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  1. Catalonia: Game of Polls

      Yes, there is. This is what would appease many nationalists that desire independence:   1. Total control of their tax receipts (so they don't have to share them with the rest of the country)   2. Catalan as sole official language.   3. Catalan nationality. Many Catalans hate having a Spanish ID, passport and drivers license. They also hate being called "Spanish".   Most Spaniards (and many Catalans) are opposed to all three.     
  2. Catalonia: Game of Polls

      What greater autonomy of language do you think they need? Catalan and Spanish are official languages but education from elementary school to university is imparted in Catalan. Residents theorically have the right to have Spanish language education but the regional government systematically denies this right to parents who wish their children to learn Spanish in school. Local TV is also in Catalan, so is a lot of the local press, and official regional communications and street signage are also in the local language.    
  3. Catalonia: Game of Polls

      Is this "upgrade" you are talking about the long-standing wish of the Catalonian government not to participate in the federal distribution of tax revenues, a system that involves a net flow of funds from the richest regions to the poorest? Rich regions, like Madrid in Catalonia pay more into the system than they get back, while poor regions, like Extremadura, get more than they pay into.
  4. Catalonia: Game of Polls

    I still don't get how any of this shows that "the military control Spain". In the example MikeMelga gives the military just did what the government told them to do.
  5. Catalonia: Game of Polls

      I am surprised you think that. Please elaborate on this.
  6. Brexit: The fallout

      I don't think such a thing exists. However, if the current situation of little to no immigration control within the EU continues, you would, de facto, be in possession of something that would kind of work like that because it'd be almost impossible for any country to determine that you are living anywhere that's not Poland (unless you tell them yourself).  
  7. That's a good point but it doesn't look so black and white to me. Here's what the paragraph says:     My translation of the text is that the obligation to pay ends at the end of the month in which the occupation of the property ends but not before the cessation of the occupation is reported to the GEZtapo.   I know the the authorities report anmeldungen and ummeldungen to the TV license people. I would assume they also report abmeldungen, in which case the second condition would be satisfied automatically if one deregisters.   In any case, I would do as your post suggest. Deregister both from the Wohnanmeldeamt and the TV license people to be on the safe side. After all, even if the authorities passed on the information you've moved out, how can you prove that's happened. Better do it yourself.
  8. Professional co-writer - Novel

      I suspect the OP would be the copy writer / editor, there to make sure that grammar, spelling and style are impeccable.
  9. Professional co-writer - Novel

    I have discovered that if I Google translate this post into Corsican and then Google translate that text back into English, the resulting text is actually better than the original post. I think I am onto something here! This is the result:      
  10. Catalonia: Game of Polls

      I suspect @cb6dba is referring to the EU referendum in the UK.
  11.   All rice is gluten-free. Only certain grass-like cereals contain gluten, e.g. wheat, rye and barley. Other grains, e.g. rice, maize or buckwheat (the last is not even a cereal) are naturally gluten-free.
  12. @snowingagain Yes, sugar, salt and vinegar are additives of sushi, but I'd consider the amount of added sugar to be negligible.   Additionally, even if the rice were cooked without added sugar, the starch in rice starts becoming sugar as soon as it's chewed, as human saliva contains amylase, an enzyme that catalyzes the hydrolysis of starch into sugar. There's further conversion of starch into sugar in the intestine.   I am presuming the OP is avoiding sugar because she is a diabetic. If I am correct what she should look into is the glycemic index of the food she consumes, which roughly translates into how fast does the food cause blood sugar to rise. Rice, although very low in sugar, has a relatively high glycemic index because digestion can turn this starch-rich food into sugar very quickly. However, because sushi is generally consumed in small quantities, the overall effect on sugar levels might be small.   Maybe the OP could elaborate on why she cannot consume sugar?
  13. The OP doesn't mention rice as an ingredient to avoid.
  14. Why are you happy today?

    Ouch!   You need to drink more beer, Spidey! ;-)
  15.   Also, according to these statistics nurses also work fewer hours in Canada: an average of 31.7 (as opposed to 39 in Germany).   It's hard to think of a reason for a nurse to move from Canada to Germany.    
  16. German unemployment rate : 3.7% Really?

      I think RF means "dish out [criticism/abuse]" or "dish it out".    I don't want to get involved in the dispute. This is just a semantic comment!  
  17. German unemployment rate : 3.7% Really?

      I have heard that to, but how does that actually work, and how strict are they?   I am asking because I am curious about something. I used to know someone who was on the dole but did sporadic one- or two-day jobs for cash. He somehow managed to spend extended periods of time in Portugal at a holiday home that he owned. Needless to say, the German authorities had no knowledge of this property to his name. He sometimes let out rooms at his holiday home, which together with the under-the-table bits he did when he was in Germany put some extra money in his pocket. He never seemed to have a lot of money, but he had his flat in Germany and dole money paid by the state, the holiday lettings paid for the holiday house (very, very modest, I have to admit) and he seemed to have a frigging sweet life.   I haven't been in touch for years but the wonders of Facebook still give me a glimpse into his comings and goings and it doesn't look like much has changed. I always wondered how he managed to do that. Wouldn't the Agentur für Arbeit (or whatever the proper Amt is) tell him to appear at the drop of hat or withdraw his benefits? How could he manage that when he was in Portugal? I wonder if after a couple of years they just can't be bothered any more and you are left to your own devices.
  18. Main tenant blocking anmeldung

      I don't think you need to show a rental contract to register. the documentation required is here:
  19. German unemployment rate : 3.7% Really?

    What's the source of that graph?  
  20. Main tenant blocking anmeldung

      Yes, it does. The main tenant who is subletting is the "Wohnungsgeber" and he is obligated by law to cooperate. As @sneaker you have a duty to report the refusal. You just do that and you've fulfiled your obligations and have nothing to worry about. The Buergeramt will chase up the main tenant.
  21.     There are of course laws against discriminating against foreigners, people with disabilities, etc. There are no laws to prevent a landlord to choose a tenant because they feel they'll be more reliable, likeable, because they are a friend of a friend...   Don't think the rental market is just hard for foreigners. It's a competitive market and Germans also have a hard time.
  22. Is banking expensive in Germany?

    For many years I had an account with Postbank that required an income of at least 3000 euros to be free. I just set up a standing order from another bank that transferred 3001 euro to the Postbank account. I set up a standing order from Postbank to the other bank for a similar amount. So the money kept flowing between the two accounts and keeping the Postbank account free. I had to do this because I was a freelancer and I couldn't guarantee that so much money would reach my account each month from external sources. That worked for many years as there was nothing in the fine print forbidding that the "income" came from another account in my name.
  23.   My brother works for the emergency services and he tells me the fire brigade gets engaged into all kinds of situations that don't involve fire. Quite common is for them to be called in to cut through a badly crashed car and extract the victims. That's one of their least favorite activities, as the passengers are often badly mangled or dead.   One curious incident that I recall my brother telling me about was a hospital getting the fire brigade come in to cut the ring off a patient with a badly swollen hand. Emergency rooms have tools to cut through silver and gold rings but this guy was wearing a ring made of surgical steel. The fire brigade cut the ring with a milling cutter using saline as coolant. It was an emergency, as the patient would have lost his finger had the ring not been removed quickly.   The Madrid fire brigade (my brother works for the emergency services in that town) likes hiring people with vocational training, such as plumbers, electricians, carpenters, etc. because often those kind of skills come in handy for the situtations that the fire brigade responds to. Plumbers for example know how to stop a flood. The fire fighter who cut the patient mentioned in the previous paragraph's ring was a milling machine operator before he became a fire fighter.
  24.   You can check routes and travel times between any two addressess all across the Rhein-Main region here: