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  1. 3G in Restaurants?

    Perhaps you should have bothered to read the "study" properly It's not based on reality but on pure dry off-beat calcuations. This is from Max Planck Institute who ought to know better. Wear that shit if you think it saves you. I for one am glad it's finally gone. It was utter torture.   It's terrifying that Germany continues to beg to be tortured and held hostage by a psychopath Health Minister who has done nothing but scream utter tosh and rant and rave, rather than actually doing his fucking job.   My colleagues, all of whom were stupid enough to inject themselves multiple times are now on their second or third round of covid, all very ill and not "infected".  We are struggling to fulfill contracts at this stage which will result in penalties. I am still healthy;-) And no, despite your best efforts and that of the Government, being against an untried, untested and utterly useless "vaccine" does not make you a weirdo. In fact, humankind only survived and continues to survive because of cautious people. The "brave" ones ended up as a snack for them lions and tigers and bears.   The hate and vitriol spewed on here by people who should have known better was both horrifying and disgusting. Perhaps you should do something better with your lives in future. Absolutely vile!  
  2. english therapist with TK? impossible??

    It's quite easy actually. Online therapy is NOT covered by public health insurance.   There were some exceptions made during the worst of covid but under very strict rules. You had to register at an approved digital chat service provider in order to comply with stringent privacy rules for example.   I don't know if that's still the case actually ,but if it is, it will soon end. You cannot charge for an online session.   Fact is, therapy should never be online (unless it's for something VERY simple), because the relationship is THE most important carrying item in it. You cannot build up a relationship simply being online. You are so restricted in seeing the other person's face, you can't see the rest of the body, you can't really react in case of issues. Not a good idea  
  3. english therapist with TK? impossible??

    Online therapy is NOT covered by public health! Stop spreading such false info that is not helpful.   OP, I'll drop you a PM with some info
  4. English speaking family psychotherapist

    I'll write you a pm. This is a complex issue that needs actual knowledge