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  1.     All the Cat(alan) embassies, except for Brussels have closed, John!   What's a worldly Pussy in distress to do??!!     Government closes all Catalan ‘embassies’ except Brussels
  2.   The Swabian Sea, just a two-hour drive away, can do in a pinch! 
  3.   My # 1 complaint about Germany. Sometimes I have a döner and pretent I'm having "tacos árabes"
  4. Got Evicted Without Notice and Belongings Removed

    It's like waiting for the next season of Game of Thrones.
  5. Freiburg is probably the nicest town in Germany. I forgot to mention how lovely it is that most of the city center is completely pedestrianized. The absence of cars makes walking around town such a pleasure.
  6.   | second that! Beautiful town, full of cheerful students, with the mountains and forest at your doorstep, and you can be in Switzerland or France in minutes.
  7. Only in America...

      For about thirty seconds I thought the woman on the left had become the man on the right. I have to work on my reading comprehension!
  8. @FreelanceFamily   Don't ever assume that health insurers will give you the right information. They often don't because:   1. The rules are so complicated the KK employees don't understand them themselves   2. They lie because they don't want you as a member, which is what seems to be the case here.   You might want to hire John G. or Starshollow to write them a letter quoting the law that PandaMunich has so helpfully spelled out.    
  9. A rant about HSBC, "the world's local bank"

      Are those old Steuererklärungen? UK banks haven't deducted tax on interest for a few years now.
  10. A rant about HSBC, "the world's local bank"

    I used to have a HSBC account in the UK ages ago. I got it when I was in uni: they used to be "Midland Bank" back then, and they were fine.   My relationship with them turned sour for several reasons:   1. I wanted to get a mortgage with them, and they kept pestering me about selling me a completely unnecessary life insurance to go with it. I kept telling them I didn't want it; I didn't need it; I had no dependents; and they just kept going on and on and on about it.   2. Also, this was one the questions in the mortgage application form: "if you are man, have you ever had sexual relationships of any kind with another man?" I kid you not. The wording might have been a bit different--it was a long time ago--but I thought, WTF! Ι debated with myself whether I should answer "none of your frigging business" or "as often as I possible could" but instead I just told them "sorry, there's a question in the mortgage application that I do not want to answer". Of course, the reasoning behind the question was whether there was a risk that I would contract AIDS, which could potentially impair my ability to pay the mortgage, but I thought that was spectacularly impertinent to ask.   3. The cherry on top that made me close the account was when they decided to charge me something like 500% or 5,000% interest (I cant remember, but it was definitely 3 or 4 figures) on a tiny accidental overdraft.    I am a bit sentimental about the whole thing, because it was the account I opened when I went to uni in B'ham and I was quite happy with Midland Bank. They always treated me quite well and it had this fuzzy, cozy local English feel to it, but then, they became this horrid, globalized and impersonal HSBC corporate monster...,.   No ideal what HSBC is like these days. I think I closed my account about 16/17 years ago.
  11.   I spent four days in Paris last week, and honestly, Berlin hast its cool angle, but Paris, London, New York... those are the really awesome cities.
  12. I absolutely agree with @malorie. I don't have any problems with Unitymedia. In my experience they are much better than Vodafone and the Telekom. My only annoyance with Unitymedia is that they kept calling me to try to get me to upgrade my connection. They rang me about 20 times (I never answered). I then blocked their number but sometime later they called from another number, I answered, said "NO, THANK YOU" and haven't heard from them since.    Their technical support has been very reliable in my experience.
  13. Are we living in a simulation?

      I also completely disagree. The widespread belief that the mind or consciousness is separate from the physical body is a way for us to cope with the inescapable certainty that we are all doomed to decrepitude and death. Many, but by no means all, people believe in the "soul" or some intangible form of their personality, consciousness and memories that survives the body because mortality is too distressing to accept.
  14. Comdirect and their exchange rate

    You can use a Revolut card to withdraw up to £200 a month for free at the interbank exchange rate worldwide. Any amount over £200 will trigger a 2% commission.   The card works as prepaid card that you can load with euros, pounds or US dollar, you can then convert what you loaded into different currencies, spend it in shops or withdraw cash (with the caveat mentioned in the first paragraph), all at nearly perfect exchange rates.    
  15. And it didn't take long: Texas attorney general: congregations should be armed after church shooting
  16. abmeldebescheinigung

    @LeCheese Thanks for sharing that.   That's weird. They didn't ask for that when I came from the UK and I never heard of anyone coming from abroad being asked for it.   @Sabinchen Just to be clear: are you chasing the Abmeldebescheinigung because the municipality you are moving to asks for it or because you've read about it in this blog?
  17. Only in America...

      It's very sad, but maybe nutters running over crowds of people in the name of whatever has become kind of old.   Trump's regular Twitter diarrhea has peaked though as usual.
  18. bank account

    @fraufruit  If you have a comdirect visa you can use it to withdraw foreign currency outside of the eurozone for free. See here:   If the ATM owner charges you, you can ask comdirect customer service for a refund.
  19.   It doesn't matter how many hours you work. Part-time is fine.
  20. What made you laugh today?

    @tor Hyphens matter! 
  21. bank account

    Go for
  22. abmeldebescheinigung

    LeCheeses's link is just a blog and it seems to be inaccurate in this respect. The OP should check the requirements for registering in the website of the town where she plans to register. An "Abmeldebestaetigung aus dem Ausland" is not going to be on the list. It can't be a requirement anyway as many countries (including the USA) don't issue such a document as they don't even have the concept of registering/unregistering.
  23. @arunadasi You don't need to send any proof. Just make a realistic, lowish estimate and if there's a big change during 2018 (I hope one of your books becomes a bestseller!!!) you just tell change your estimate. Keep in mind that if your estimate is higher than your actual income and you end up paying too much you can't get your money back.
  24. abmeldebescheinigung

    The Bundesregierung told you that? Are you sure? I never heard of such a thing.
  25. Catalan parliament dissolved

      I swear I saw her with Elvis at Piggly Wiggly the other day