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  1. Police Brutality in the USA

      Not just the cameras, but YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp... There's no need for the press to get involved for a witness to spread her story. Anyone can do it.
  2. President Donald J. Trump

    More here: Twitter hides Trump 'shooting' tweet over 'glorification of violence' "When the looting starts, the shooting starts," the President wrote.
  3. President Donald J. Trump

      I agree with you in principle. However, I somehow it is slightly less unacceptable to demean the most notorious selfish, mysogynist, racist, xenophobic bully on the planet than someone else who just happens to be overweight, ugly, or whatever, just be he or she is overweight, ugly... DJT demeans, insults, and bullies people publicly every single day, and sometimes he seems to do that for hours on end.  
  4. Alternative titles of threads

    German-shooting rules!
  5. I would've expected he could at least have rolled out of bed and put on a T-shirt to make the video.
  6. health insurance - urgent

      He didn't work or claim universal tax credit according to the multiple similar threads the OP has started today:  
  7. Bus in Bergedorf

      "Diverse" bus driver. Draw your own conclusions.   Just wanted to make sure we've covered all the bases!     
  8. health insurance - urgent

    Also, visits to doctors, dentists...
  9. Conspiracy theorists

      What really gets my goat is that Yahoo News reports on the absurd musings of a random, clueless member of the public. For one thing, the theories that Bill Gates (who has been disposing of his wealth for decades for charity purposes) has a lucrative interest in a vaccine against COVID-19 are so irrational they shouldn't be aired by any serious news outlet.
  10. Hugs to you Spidey!
  11. Coronavirus

      That thing scares the crap out of me.
  12. Bank account with good online service

      N26, Revolut, Transferwise
  13. I see that at least 10 times whenever I go on the street (sadly, the one of the left, not the one on the right).
  14. obligations as landlord

  15. Coronavirus

      It's not disproven. It's just that this what happens in a cell culture on a Petri dish. That's what the article is referring to. You have to get past the headline to read that. What happens on a Petri dish and what happens in a full organism with a bunch of organs—particularly a liver that metabolizes drugs into other things—are different things. So, yes, cloroquine may well be a strong inhibitor of SARS in vitro but the empirical data so far doesn't suggest that it is a magic bullet in vivo  and the jury is still out on whether it provides a significant benefit to those who have fallen ill.
  16. UK Mobile Operators Free Roaming

    I have Three as well and I didn't get a message. However, I hardly use my UK SIM. It's just there for me to have a UK number. I use my German SIM primarily.   There's no reason you can't keep your UK SIM but you are probably going to have to get a German one if you want to avoid the extra charges. There might be other UK carriers that still don't care about excessive roaming, but that might change, so, if you change now, you might face the same problem in a few months, only with EE, O2, or whomever.
  17. Coronavirus

  18. obligations as landlord

      The lease needs to specify that it is time-limited to a year and the reason for the contract being limited. Only certain circumstances are admissible as grounds for a time-limited lease (like you will be working elsewhere but will be returning at a certain date, or your daughter is starting uni in a year and needs to live in the flat, major renovations are planned, and little else). You need a professionally redacted lease to exclude the possibility that you make a mistake, the rental period becomes indefinite on a technicality and you get locked out of your property. That's why you need Haus und Grund, as engelchen has suggested. 
  19. Coronavirus

      Sounds perfectly logical to me that they should think that: Covid-19, as the 19th of the coronaviruses in a series, just like Chanel No. 5, Pimm's No. 1...  ASSHOLE 45.
  20. Three-word story

    shall find joy
  21. Coronavirus

      I call BS! It's 1 person per capita. Get your numbers right! 
  22. Need to terminate lease contract due to COVID-19

    Are you sure you "can't" get back? Is it "can't" or "don't want to"? As far as I know, Germany allows people to come to Germany if they live here, even if they are coming from outside the EU, which you are not.
  23.     I had to eat mine.   I wasn't hungry; they were just using up my toilet paper!  
  24. Coronavirus

      And mass gatherings for Women's Day all over, which the Spanish government refused to cancel. This was on the 8th of March, 6 full days after the European Center for Disease Control had upgraded to "high" the risk of Covid-19 infections and had recommended avoiding mass gatherings in Europe.   A few days after Women's Day unrestricted cheek-kissing all women over Spain the wife of the Prime Minister,  the Vice Prime Minister (a female), and the Minister for Equality (another female) tested positive for Covid-19. Spain now has the highest death rate per capita from Covid-19 in the world.
  25. Vodafone exasperation post

    I have learned the hard way to cancel all long-term contracts in Germany right after I sign. You can always extend them later if you still want to keep them.   This is the wrong way of doing it: Signing the contract and then telling yourself you'll remember in two years to cancel it.   This is the right way of doing it: Signing the contract and sending the "Kündigung" RIGHT AWAY. Then putting a note in your calendar to extend it two years in the future if you want to.   What's happened to you has happened to me and everyone in Germany.