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  1. Your experiences with German bureaucracy

    I get stumped right at the beginning of the survey. I am a migrant to Germany, but I am naturalized German. The survey doesn't provide a valid option for me to choose at the beginning of the survey so I get stuck at page 3 not being able to choose "Germany" as nationality from the drop-down menu (the option doesn't exist).
  2. I've just posted a silly photo

    What are you looking at? Have you never seen a redhead before?
  3. Process of property purchase?

    I have bought two properties in Germany. This is how it worked each time:   Q1. When does the notar transfer the money to the seller? Property #1. The money was transferred directly to the seller, not through the notary. Property #2.  The money was transferred directly to the seller, not through the notary.     Q2. Also when does the the buyer receive the key to the property? Property #1. 30 seconds after I signed the contract and before I transfered the money. Property #2.  The property was a new build and wasn't finished yet, so I got the keys later on. There was a handover process.   Q3. When does the Makler receive the Provision? After handing the key or before? Property #1: After signing. Usually maklers introduce a clause in the sale contract about when they should be paid. Property #2: After signing.   Q4. How long does it take before a property is registered to the buyer's name in the Grundbuchamt? Property #1: I can't remember really. I think a few weeks. Property #2: I can't remember really. I think a few weeks.
  4. De-register as Freelancer (providing evidence)

    They are asking for capital gains, profit or loss, not "revenue". So, the way I see it:   Capital gains: What you made selling the equipment you are no longer going to use minus what the equipment cost you.   Profit/loss: Your revenue (what you billed and received from clients) minus your costs (travel, postage, phone...)
  5. "Publizist"  is one of the professions that make you eligible for the KSK. Maybe they will accept you under your advertising work. I am a desktop publisher  and graphic designer for banks and business consultants and not all of what I do is particularly creative--most of it is just prettifying PowerPoint presentations--and I got accepted in the KSK. I would apply anway.     In that case, I can't see how it makes sense for you to move the whole family to Berlin. You'd pay higher insurance premiums, higher social contributions and more tax, and would almost most certainly make less money than in New York.
  6. Brexit: The fallout

      I presume that will mean that we EU citizens will be treated the same way when travelling to the UK.    This story is somewhat related to this: My better half told me last week that a colleague of his who is an Italian citizen and has lived in the UK for over 20 years was asked how long she intended to stay the last time she came back to the UK from holiday. The question was apparently prompted by her Italian passport having been issued by the Italian consulate in London, rather than in Italy. She was questioned about why her passport had been issued in London, how long she'd been in the UK, what she did there, and the rather impertinent "how long she intended to stay". I wasn't told what she responded (a polite version of "none of your fucking business", I hope), but this suggests that some UK border guards might already like to pretend that the UK has already left the EU.
  7. No, you won't be taxed twice as there is a treaty to avoid double taxation between the US and Germany   See Article 6 (income from immovable property).   The taxation rights lie with Germany.      My understanding is that you'd only have to pay taxes on the rental income as a resident in the States if the taxable amount in the States were higher than the German one. So if the tax owed to Germany were 5.000 euros and the tax owed to the US were 5.400 you would pay 5.000 to Germany and 400 to the US; if the tax owed to Germany were 5.000 euros and the tax owed to the US were 4.000 you would pay 5.000 to Germany and nothing to the US.   I would personally consider investing the US rather than Germany. Your tax affairs would be simpler if you limit your income to the US if you are going to live there.
  8. Amazon account created using my name/address

      You probably have two-step authentication turned on for one but not the other. Both my US and DE accounts behave the same way and ask for a verification code.
  9. Living in Offenbach

      I think Luke meant for you to check out the area. I live in Offenbach but I don't know that particular area.    I don't see why there would be any problems there, other than like a lot of Offenbach it's poorly served by public transport. You only have buses going there. No trains, trams or U-Bahn. That's also unlikely to change as the city of Offenbach is notoriously broke and it doesn't have the money to build an underground line to connect the S-Bahn stations in the north to the under-served south.
  10. Cheddar cheese from Lidl and elsewhere

      Same here (Rhein-Main area).   When it's in stock buy a mountain of it. You can keep it in the crisper for months and months and it only gets better with age (scientifically tested by me).
  11.   No, for example my own country (Spain) strips its own nationals of their citizenship if they take another citizenship, for example. There are some exemptions but that's the general rule and it happens automatically.   Germany pretty much does the same thing.
  12. Easy to open (preferably free) bank account

      There's N26 UK and N26 Germany. You are referring to N26 UK (which offers a UK sterling account) and requires a UK address but Panda's link is to the German N26, which is the one you want (euro account).   Tallicame's statement that you need a German postal address is incorrect. They'll send you the card to any of these countries:    
  13. What have you learned today?

      Crap! Only ten years to go for me to become a terrified, clueless idiot foreigner. I'll try to make the best of them!