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  1. Right, reality check. What exactly are you wanting to do? You mention that any places you might buy will "stay in the company for a couple of years"  - and then what? Are you going to rent them out? You do know how many rights renters in Germany have, right? Nobody is going to buy a place who has someone living in them, it's a total nightmare to get them out. The name - you're a foreigner don't forget and Germans don't like fly by nights, so choose a name that sounds VERY solid and trustworthy. It is of no relevance what you like or prefer as you want to sell to others. The names suggested here are far too out. And thirdly, I somehow doubt you know what you're doing, looking at your other posts. You'd do well to really dig deep in what property in Germany entails and means.
  2. Office space required

    Does anyone know of office spaces, about 100qm, reasonably centrally located for a small but established business? Needs 3 rooms or so, plus facilities.   Must be available soon as.
  3. WG tenancy: caution regarding sharing a rental contract?

    You are responsible if you are the Hauptmieter. Not as a sublet.
  4. Sigh. So you got a bit of legal advice and then decided to just forge ahead anyway? That'   You need to go to the Arbeitsamt NOW to tell them you'll be unemployed come October. They will register you as "arbeitssuchend". Once you hit the 3 months mark until Sept 30, you must go there in person to register for the dole, IF you are entitled to it. IF. You are officially regarded as unemployed as of 18th April - in order to qualify for the dole, I believe you need at least 2 years of consecutive working - do you have that? It is of absolutely no interest to anyone whether they pay you til September or not - unwiderruflich freigstellt put paid to that. Something I have mentioned before here as well. You will not be getting anything at all for the first 3 months, so you're on your own, can you afford that? And trying to lie and cheat, even entertaining that idea is pretty despiccable. You are a guest in my country after all. A guest who is now a liablity to our system.
  5. I honestly do not understand why people get in this mess - if you are offered a termination, you need a lawyer to check stuff. Period.   You have disqualified yourself from the dole, ALG1, because you, in their eyes, terminated your work contract for 3 months, ergo, you are at most eligible for 9 months. You know that you are unemployed as of September, go to the Arbeitsamt NOW to inform them! The job centre is a different thing entirely. Check that you actually ARE entitled to any dole at all, since you are now considered unemployed since you agreed to be "unwiderruflich freigstellt", which means that you are now considered unemployed and that time will not be taken into consideration when calculating your dole.   And this is why you don't try to be smart and do it all yourself.    
  6. Why are landlords so picky?

    You cannot rent a flat and never live there - that would lead to a fristlose Kuendigung. You can just sublet so to speak, but must inform the Landlord of course. I've actually got two younger neighbours whose Mothers rent the place but don't live there, but our Hausverwaltung knows this.   What you could do is to rent a flat and to live there for a few weeks in any year - but you must truly live there and not pretend to - in which case you could do a "Gebrauchsueberlassung" for your daughter.
  7. Baptism in Evangelical Church

    Ring up your nearest Church and ask THEM?? Not sure I understand why you bother - a christening is not a joke or a "let's have a party and presents" occasion you know. You clearly have zero interest or knowledge in Religion.   And of course you can't just have a Catholic Christening! You must be an active member of the Church, understand its doctrines and what it means and entails. It's a first step in the journey, and carries duties and responsibilities.   I really don't understand this line of thinking.
  8. If anyone is do not have to live in Munich actually, as long as you are able to travel there every so often   Please do NOT reply to me! Full-Stack Backend Developer Excellent Python Programming Skills Spark Skillls Hard-Working Mentality / Doer Mentality / High stress resitance Interested to work in small dynamic, startup like team Independent working mode Good communication skills, ability to independently solve problems and effectively cooperate with other IT people   What do we offer: Small but great and dynamic team Interesting business area (Music industry) Challenging IT problems Variety of new themes Strong learning opportunity Nice office …  in the heart of Munich   If you feel to meet the criteria,please contact Adrian at    
  9. I can't help you with names, but...   Are you familiar with how the system works here? For one, you need to decide, perhaps with the help of your Psychiatrist what kind of therapy you need - if you're not wanting Behavioural therapy, the DAK will cover either analytical or in depth psychology.   There is no such thing as a traditional therapist per se- within the analytical setting, there are Freudians who are very old fashioned (think lying on a couch, free association etc) and there are Freudians who mix a bit more and aren't quite so rigid. Think carefully before you decide on one. Read up on what they entail if you haven't already done so. You know you are entitled to probationary sessions, around 5 or 6 methinks if I remember rightly, plus, a new stipulation is that every Therapist who is accountable to a Health provider must be reachable by phone at least for 50 mins a week, so getting initial contact should be easier (NOT actually getting a place!).   There are quite horrendous waiting lists, ususally months rather than days or weeks - if you can prove that you have contacted a fuckton of people and are getting nowhere but are in dire need, talk to DAK about private finance that they will reimburse.   If you go for analytical, the maximum is 300 hours, if you are in depth psych, it's around 180 I think. Again, think carefully what this means to you and your life - therapy is a fucker and messes you up before you get better.   Incidentally,. a Psychiatrist is NOT a Therapist by definition. Look out for a "psychologischer Psychologist" to make sure they know what they are talking about.   Best of luck.
  10. The New Gillette Social Awareness Campaign

    You can consider it to be anything you like, Jeremy, but I can't say I care about that.   You've set yourself up for a life full of loneliness, bitterness and increasing paranoia. Sooner or later it will catch up with you, I truly hope you will be able to turn it around before it's too late. Is your life really that empty?   And I genuinely feel achingly sorry for your children, your wife and yourself.   I'm out.
  11. The New Gillette Social Awareness Campaign

    I've thought about this post for a bit now, but I felt compelled to say it. Jeremy - please pick up the phone and make an appointment with a psychiatrist TODAY. As in NOW.   You've been in an ever faster moving downward spiral for at least 3 years now, and even though I dont read here much anymore, it's enough to come to my notice. You've got to stop this conspiracy hellhole you're in.   Your children deserve better than that. Your wife deserves better. But most of all, YOU deserve a better life than one filled with sadness, bitterness, crazy talk and conspiracy crap.   You don't cure depression by eating whatever. I don't know what's wrong with you exactly but I'd guess that it started out as a depression as you were clearly unhappy about having to stay at home which has since gotten worse, and coupled with your obsession of all things conspirational is now in danger of becoming a serious psychosis, if it hasn't already developed.   I've often felt the urge to say so but was reluctant for a) it's not my problem and b ) this is a public forum and I've no wish to embarrass you. But this Big Pharma talk pushed me over the edge, so to speak.   Please get professional help today. Nobody is out to get you, only yourself and you're your own very worst enemy.
  12. People with children always take precedence for school holidays - so you're out of luck probably
  13. Employer offering voluntary buy-outs

    I fail to understand why you think that being made redundant and a "buy out" is any different. It's not.   I took the pay out a couple of years ago and would say the following: you WILL get banned from the dole for 3 months, no questions asked. The only chance they won't do this if you have a doctor's note that your health is severly affected by staying which clearly isn't the cause here.   US tax I haven't a notion about, but I got my payout in a different year in order to benefit. It may not matter to you and seeing as it is only January, it's probably not even doable. If you're fairly sure you'll get another job or are moving back, sure, go for it.