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  1.   My old UK EHIC has an expiry date. I still have it although it ceased to be valid a long time ago.
  2.   EHIC cards are very explicit about which country issued them. They also expire. The OP might have a problem renewing it when his does, assuming it hasn't already.
  3. Health insurance in Germany if living abroad

    Thanks @sneaker and @Starshollow. I have HanseMerkur KVE3. I always have a hard time figuring out the nitty gritty. The document that lists the "Versicherungsleistungen" doesn't mention "Ausland" at all and it's actually quite short. I did ask them if about keeping the insurance after moving to another EU country but they avoid a direct answer and just say things like "you are then no longer obligated to be insured in Germany" and offer Anwartschaft.   Has anyone had any experience of their insurer unilaterally cancelling the policy if the insurer deregisters from Germany? Does the insurance company actually have a mechanism to find out?
  4. Health insurance in Germany if living abroad

    I have a question, which I think I'll stick onto this thread as it is related to the title. Supposing that one is privately health insured and leaves Germany temporarily or permanently (deregistering). Is it possible to keep the health insurance policy running? I am not talking about Anwartschaft; I mean leaving it running fully?    The rationale would be that a medical intervention is planned, which would be impossible or impractical to carry out in the new country of residence. If moving to a new country, can the German health insurance plan be kept "as-is" (no Antwartschaft), visit Germany for the operation and then return to the new country of residence and only then cancel the health insurance plan then. Would that work? Is it legal? Does the insurer get wind of it once one has deregistered and cancels coverage accordingly?
  5. Drugs scene

    Consuming drugs is not illegal in German. It also seems that public consumption is also legal. A quick google search hasn't returned anything suggesting the contrary.
  6. re Asylum: Safe Countries. Why so few?

    It doesn't surprise that the US is not considered a safe third country. I recently read this excellent New Yorker article regarding asylum seekers crossing from the US into Canada (which is slightly more forgiving in this regard).
  7. An update on my part for those who are interested. First a summary of the latest:   At the beginning of February the bailiff came to see me. I didn't pay him and refused to sign anything but I gave him all the information he wanted from me.   My account was frozen shortly after (only the amount owed--I could still access any balance above that).   I still didn't pay and five weeks later the money was taken from my account (the money cannot be taken immediately--there's a four-week legally prescribed delay). That was mid March.   What's new? I have now received by yearly Schufa report (dated 20 April) and there's no mention whatsoever of these events. My Schufa score is still excellent with all the metrics marked as "sehr geringes Risko" except for those related to banking, which are marked "geringes bis überschaubares Risiko" but that's because I have too many bank accounts. There are two old current accounts that I need to close.   I also got two more letters from the GEZ: one asking me to start paying the monthly fee again and the other one setting a installement plan for the outstanding amount, which I think is about 170 euros. I have ignored both.   I don't want to imply that your credit record is never going to be affected if your account is impounded, but it hasn't happened to me.   Out of curiousity: Am I the only one who's still being recalcitrant? Has everyone else paid?
  8. Flat available in Hamburg

    Don't worry--you can't. Your comment that the flat is no longer available is enough. You can report the thread to the moderators to delete it but my understanding is that threads under "Adverts" are deleted automatically after a certain period of inactivity.  
  9.     Children these days get diagnosed with autism, ADHD, learning disabilities, allergies...   100 years ago children dropped dead from the diseases that vaccines prevent. Children with "learning disabilities" were just "stupid", "autistic" were "very odd", "ADHD" were "naughty"...
  10.   In English. If the Ecuadorian Standesamt has an electronic record of a divorce no documentation is necessary. Of course, they won't have any record of your divorce, so you would need to present a "certified copy of the document showing that the divorce was executed". This is rather vague though and you would have a non-standard wedding as you are a foreigner. Your fiance really needs to get a list of requirements in writing from the "Registro Civil" (Standesamt) using the government gateway listed above. She might also find it useful to call them on +593 23731110
  11.   Easy then. Do as Panda says: Get married in Ecuador, fly back, and get her on that insurance.
  12.   Well, make an appointment and ask for the time off. You can get married on a Friday or a Monday to minimize the time you need to be away from work (Saturday weddings are not possible if one of you is not Ecuadorian), all the details are here, straight from the horse's mouth:    
  13.    You seem to have missed a lot of what has been posted on the thread. Information from PandaMunich and engelchen you can rely on 100%. Read their posts carefully. Your child will not be German. He would be German if you were German or you had been a resident in Germany for 8+ years instead of just 6.   They have to give her a visa because you are an EU citizen living in Germany--the nationality of the child doesn't come into it. It's EU law. It would actually be a bit more difficult if you were German instead of Dutch.
  14.   I get your point but I think the world can multitask. Are we first going to sort out Syria and then tackle all the other problems one at a time?
  15. U.S. (rental) home sale and Germany taxes

      If you have no income I am assuming the same. Also, income from interest, dividends and CG on shares is flat at a little over 25%.