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  1. Alternative titles of threads

    A post rather than a thread title, but I couldn't resist:   Greene King Giant Bug snapped up by King Kong firm CKA
  2. Cashing of UK cheques in Germany

      I know comdirect does because I deposited a US cheque with them this year. I just mailed it them and they deposited it.    
  3. "Untranslatable" German words

      I think you need a portmanteau for this one: "Shamepathy"     
  4.   I know I was referring to what she had said: "The lovely zero lime water that we get here."   I find it odd as well because if you compare the water analyses from the Marburg and the Munich areas, they are not really that different, Munich water is harder, yes, but not by a huge margin.
  5.   If @rodisi lives in the Marburg area she might get soft water out of the tap, but it's not limescale free. See here:   I grew up in Madrid, where the water is very soft and as a child, I ever understood the concept of limescale accumulating anywhere. That either didn't happen or it happened so slowly that by the time a showerhead was clogged with limescale, it was so old, it was time to replace it anyway. I never heard of anyone ever descaling anything. Then I moved to London and I experienced the problem first hand.
  6.   Yes, at least I always have when I've moved.   Even if you move to a different city within the same state you get a new Steuernummer (not a new Steueridentifikationsnummer--those never change).
  7.   Add a Mexican in a taco truck and it will be PERFECT!  
  8. Buying property as an investment

      I don't understand this either. It looks like he's trying to make it look like you would save on tax with this. I don't see how that would work. You can deduct interest as a cost from your rental profit but your rental profit is fully taxable. I also find it dishonest that he's quoting the "Warmmieteinahnmen" as income. For the purposes of income one should always quote the rent as "kalt".   I really don't get would someone would need a Finanzberater to invest in real estate. All you need to do is find a property that's already let and buy it. Why do you want to involve this guy other than to make him money at your expense?
  9. Alternative titles of threads

    Living in Arschheim
  10. Alternative titles of threads

    Treatment of toffs in boarding vessels.
  11. Alternative titles of threads

      My take was Got attacked by two Christians in Underthings.
  12. robot vacuum cleaner

      I agree! Mine is called 'Madison'. I got her recently and so far I'm very happy with her. It's a Roomba 960.   @Gambatte I thought about getting a separate unit that could do wet mopping but after some research, I decided not to. The reason is that what's in the market is only good for very small surfaces, like a kitchen or a bathroom. There doesn't seem to be anything that will handle a whole flat in one go. If the device is just going to wash the kitchen floor and thought I might as well do it myself.
  13. @jeba already answered this question for you:
  14. Please don’t cross post.
  15. New words or sayings

      But "could of" is just a misspelling of "could've", isn't it?   BTW, when I see "could of" in print, it also hurts my eyes.