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  1. Interesting shaped vegetables - post yours

    All carrots look like Donald Trump to me.
  2. I've just posted a silly photo

      My theory is that she got onto the starship Enterprise and the jump to warp speed caught her breast implants by surprise.
  3. I've just posted a silly photo

    360 cleavage  
  4. How to get a court payment order (Mahnbescheid)

    Maybe if the reference in the transfer is “loan” that’d be good enough, but to be honest I am not sure. 
  5. owning an Acquarium in Germany

      It seems to me like a pretty unique experience!
  6. Employer not paying sick days

      So which one is it?   I'd follow LeonG's advice but maybe you could also go to the Job Center and ask there.   I doubt you can find a solicitor in Munich that will give you a free first session. You certainly don't find them in Frankfurt.
  7.   It's clearly Captain America's shield!   
  8. I've been using N26 almost since they started out and I'm very happy with them. I contacted customer support once and they were very efficient and professional dealing with my query (it was just a transfer to a third party that had taken longer than a couple day, so it wasn't some huge cock-up or anything). Still, I wouldn't use them as my only bank and I wouldn't rely on a single bank even if their rep were impeccable, and N26's isn't--I've heard a couple of horror stories. 
  9. There's nothing stopping you from going directly to the owners. Do you have their contact information? However, you'll almost certainly end up having to pay the realtor a commission.
  10. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

      I love it, but I would prefer the vehicle being charged by nuclear power stations, as that would annoy not just the greens, but practically everybody, without even contributing to global warming.
  11. Only in America...

    He looks like he's signing a decree that condemns all atheists to be thrown into a giant vat of acid.
  12. Protecting a design on a t-shirt

      This service looks worthless to me. I get that depositing your work with someone (they offer a notary) can provide proof of a creation time that could thwart a third party stealing your work and claiming it's theirs, but you can achieve the same thing for free by just posting an image of your work in social media. If no one can prove they published it before you did that's evidence of you having created it.
  13. I've just posted a silly photo

    I had pictured my cock massage very differently.
  14. Books to give away

    Oxfam runs what they call a "Buchshop" [sic] in the city center where you could donate your books.   EDIT:  Töngesgasse 35, 60311 Frankfurt am Main
  15. Odd news

      Hand of missing Scottish tourist found in shark off coast of Réunion