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  1. The OP is from the Philippines. I assume she was born there.   The only nasty consequence I could think of if she naturalized German and was found out to be secretly Canadian later on is that her German citizenship could be revoked. That's assuming they bother to do that. I'd run the risk, but of course, that would be the OP's decision which would be at least 6 years away assuming she moves to Germany.
  2.   I second that too. And don't tell the Germans that you are Canadian. Just tell them you are Filipino. That way, if you ever decided you want to naturalize German, you won't have to give up your Canadian citizenship.
  3. Germany produces the best TV in the world

      Excellent show! I also recommend it.
  4. Leaving and Canceling Student Health Insurance

      If you don't live in Germany you are not versicherungspflichtig. That would only apply if you were to remain in Germany. The obligation to be health insured expires the day after you move abroad. Point it out to them.
  5. Most likely nothing to do with glyphosate.
  6. Leaving and Canceling Student Health Insurance

      I side with this applying to your case.    I don't know much about the convoluted German health insurance rules, but I have seen in the forums instances of people who have run into similar problems to yours: Their krankenkasse failing to understand that bit of legalese you are quoting, combined with the fact that, when you are not in Germany German laws don't apply.   I am sure someone more knowledgeable will chip in, but what I'd do is faxing them your cancellation with a copy of your abmeldung and following that up with a snail mail version. That should take care of it.
  7. @rimjhimgarg Don't worry too much. They'll arrive at the same terminal (T1). Their arrival gates will be in different sections because one flight is Schengen (no passport control) and the other one is international, but they will exit to the same area.   If your mother speaks English you don't need to worry about the language barrier. All Frankfurt airport workers who have contact with the public speak English.
  8. Abmeldung from the UK

    Yes, I know, but I suspect that might be wrong. I must admit I am a bit confused. They are sources that contradict this, e.g.    
  9. Abmeldung from the UK

    I am not sure this is right, @snowingagain. The only reason to do an Abmeldung is if you move abroad; if you move within Germany you don't deregister, you just register at your new place and the deregistering from your old address is done behind the scenes.   The landlord confirmation used to be necessary when registering and deregistering, but afaik it was scrapped for the latter last year.
  10.   I don't want to sound too cynical but how can you claim something like that? Do you know anything about the OP, her boyfriend or their relationship? This is a very nice thing to say but without any substance behind it.
  11.   Actually, and weirdly, he can; at least to the one in T1. The T1 baggage collection area is not in the secure area. The T2 luggage collection area, however, is only accessible after clearing security, which is only possible if you hold a boarding pass.   T1 is a strange animal, at least for Lufthansa Schengen flights. You first exit to the main check-in concourse and then you go down the escalators to the collection belt. The access to the esclators has a sign saying "only incoming passengers" but there's nothing stopping any airport visitor going down to this area. It's one way though, once you come down, you can't go back up: you need to exit through customs at the lower level.    Both passagers will arrive at T1, but the Hamburg passenger will exit to the main concourse and then can either leave the airport or go to the luggage collection area. The Dehli passenger, however, will arrive at a different branch of T1 and will arrive to the conveyor belts through a different route that doesn't involve the main concourse. I suppose they could meet there at the conveyor belts, but I am not 100% sure the logistics allow for this. I'd recommend they meet around the shops/restaurants at the main concourse just past the check-in counters and before security, or, if they have a long wait, go to the Sheraton Hotel lobby, which is right next to T1.  
  12. Weinstein

    I'd actually never heard of him until the scandal broke out! 
  13. Agency only offers limited rental contracts

      The reasons for the limited lease must be notified before the contract is signed. That’s what it says in 575 BGB. 
  14. RIP Uncle Nick

    What a nasty surprise. It’s particularly sad that he had been able to rebuild his life in Greece after things went south for him in Germany, and now this—the one problem you can’t solve. Rest in peace Uncle Nick!