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  1. And as ever, you do not have a single fucking clue! Oral contracts DO very much count in the case of rental agreements! OP, you may just want to get some legal advice to ensure you won't be left holding the rent.  
  2. Issue with my Landlord for Cleaning

    Your advice is neither entertainment nor helpful, but rather highly damaging and potentially leading to eviction. Good grief, what is wrong with you? You've been told countless times that whatever you might have done in 1749, today's reality bears no resemblance to that. Stop harming people with your advice.
  3. Issue with my Landlord for Cleaning

    OP, do NOT!!!! listen to this dreadful advice unless you are keen to leave your current place. And at the advice giver, despite the fact that you've been told endless times that your advice is terrible (and reading your stuff, I do wonder a lot what planet you live on), you still do it.   You cannot simply reduce rent, there's a very strict protocol that you must follow and even then it's either way. Your kitchen being clean or not has absolutely zero relevance, unless it's a constant health-hazard. For now, send them a registered letter with a very tight but manageable deadline to fix the hot water AND get yourself legal advice right now to discuss further steps.
  4. Betriebsrat - works council

    I asked and yes, our WC has to approve (which doesn't really mean all that much, keep in mind!) ALL changes, including changing payment. So might be worth checking again
  5. Betriebsrat - works council

    It's called empathy and giving a fuck about others.
  6. Betriebsrat - works council

      I'm going to try and be a nice person and speak to our WC tomorrow and ask them this question. My department has actually had this issue I remembered....we just changed the amount of pay for the overtime, but I cant remember if we needed WC approval or not. I think we might just have changed it like so.   I find it extremely worrying that your WC doesn't know what it's doing
  7. Betriebsrat - works council

    You're confusing things here. The WC does give a nod of approval to hirings but they have no authority over them for the most part. They can only actively block in very defined cases (being an external is one, I believe). In 99% of all hirings, it's merely a courtesy acknowledgement   They have an active right to determine IF and what overtime is allowed. Not entirely sure about payment though. We have both in my company, paid and "normal" overtime that is taken at a later date. Not sure about the Nickles case - our WC had to approve the paid overtime, but maybe check with Verdi
  8. Betriebsrat - works council

    This may depend on what exactly he altered. You're not ver yspecific. Overtime agreements must be agreed by the Works Council usually.
  9. Depression - Probezeit - Can I take time off?

    Dear fucking goodness, I've never heard such a load of shite. OP, please ignore this useless piece of "advice", he clearly has no idea what depression is. Do not EVER tell a depressed or traumatised person to cheer up. I could just about explode with anger here.   So, facts: if you take time off, chances are very high you may be fired. That's the decision you must make - do you care or do you not?   Depression is simply a symptom of something lying beneath that so you need to take up the root cause. Start looking for a therapist here, now. There's massive waiting lists and the sooner you do this, the better.   In the meantime, if you want to try to make it past your probationary period, here's what I would suggest to you. Do not punish yourself if you find you can't cope. These are trying times and moving across the oceans is HARD.   Talk to your Boss/colleagues for more support. Starting a new job remotely without anyone nearby is terribly difficult and anyone should understand that. I wouldn't mention you feel off for now, to be honest. You are new and claiming mental illness 4 months into a new job is not a good idea, that is a sad fact.   Make sure you take care of yourself. Try to contain your "but I SHOUUUUUUUUUULD" mentality - there's lots of skills out there, have a google and see what works for you (I'm loath to overload people with lots of "handy hints" for everyone is different. You are welcome to pm me if you want more in-depth stuff). Do try to not be too hard on yourself when you feel you are failing. Medication may be a short term solution for now.   Not knowing any person and starting a new job is very hard and takes time. Try to tell that to yourself. Are you able to figure out if you like the job, difficulties aside? Can you sit down and put aside negative spirals and see what's lacking for you as far as knowledge and skills go? Is it a general feeling of "meh"? Lack of skills can easily be remedied after all.   Perhaps you can reach out to your team mates and ask them for a digital meeting or alternatively ,see if there's any online meet ups. Obviously I don't know what company you work for but mine has put a massive effort into the wellbeing of their employees. We have something called mental health first aiders, a focus on wellbeing group, etc. Perhaps you could bandy the idea around? I'm willing to bet that there's plenty of colleagues who are struggling also.   Quitting your job isn't going to solve your problems, you know that. You are still yourself. Of course, sometimes a job simply isn't right but you went to such length to start it, give yourself a chance to try it out.   Whereabouts are you living, is it Hamburg? There's helplines where you may be able to chat to someone.   Self worth issues can't be solved overnight, they take a lot of time and effort. Be kind to yourself:-)