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  1. splitting with girlfiend

    Both she and Johnny Boy G who are on hree 24/7 and spam everywhere, even if they have zero knowledge. What a sad life you must have if you are THAT desperate for attention.   OP, it is possible to have your name taken off the least, BUT...there is zero guarantee that your partner will be allowed to take it over by herself and stay. You both need to cancel the lease and she needs to have her own or you can both talk to your Landlord to come to an agreement. If he isnt willing, she's basically fucked. Might want to tell her that and see if she's still that keen for you to leave. With regards to your belongings, I think if you can prove you paid for it you may take them but am not sure - best to ask a Lawyer or some such thing to be on the safe side. It would be different if you were married but since you aren't, you might be lucky
  2. Claiming unemployment benefits in Munich

    Garden leave is NOT automatically counting towards eligibility. If you are "unwiderruflich freigestellt" it does NOT as I found out to my cost a few years ago. You must be "widerruflich freigestellt" for it to count.   Ah, actually, I didn't know that third country nationals can only apply for benefits here. I stand corrected on that.   McDee, I'd suggest you have a cuppa of something calming to help you relax
  3. Claiming unemployment benefits in Munich

    Calm down. This would be entirely doable if she moved to an EU country, you can transfer up to 3 months of benefits then. The US, no.   You need to tell the Arbeitsamt NOW, as in today. Be aware that if you were let go without any recall, your working time ends today, ie, the weeks until end of November are not counted towards your eligibility with the dole.
  4. Do good psychotherapists exist in Germany?

    I didn't take it that way at all, in case you mean me:-) My way is just as unique as every other person's will be. There truly are no two the same. Which makes it so much harder to find out what you need.   Therapy should come with a huge disclaimer though, that it can make your life much much harder, at least in the short term. When things come up, it's not pleasant and will knock you for six. Plus, for some people, therapy won't work at all or even make things worse. Not something you tend to hear much about
  5. Do good psychotherapists exist in Germany?

    You may be able to achieve some things with 6-10 session on a CBT with people who have very minor issues. You cannot achieve anything with people who have serious issues. That way of thinking prevails sadly and it's so unbelievably damaging to people.   And what Dessa said, you don't fix people and yes, it takes forever as I am currently finding out to my cost. I thought that I would be "cured" when my analytical therapy ends - I wasn't and am not and I had no idea what can of worms I would open. If you'd cared to ask me even a year ago about me having a trauma I would have not had a notion what you were on about. Mine is so damn deeply hidden that even now, I can't truly "understand" and grasp it, yet it has impacted every fucking minute of my life. I'm paying the price for something I didn't do.   I do think that some people develop unhealthy dependence on therapists and therapy, but most decent therapist work to put themselves out of work so to speak. Yet my therapy is far from being over and I struggle to accept that after 5.5 years of it, I'm nowhere near being done. It's crippling, trust me. Nobody WANTS to be in therapy.  
  6. Disclaimer, my knowledge is based entirely on Google but it seems that they are talking shite   Looks like you have the right to choose where you get it repaired and your car must be returned to its original state of repair, so to speak. The VAT thing sounds like nonsense.   May be best to lawyer up
  7. Do good psychotherapists exist in Germany?

    Ugh, 6 sessions is the probationary period here - 2 Sprechzeiten and up to 4 probationary sessions to see if you click and feel you want to continue. Difference is, if you say yes, you do have a therapist. Yikes.   Yeah, obviously first time off to Uni is scary enough and can cause issues by themselves. If you already have problems, they will likely get worse. Getting a proper diagnosis can be so damn difficult- it's taken me almost 4 decades to find out what really is "wrong" with me. As a result, I've wasted most of my iife it seems and feel horribly sad and angry about it although in fairness, it really only has come to the surface now (at least for me, but I feel therapists should have bothered a bit more).   That's why I am now an advocate to say if you suffer from anxiety and it's NOT a direct reaction to a life event and/or if you weren't an anxious person up to them, look deeper. Anxiety is simply a symptom, much like anorexia for example. Trying to treat anxiety by simply suppressing it or developing coping skills is just so damn dangerous.   As you get older, issues do trend to become more apparent it seems, so either way, issues need treating before they become worse.  
  8. Do good psychotherapists exist in Germany?

    6 sessions!!!!!!!!!!!! That is not even funny anymore. What the fuck can you do within 6 sessions??   In fairness, 80 is the max and you do need a damn good reason for that.   CBT can be helpful to learn new strategies, such as coping with stress so I get that, being at Uni and all, but for people with proper issues, it won't do anything.   Is there a handy hint guide on here with mental health resources, explanations, etc? Don't think I've ever seen it...Mods? @dessa_dangerous, I know you're a Mod, does such a thing exist? I'm currently putting together a guide for the company I work at, I'd be willing to share it here for anyone who needs to have a first base of "where do I go"  
  9. Do good psychotherapists exist in Germany?

    No worries. Other people are Masters of French, Rocket science or other useful things. I'm a Master of psychological shite... I can also bore you with details of what analytical therapy can or cannot do for you   Incidentally, since this is not well known in Germany yet, anyone reading this and feeling they might be interested in offering basic first mental aid to people.....there's something called a Mental Health First Aider - see here: They do a course online, I've just completed it (yes, the irony is strong there) and I think it's a great way to reduce stigma
  10. Do good psychotherapists exist in Germany?

    OP, sorry for hijacking your thread somewhat, but it might be useful for any future questions.   I hate hate hate CBT with a passion - I believe it does have its uses of course, but mostly for lighter issues such as fear of dogs, spiders,'s completely useless for anyone with anxiety, trauma or real deep issues. (There are studies on this). Yet it's hailed as THE thing to heal your anxiety. I'm someone who thought they had an anxiety disorder for decades, yet could never understand why CBT would help me. Its basis on "stop avoiding fearful situations) and "if you do it often enough, the fear will disappear" never worked for me at all as I never did avoid situations or went through them every day.  All it does at best is to paper over symptoms but it does zero for dealing with the actual root cause.   CBT is short - no more than 80 sessions absolute maximum, usually around 24 - and it's very goal driven and puts huge pressure on people. Because it's also cheap, the Krankenkassen see it as the best thing since sliced bread. It's not.   I would wager that most anxiety disorders, unless they were set off by a very specific event, are based on trauma and traumatised people do not need pressure, or be told to just "stick with it". It's so damn harmful, yet because there are so many needy people and so few therapists, it's still being used as a crutch.   As someone who has only now, after several decades of anxiety, been diagnosed with a cptsd, I'm REALLY annoyed by this shoddy and lackadaisical approach to therapy. It can't be  a question of money to decided if someone is getting help. I believe that due to the unique corona situation, we'll see a huge upswing in people seeking treatment as this might have triggered something in them. If you offer only the most basic of treatment, this will explode in your face sooner or later.   Edit, and I pay for my therapy as I am now using a form of therapy not approved by the Krankenkassen (it's not a woo one either) - it's absolutely crippling and I have literally zero money left at the end of each month. Yet I'm lucky I can do this.   ...I'll get off my high horse now...    
  11. Do good psychotherapists exist in Germany?

    Well yes. If you just stop going it's considered, quite rightly, that you dropped therapy. There's a 2 year ban on the same method of therapy after - this is actually not "official" but in reality, your therapist needs to write up a long and convincing report on why you may need further therapy and they will just refuse anyway. The onus is all on fucking cognitive behavioral therapy which causes more harm than good for people with real issues, but it's cheap and short.   There aren't anywhere near enough licensed therapists to go round, so depending on where you live, you will have many months to wait, even years if you need a Trauma therapist.  
  12. Do good psychotherapists exist in Germany?

    No, no, no! Wait a minute before you give bad advice! It would be far better to not comment on everything if you don't know what you're talking about! Second hand stories help no one.   First and foremost - have you spoken about this to your Therapist? What did he say? It might simply be your perception or a misunderstanding or language difficulties.   Bad jokes basically means fuck all- what is he saying and how does it make you feel? Look inside you if this is a trigger to something that harks back to olden times and made you feel bad then but has little to do with the present.   If you've done all this and you feel that you are just not a good fit, then yes, tell him you want to end therapy. You must ring up your Krankenkasse to inform them if they pay for it, otherwise you may be considered to have finished therapy and have a 2 year wait. If you are looking for a new therapist, presumably you know there will be a long long wait and you need to let them know that you have hours left over that they can use up. It's possible to do that.   Apart from that, obviously there are good therapists and not so good. Some are actively harmful.   What kind of therapy are you doing anyway?    
  13. Need Malt Vinegar today (Saturday)

    British Allsorts have been closed for a year Can't you google for yourself? There's a large REWE a few minutes up the Giesinger Berg