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  1. Ikea return policy

    I've always had good customer service experiences at Ikea. One time I didn't the wheels under a coffee table that much and I asked if it was possible to buy the better wheels from a different model separately. They just gave me the upgraded wheels for free!
  2.   I would be surprised if there was such a a legal requirement 35 years ago. My guess is that it was one of these landlords who loves paperwork, likes to pretend he's a government official, is a busybody and can't help thinking that it's somehow his duty to treat his tenants like children. Lots of German landlords are like that.
  3. Affordable iPhone Repair Service in Munich

      Apple stops supporting very old hardware (around 5 years after it’s discontinued). The iPhone 4 just became obsolete in November and is no longer supported but the 5s still has about two years of servicing left.    More info:  
  4. @Metall  why? The “Wohnungsgeber” has the legal duty to assist with registration. He is not required to enforce it or check whether it has happened.  He can be fined for allowing false registrations but whether his tenants register or not is not his problem.  
  5.   Why do you think it matters that you paid at the shop? It's distance selling because the contract was made online. Contracts are not created when payment takes place: payment is just filfilling your end of the bargain.
  6. The landlord doesn't register you, you do. If you don't want to register just don't; there's no need to move around. It's against the law but that's your problem.
  7. Bitcoin - a decentralised digital currency

    Some people are getting rich and, inevitably,  some people are priming themselves for ruin:
  8.   I second that. Wernigerode is beautiful. I recommend you go up the nearby Brocken mountain on the cutest little steam engine train, the "Brockenbahn".   Legend has it, that witches congregate at the top of Brocken on Walpurgis Night to copulate with the devil. Sadly, we were there on the wrong day and missed what could have been an unforgettable show, but it was still a nice day out ;-) 
  9.   Don't fall into any of these traps:   1. Thinking that it matters what your opinion is on what constitutes "short-term" or "very short term". It doesn't: statutes and legal precedents are what matter.   2. Dismissing advice or opinions you dislike while embracing those you like.    Inform yourself about what the legal situation in Cologne regarding short-term rentals is. The BGB section that I quoted is federal law, but as lisa13 is suggesting, municipalities have been legislating locally to impede types of rentals that they consider "undesirable". Short-term rentals are not banned anywhere outright but there are limitations in many cities, and the legislation is specific to each city. You can check with the home company or become a member of the local "Kölner Haus- & Grundbesitzerverein" for more information. They look under the interests of property owners in general.
  10. If you go for the Home Company keep in mind that they can also advise you on the legal minutiae, such as the concern that @lisa13 is voicing.
  11.   Yes, it's a bit vague. The original text in German says " die Räume als Wohnung für sich, seine Familienangehörigen oder Angehörige seines Haushalts nutzen will ." It doesn't specify a minimum time period or say it must be their main residence or anything like that. It just says it must be used as a dwelling (so not a business or a place for band practice, pursue your hobby, etc. while you sleep somewhere else.   My interpretation is that if your family wants to use it as a holiday home for two months, or two weeks a year you are fine. This must be explicitly mentioned in the initial contract with the tenant, e.g. "the lease will end on [xxxxx] when my parents, John Figallo and Jane Figallo will move into the apartment... "   I am neither a lawyer nor an expert in rental matters so I couldn't say with 100% certainty that your arrangement would survive a challenge in court by a particularly litigious tenant hell bent on digging his heels in, but I wouldn't worry. The tenant is going to know from the word go that the lease is time-limited and that you have a valid reason for the expiry date. I wouldn't think that in those circumstances a lessee would go through the trouble of mounting a legal challenge. It just wouldn't make much sense.    
  12. @Jimmy Mac Do you use ING's brokerage service? Would you recommend it?
  13. Maybe they should blame the rich Russians, Arabs, Chinese, Americans... and their own elite for snapping up anything decent to live all across London and the few nice bits in Hampshire and Surrey driving UK property prices into the stratosphere, instead of the Poles, Bulgarians and Romanians who repair their plumbing, paint their houses, cook their food in restaurants and deliver their pizzas to their door while working for a pittance and living in decrepit shared accommodation in the worst part of town.   The UK is jut a victim of their own success. Yes, it gets a lot of immigration and it has lots of jobs and rich people living in it, so house prices are crazy high. Young people who don't come from the rich background hardly stand a chance these days to be home owners. But get rid of the immigrants to drive prices down! You might as well get rid of jobs, without jobs property prices go down. You could turn the UK into Brandenburg!
  14. My broker informed me a few months ago that they were going to charge me negative interest on any cash held in the account.   EDIT: -0.4% to be precise.   Needless to say, I have to get off my ass and look for another broker.