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  1. Coronavirus

      I don't want Trump (or anyone else) to die of COVID-19, but if he were to O.D. on hydroxychloroquine, I don't know if I could contain my Schadenfreude.
  2. Coronavirus

      Unfortunately, the two types (viral and bacterial) are not mutually exclusive. "Gute Besserung" to him. I hope he makes it and can keep annoying us with his ferking "get Brexit done". Good times, in retrospect.
  3. Buying property in Germany

      Exactly. And you have to pay higher stamp duty (Grunderwerbsteuer) when you buy your new place to boot.   This can work in certain cases, as when you move from an expensive area to a cheap area. That's the reason so many British pensioners can sell their house in the UK after decades of absurd inflation and buy something in a small coastal Mediterranean town where most locals can't compete with them.
  4. Job contract shortened before started

    Take it and start looking for a new job starting in four months.
  5. Coronavirus

      Thanks for putting all these numbers together, MM. It's the same number (812) for Spain according to the official figures. This is a screengrab taken from (leading Spanish newspaper). It's an ugly number but at least we are not seeing the number of victims doubling every couple of days anymore.      
  6. What made you laugh today?

      You aren't missing much. The article isn't particularly exciting and just shows that the ex VP's wisdom hasn't improved with age. Still, he manages to be the Chairman of some private equity firm.
  7. Alternative titles of threads

    Hedgehog competitions in Hesse
  8. What made you smile today?

      Click on the symbol at the top right of the page. Choose "Forums". Click on the relevant category. Then click on "Start new topic".  
  9. Coronavirus

      Maybe she wants to make sure that the drug is still available for the patients that really need it.
  10. Buying property in Germany

    My understanding is that until both parties sign the sale contract in the presence of the notary any of the parties can withdraw.
  11. Three-word story

    conveniently worn back-to-front
  12. While watching TV my dad managed to get a screenshot of this strapping young hero in the yellow long-sleeved shirt. He's none other than the one and only Smaug's Baby Brother!  He's doing 17-hour shifts in Madrid transferring victims of the pandemic. Bless his cotton socks!
  13.   I am not sure. There's nothing stopping me from flying. The airports are open and, as far as I know, the UK is not imposing any restrictions on travellers from Germany—they are even getting flights from Rome.
  14.   It looks like a loan rather than a "holiday". I don't mean to sound unappreciative of His Royal Highness's gesture, just saying...
  15. Just got this from British Airways.   "We're looking forward to welcoming you...". i.e. we hope you are going to cancel, so we don't have to and we don't have to refund you for your flight. I am playing this game of chicken with them until the last minute.