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  1. TERRIBLE advice! For fucks sake, if you don't know what you're on about, don't fucking post!!   Do NOT hand in your notice, do NOT discuss anything else with your employer, why you're ill, or whatever and just rest. Hand in your sick note and be done.   You need to grow up - removing yourself from system access is extremely juvenile and possibly worthy of a written warning.   You cannot just be fired if you have a limited contract!  It's limited for a reason and neither you or your employer can "just"  hand in notice. Do some googling.   I've no time now as I'm in a rush but this kind of shit advice really pisses me off.   Take your sick leave, you are allowed to do anything that speeds up your recovery so if going home does that, do it.
  2. English-speaking sexual therapist in Berlin

    Please be EXTREMELY CAREFUL before you do this - one quick look at their website really confirms what I already thought. None of those "experts" is a proper therapist - do not be fooled by "Diplom Psychologe" for that simply means someone has studied ordinary psychology but isn't a licensed therapist. Being a Heilpraktiker is a total giveway. The fact that they use non-scientific methods such as NLP and some shite called energetische Koerpertherapie, both based on esoteric crap and that every last one of those "therapists" has a pseudo indian name despite being clearly european is just alarming.   This institue is a sham - it smells more like a "how to tell your partner not to be jealous while you have a shag with everyone in sight". I do wonder if they are associated with the infamous Bhagwan....  
  3. Casual Summer Work in Munich   Be aware of the legal implications - you can only work for 90 days out of a year I think. And make sure you've health insurance.   Re accommodation, try a hostel and book it now before everyone else does.