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  1. Freedom of movement - bureaucratic hassles

    Maybe bring it up with Solvit?    
  2. What is wrong with Essen?

      It is a bit: You have to be pasty for your neck to display the tell-tale sunburn! (Just kidding, of course )
  3. Tenant refuses to pay rent...quick resolution?

        Thanks, fraufuit. I didn't notice that they lived in the same house, but I've now reread the relevant bits of the thread.   However, I believe that the Zweckentfremdungsverbot would still apply to the apartment at the top of the house.   As Panda indicated, for the purposes of giving notice to the tenant, the law treats the house with only two units within the scope of the tenant living with the landlords, so the latter are exempted from the legal impediment of getting rid of him without a "proper" legal reason, but I haven't found a similar exemption when it comes to determining which "living spaces" are subject to the Zweckentfremdungsvergot and which are not. The statute just refers "Wohnraum", which it defines as "Wohnraum im Sinne dieses Gesetzes sind alle Räumlichkeiten, die zur dauernden Wohnnutzung tatsächlich und rechtlich geeignet sind. Hiervon ausgenommen sind Räumlichkeiten, die zu anderen Zwecken errichtet worden sind und zum Zeitpunkt des Inkrafttretens der Verordnung nach Absatz 2 auch entsprechend genutzt werden."  Summarized English translation: "living spaces suitable to be lived in", which the OP's apartment appears to be.   The law is very well-intentioned, but the OP might find it a bit perverse that they are forced to continue letting that space after having suffered such a terrible experience in the hands of a noxious tenant, especially considering the little support they got from the authorities and legal framework to deal with their crisis.
  4. What is wrong with Essen?

    and my post has disappeared? Was it xenophobic? 
  5.   Not the past tense of the berechtigt hat. I interpret this to mean that if you possess a EU driving license that entitles or has entitled you to drive in Germany you don't need to go through requirements 1 to 5 of obtaining a German driving license. I presume that number 5 above means driving lessons and exams.    
  6. Tenant refuses to pay rent...quick resolution?

      I completely sympathize with you in your reluctance to let your property right now (or ever). As a landlady, you are exposed to potentially abusive tenants who enjoy greater legal protection than you do.   I am not sure how efficient the city is at figuring out which properties are empty and in enforcing the law, I suspect not very, but be careful that you don't add getting fined by the city to your list of misfortunes.
  7. Pixelmator and Affinity photo are not free software but they are much cheaper than Photoshop. Like zwiebelfisch says, Photoshop is a pain the neck to license, not just because it's expensive, but because you can't just buy the license outright, but it operates under a subscription model.   Another option is to use Photoshop CS2, which, although technically not free software, in practice is given away by Adobe because they stopped checking the validity of licenses years ago. You can just download the software and a valid serial number from the Adobe website. Both the Windows and Mac versions are available for free download but there's a big caveat about the Mac version, as it's a G4/G5 version designed to run on the old IBM chips, and you certainly have a Mac with an Intel chip. You can get around this restriction by installing Windows on the Mac. There are several options for that .
  8. My feelings exactly, @fraufruit . The stock market is for the long term and it takes nerves to hang on. I needed all the nerves I could muster as I watched my life savings become nearly worthless during the financial crisis of 2007. I just kept everything and watched it grow handsomely in the subsequent years. It's important to keep a cool head and always act rationally, keeping in mind that share prices go up in the long term, and that one needs to diversify. Never sell as a result of a panic reaction; sell to realize capital gains or to dispose of stocks for which there's little hope of recovery.   Stocks are a very risky investment if you anticipate having to liquidate within a few years (such as when you are approaching retirement, or planning to buy a property) because if there's a market crash you won't have the luxury of being able to wait until the market recovers, and will have to swallow your loses.
  9. What's got you flummoxed today?

      Not just bullet-proof!    
  10. Why Germans take their kitchens with them

      At the very least the appliances, if not the whole kitchen.
  11. Rent increased by 30% before renovation started

        So this is the guy who drove Panda to a (quite understandable) little fit:
  12. Zweckentfremdungsgesetz - What to do?

      See section 2, (2), 6 of the statute:   (2) Abweichend von Absatz 1 liegt keine Zweckentfremdung vor, wenn...     ...  6. Wohnraum nicht ununterbrochen tatsächlich genutzt wird und länger als sechs Monate leer steht, weil der Verfügungsberechtigte, der dort nicht seinen Lebensmittelpunkt begründet, den Wohnraum nur bei gelegentlichen Aufenthalten in dieser Wohnung zu Wohnzwecken selbst nutzt (Zweitwohnung).   This means that if you are using the flat as a second home (and nothing else—you can’t let it in-between stays) there‘s no Zweckentfremdung.   so it‘s no problem for you and your friends and family to use it and the six-month rule wouldn’t apply, but if you go down that road you can’t make any money from it. 
  13.   Check the list of requirements in your citizenship application. Isn’t an “unbefristed” residence permit one of them? That’s already one requirement you don’t seem to fulfil.   Germany has to be your “usual” place of tesidence at the time of nationalization, not just at the time of application. You must notify the Einbuergerungs people if anything changes in your application, e.g. moving abroad. Of course, moving to Canada is immediately going to disqualify you, so I see your dilemma: tell the truth and not getting citizenship or not telling the truth and maybe getting citizenship (if they don’t find ou tabout  that crucial peace of information).   Oh, you are also required to tell them if your employment situation changes.    If you want to be legit, you have to have become German BEFORE your move to Canada.     
  14. Brexit: The fallout

    I agree. One thing is to ask someone to give up their existing citizenship if wanting to naturalize German, which will almost certainly be the case for UK citizens after Brexit, but saying "we'll strip you of your German citizenship unless you give up another citizenship we already knew about" is just way too sensitive. It's not going to happen.
  15. @valerija My local Lidl now carries burrata. I got some today and here's what it looks like: