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  1.   Or she could just... ... WORK there! 
  2. Alternative titles of threads

    Looking for kitchen in the Munich area  
  3. Complete FAIL

      Phallus vulgaris nigra?
  4. I've just posted a silly photo

    We can now confirm that besides the new generation of EarPods, Apple will present new NosePods and EyePods at the 2019 Developers Conference.   Is this what everyone around you will look like on your next commute? 
  5. Mortgage, Rent, income, taxes...

      Not anywhere in Munich, apparently.
  6. Vollstreckungsankündigung and SCHUFA

    I am a scatterbrain and I sometimes forget to pay something to the Finanzamt on time. I've got a few of those during my stay in Germany, not to mention a handful of Vollstreckungsankündigungen because I never pay the TV license voluntarily. Neither has ever affected my credit record. I pay the Finanzamt and that's that.
  7. Working in Luxembourg, living in Germany

      Germany is not out of scope for your tax situation; it's just that Germany has no taxation rights to your employment income because your work is performed in Luxembourg.    If you have no other income you don't get taxed in Germany but filing tax returns is the way to tell the German Finanzamt that you have no other income. I understand that that may seem like overkill for you, and I sympathize with you. I don't know if you can just "declare" that you have "no income to declare" in a letter instead of submitting formal tax returns, sorry.   Maybe a Lohnsteuerverein can help you in this case? I am not sure if they can actually deal with cross border situations like yours though. If not, you'd have to either submit the tax return yourself or use a regular German accountant. I don't think you need some fancy tax advisor with knowledge of Luxembourg tax law. If your income comes exclusively from your Luxembourg employment, all that you or the accountant has to do is put that number in the box for foreign employment income (you won't pay tax on it anyway) and zero everywhere else. 
  8. I've just posted a silly photo

    "Joe, that's not what I meant when I said you'd make a great drag queen."
  9. Flat rental possible scam?

    It's a scam. It's written all over it.
  10. Brexit: The fallout

      If we dropped Boris Johnson on his head a couple of times and then rubbed him with nacho cheese Doritos we would get something almost indistinguishable from Trump.   Same place of birth (New York), bad hair, serial philandering, xenophobic right-wing nutters... They are practically the same person with different accents.
  11. German Taxes: Give it to me straight.

    I have to second someonesdaughter's opinion. I recall all these questions being asked, discussed in the forum. Please do a little bit of research first. If any clarification is needed, I think it's fine to ask then.
  12. Brexit: The fallout

      Neither do I, but if the UK crashes out of the EU it could attract businesses by means of significant deregulation and lower corporate tax. The UK could offer an edge by lowering environmental standards, removing workplace regulations and workers' rights, cutting back consumer rights, etc. All of this would make it cheaper for businesses to operate in the UK. This would come at a cost of course: more pollution, lower tax revenues, and more poverty and social inequality, which in turn could lead to more crime.   The sensible thing to do would be to swallow their pride and call of Article 50 completely, but that's never going to happen as long as the government is in the hands of xenophobic British supremacists.
  13.   I think you might have hit the nail on the head! 
  14.   I stopped running a while ago. Back then I had terrible knee pain from jogging. After analyzing my gait they recommended a pair of shoes with very high arches because my feet rolled inwards while running. The knee pain went away. I can't say if that was because my knees had gotten used to the impacts while running, or because of the shoes, but my jogging sessions did become much more comfortable immediately.  
  15. In what planet can a property in which someone else lives in be your main residence?