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  1. That any good?    
  2. Temporary Lodging - Hotel Suggestions

    I'll hop onto the bandwagon - you don't seem to have done much if any research. Air BnB is forbidden in Munich if you rent out your flat for longer than 8 weeks in any year. Your budget is pretty good and there are places available, are a foreigner. You have no history, newly arrived, no credit, no back up, no solid work history. You don't speak the lingo.   Why on earth would a Landlord choose you over the many Germans also looking? Or a foreigner who has a solid history? We aren't keen on fly-by-nights or strangers, renters have a lot of rights here so it's in their interest to be certain that they choose a good renter (which you may well be, incidentally, but on the outside, you are not desirable).   We all have stories of people who've been looking for months or years and they have a solid background. Leave your "but in the US we do it like so" thinking behind.   You may be lucky. But then again, you may not. That is the risk you're facing   Edit, one handy link
  3. Problems buying bad goods on eBay Germany

    Seems like it's binding, yes    
  4. Right, reality check. What exactly are you wanting to do? You mention that any places you might buy will "stay in the company for a couple of years"  - and then what? Are you going to rent them out? You do know how many rights renters in Germany have, right? Nobody is going to buy a place who has someone living in them, it's a total nightmare to get them out. The name - you're a foreigner don't forget and Germans don't like fly by nights, so choose a name that sounds VERY solid and trustworthy. It is of no relevance what you like or prefer as you want to sell to others. The names suggested here are far too out. And thirdly, I somehow doubt you know what you're doing, looking at your other posts. You'd do well to really dig deep in what property in Germany entails and means.
  5. Office space required

    Does anyone know of office spaces, about 100qm, reasonably centrally located for a small but established business? Needs 3 rooms or so, plus facilities.   Must be available soon as.
  6. WG tenancy: caution regarding sharing a rental contract?

    You are responsible if you are the Hauptmieter. Not as a sublet.