Yes I use the wrong date of birth on Facebook for a good reason. "Joe Cole" Have a look report and block.