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  1. Sequence of events in a Mahnverfahren

        I know this isn't exactly what you are asking but to me it's quite simple. Either B lets the matter slide or she doesn't. Her course of action will depend on variables like the amount at stake, the ease with which she feels she can find another buyer, how pissed off she's at you for reneging on your commitment, and whatever else I can't think of right now.   Judging simply by its cover, B is the right and you are in the wrong, so if B wants to get nasty, it looks like she can really make it very difficult for you to squiggle out of this one.
  2. Restaurant helper

      You don't really know whom you are sending your private information to.
  3. I've just posted a silly photo

    Does the manor behind you have a loo? It's a bit pressing.
  4. O2 reducing DSL speed

      Yes, but there's a court decision somewhere that states that the "up to" and the real speed can only diverge so much.
  5. O2 reducing DSL speed

    I am just going to share a similar experience with a different provider. The also sent me a letter, but this one said that they were going to increase the speed and also increase the price, and I had to sign a new contract. If I didn't agree, they'd cancel the contract. I told them I didn't need more speed and I wasn't signing a new contract. They replied that it was "impossible" to keep me on my current speed and on the old contract. I told them, "fine, then cancel the contract". This was about two years ago and they never gave me notice; I just stayed with the same contract, and the old, cheaper price. I have no idea if they increased the speed. I don't care. My connection is far faster than I need it to be.   I am not saying O2 is going to behave the same way. I am just saying that telecoms don't always tell the truth, and if you dig your heels they might relent.   What's the notice period on your contract? You might just want to wait and see if the really give you notice.
  6. Naturalization for non-working person

    There is no requirement to work for 5 years. Maybe she doesn't have an indefinite residence permit and she's required to prove 60 monthly contributions to the German state pension?
  7. German Capital Gains Tax on Overseas Property

      I don't know the answers to your other questions but I can tell you that rental income in other EU countries neither gets taxed in German nor affects your tax rate as a German resident. You don't even mention that income in your German tax return. Once the UK leaves the EU, presumably that income still won't be taxed in Germany, but you'll have to declare it and it'll raise your German income tax rate. Of course, this only matters if you actually have taxable income in Germany.
  8. Returning to Germany

      I can imagine how hard that is. I wish you a swift resolution of the problem.   Maybe you'll find some solace with audiobooks in the meantime? You can get them for free at the library.
  9. I have a hochparterre in Frankfurt. It's less desirable than the higher floors. It's altbau  and for one thing it has the disadvantage that the floor is freezing cold in the winter as the chill from the drafty basement seeps into my flat. It's very hard (i.e. expensive) to heat in the winter. It's also darker than the floors above--it just gets a sliver of sunshine in the summer for about 10 minutes. I let the flat now and I don't have trouble letting it, but I know it's less desirable because it's a ground floor. One potential tenant once turned it down because she was concerned for her safety on account of someone potentially entering the flat while she was inside if any of the windows were open. I feel it's a valid concern.
  10. Returning to Germany

      Why wait? Just do it now.
  11. Resistance to Insurance Culture in Germany

    Well, that's relief!
  12. Resistance to Insurance Culture in Germany

      I am not certain about what cracked and was paid for: the head or the toilet seat?   Honestly, I don't know!
  13. @jeba That's why I mentioned it. German boarding schools have a reputation for being much cheaper than UK/US ones.
  14.   Homsexuality works too!
  15.   If the OP is late paying the rent for two consecutive months, the landlord has the right to rescind the lease with immediate effect, but what @LukeSkywalker suggests is not in itself an offense.  
  16.   SP = Forum member "SpiderPig". He's TT's unofficial knee-breaker, but he's not around right now.
  17.   By "blank" you mean that it had no return address? That doesn't matter.
  18. 1. Join the Mietverein. 2. In the meantime, if you are going to your landlord's place anyway, deliver the letter yourself. If you take someone witnessing you putting the letter in the envelope and then in his mailbox, it's hard to see how your landlord could claim he didn't receive the notice.
  19. Resistance to Insurance Culture in Germany

    Just the ones I always carry between my legs!   I think you can insure those too. American Express once tried to sell me "prostate insurance" (I kid you not). The deal was that if I ever got prostate cancer, they would pay me an X amount of money for each day I remained hospitalized as a result of the illness.   At the top of my head, the stupidest thing someone's ever tried to sell me.
  20. Resistance to Insurance Culture in Germany

      In my case, it's mostly pants I can't get into any more! I say, "let'em burn!"
  21. Resistance to Insurance Culture in Germany

      That'd be tough, not just because of the financial loss, but very harsh emotionally, and that's something a claim payment can't quite put right. Also, is it really as simple as writing to your insurer and saying "hey, my house burned down and the contents are worth 50K. Pay up!"? I couldn't make a list of what's in my house, let alone tell you what the contents are worth.   I don't have home contents insurance. It's a conscious decision. If the house (which is of course insured) burns down, I'll just have to rent or buy another one and furnish it with either the insurance payout, which would exclude contents, or by scratching my retirement fund. That's a risk that some people can and will take, and others can't or won't. In general I don't consider this type of insurance essential for everyone, but that's just me.  
  22. Tax handling of relocation expenses

      If memory serves @PandaMunich already answered this question, although I couldn't find her answer in this tread--it must be somewhere else. From what I remember she said "no".
  23. Some friends of mine in Frankfurt have an allotment with a clubhouse, which is sort of pub with a loo. I don't know if it's banned to sleep there but there doesn't seem to be a curfew--I've often partied in there until the wee hours. The sheds have electricity and they can't exceed a handful of square meters (don't remember exactly how many). At any rate, in my friends shed the fridge, the drinks and a couple of shelves take up all of the space anyway. It'd be hard to fit a bed in there.