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  1. Raising kids as vegetarians in Germany

      What do you mean by "Microsoft meals"? Good, all Maccy D' s?  :-D   
  2. trying to get health insurance in Germany

    From what I have read in the forums in the past, being under a national health insurance scheme somewhere else in the EU for a year should be enough, but wouldn't just be easier for you to get any kind of job (no freelance or mini job) that pays at least 451 euros a month to get your foot into the system? AOK (or any other gesetzlich insurer) would have to accept you, and you could even quit the job after the month. Once you are accepted, AOK cannot stop insuring you unless you move out of Germany or sign up for a different provider.
  3. Street harassment: how to deal with it?

    I am sorry this is happening to you. I am surprised you are having these unpleasant experiences in Munich; it’s a fairly civilized place and I would have thought Asian women are enough of a common sight to make them them inconspicuous. They certainly are in the Frankfurt area. Still, there are assholes everywhere.   I have to agree with someone’s daughter’s. Unfortunately, I think the only solution is for you to grow a thicker skin.
  4. Raising kids as vegetarians in Germany

        This ideal situation of 550 pounds / acre translates to 5,5 sqm of pasture to obtain 200 grams of meat (not all of those meat grams being steak-grade)   Calculation using these conversions:   1 acre  = 4,047 sqm 1 pound = 456 grams Cattles meat/total body weight ratio = 60% 
  5. Why do you invest in property??

    If she's a freelancer, then no. I am in the same boat and I know my income might dry up from one day to the next. I absolutely agree with you that it's a lot of money not to be saving, especially considering that one's income as a freelancer is potentially volatile and she has a pretty steep rent to pay. Freelancers should also keep 3-6 months' worth of income saved up to be prepared for a rainy day.
  6. Why do you invest in property??

      She called it "average" and "net", so I am assuming that this takes into account the months in which she has little or no income, and that this is take-home pay after, taxes, health insurance and social deductions (if any). That's a fantastic net income, especially for Berlin.
  7. Why do you invest in property??

      I've bought two properties since I moved to Germany almost 17 years ago. I am not, nor I have ever been extremely wealthy. The way most people do it is by first saving money over several years and then using those savings as a deposit for their first property. If your net monthly income is 8,000 euros a month and your rent is 2,000 euros a month, the question that's begging to be asked is "how do you spend 6,000 euros a month?". I am assuming that's your monthly expenditure since you don't have any savings.   So, the typical thing for someone like you to do would be to save money first, in order to have at least 10-20% of the property value, and then start thinking about buying.    You are planning to become an investor, even though you have no money to invest. That can sometimes work (when you borrow the money to invest) but it's an odd plan to have, and can easily go south is, for example, property prices or rental incomes go down.    
  8. Work permission when moving accommodation

    Indeed! I suspect that when the shit hits the fan, whoever is behind is just going to take the money and run.
  9. Why do you invest in property??

      NE = "Niederlassungserlaubnis".   It's roughly equivalent to what a "green card" in the US is, or what the UK calls "indefinite leave to remain."
  10. Work permission when moving accommodation

      I don't think it's legal. The argument of is that because the renter is contracting a habitable space and there's a rental agreement the lessee is entitled to register himself there. The truth is, that both details are irrelevant. You must register where you live, rental agreements are unnecessary, and you can't just register somewhere because you could live there even though you don't and you paid money for it.   Still, I think this was a good find @bramble and it could be a temporary solution for the OP (with the emphasis on "temporary" because it's definitely not overboard). At any rate, if the authorities catch up with this, the lesser is going to be in a lot more trouble than the lessee, although it's unlike that it'd come to that. If you dig into the "Impressum", it becomes apparent that someone in Oslo, who wishes to remain anonymous, is behind this.
  11. Work permission when moving accommodation

      I can second that. My better half, who actually lives in Brexit Island, gave his German bank my address including c/o Smaug the Magnificient and they happily send his post here. I could, of course, put his name on my mailbox but I just haven't bothered yet.   For anyone who's curious, the bank claimed that online banking cannot work with my better half living in England because: They can't accept a UK mobile number to send TANs to, and They can't send TANs to his German mobile number because their system won't send the SMS as soon as it detects that the mobile is in England.  He had to give them a German address to make them shut up.
  12. I've just posted a silly photo

    I can't wait for the Aussie flu epidemic to be over.
  13. Work permission when moving accommodation

      How about putting an apartment number (e.g. Wh. 6) or something like "2. Etage links" on the postbox and entering those details every time you give out your address? For example:   R. Halford Wohnung 2. Etage links 1234 Zuckerhut Gasse 00000 München   And you put "Wohnung 2. Etage links" on the postbox, but not your name. I don't know if the postman would actually deliver. Does anybody know?