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  1. Hi John here,

    We have just opened a small English speaking company here in Frankfurt for expats.

    We doing a lot of different  kinds of work.

    painting, plumbing, plastering,  fitting kitchens, fitting wardrobes, laying wooden floors, fitting windows and doors,

    and much more,

    My email address is

    we are based in Frankfurt.


  2. @Petro6golf The OP is probably a Buddist. Buddism doesn't specifically prescribe putting rice on windsills but Buddists often make symbolic offerings of food or drink. These offerings could simply express general gratitude or be intended to have a positive influence on the offeror's balance of karma.
  3. On the sick with no money from anywhere!

      You have the legal entitlement to use the safety net, but the safety net is there to keep you from becoming indigent, not to protect you from taking jobs you feel you are "too good for". By believing that dishwashing is suitable for other people, but not you, you do reveal yourself as being an entitled princess.
  4.     It actually is, Gambatte. That's what my better half was getting in rent for each of his two apartments in his house. He ended up selling the house for less than 60K.   The problem with these low rents is that repairs cost the same whether the property is worth 35k or 750k. The properties might have similar characteristics and the difference in value is simple their location.  So with very low rents a lot of the rental income gets wiped out whenever a costly repair comes up. The OP needs to consider that.
  5. I remember off the top of my head seeing 'help wanted' signs on the windows of cafés and restaurants in Leipzig. If the OP's German is around level B1 I don't see why he couldn't work wating table.s   I don't know much specifically about the Leipzig market but in Frankfurt, just about anyone can get a job stacking shelves at drugstores and supermarkets. They actually strongly favour workers with poor or no German as they are easier to exploit and it's less unlikely to stand up for their rights in they are wrongly fired or abused in some way. At least in Frankfurt, those jobs are mostly available through temp agencies, but sometimes the big chains (REWE, Rossmann, etc.) also hire directly.   Being a runner in an Amazon warehouse sounds like a good option for someone who's young and fit and doesn't mind the physical aspect.    
  6. I can't give you any legal advice but I don't see why any of this would be illegal.   I can share a relevant story with you that I think you will find useful. My better half owned a property in a "high yield" area of Germany that was let for many years. The property was high yield because, although the rental income was very low, the property value was extremely low. Although he had good tenants who always paid and never gave trouble, his net income amounted to little more than pocket money. Every few years something had to be done to the house (one house split into two flats with one family in each) that wiped out the income of the last few months. One time it was the windows turn to get replaced, that wiped out the whole income from the last two or three years. My BF kept the house for many years because (a) nobody wanted to buy it, and (b) he had family living in the neighborhood who could take care of finding a plumber, electrician, roofer, etc. when one was needed, but he eventually managed to sell it and doesn't regret it.   I am just trying to illustrate that the 10% you are quoting is gross, but the net amount could be very different.
  7. What's got you flummoxed today?

    @LeCheese   If you look at  this map of the average January temparatures in Scandinavia you'll notice that the coastal regions (were pretty much everybody lives) are just as cold as places like Munich, Ankara, Bucarest and Vienna.   Like @AnswerToLife42 says, it's the Gulf Stream, not the "Golf Stream", ;-) that's probably the name of Trumps golf cart!  Sorry in advance for teasing you about typos, AnswerToLife! 
  8.   If you are using investors' capital to finance the purchase, can you pay them their investment back if they cancel the contract? And if you can do that, why would you need their investment and paying them such a high yield in the first place? Is there something I misunderstand?
  9.   The question is: Does the NHS know he ever left the UK?
  10. Public Health Insurance Deadline for EU Citizens

    Is there any reason you must be registered in Germany? Can't you just be registered in the Netherlands and be a "visitor" in Germany (for now).
  11. The Strange Death of Europe

      That's of course ridiculous. I doubt many people would believe some nonsense.   I do believe that we be allowed to discuss sensitive topics, such as this one, and I welcome publications that criticize migration policies rationally, respectfully and without unduly "stirring the pot".   I am myself a migrant and I am glad that Europe is so full of migrants. I think I'd be very unhappy living in Germany if the country had remained as monocultural as I envision it to have been before the 60s and 70s. I love being able to meet people from all over the world where I live and I love having a Vietnamese supermarket across the street, an Indian shop round the corner, and a Turkish bakery round the other corner. Variety is the spice of life!   I do, however, get the impression that Germany and Europe in general could do a bit more to attract better quality migration, and by that I mean educated migrants who will have successful careers and generate tax receipts and enrich the continent culturally, rather than poor, uneducated religious nutters that will breed more poor, uneducated religious nutters. We seem to have a lot of the latter.
  12. I tend to agree with @trr: show some good will and let it go. You'll remain in good terms with your client and you might get new business from him in the future, or referrals to other potential clients. If you insist on enforcing the agreement you'll be burning that bridge for ever. 
  13. Holiday Compensation

      You still have to be careful with that stuff, kiplette. I wouldn't use if I had pets or a young child.    I can't find the thread any more (and I've been looking for it for half an hour) but there's a thread on TT of someone who inhaled diatemous earth at work (I think we worked in pest control) and suffered serious lung damage.
  14. I've just posted a silly photo

    Have you been a bad, bad boy?
  15. Holiday Compensation

    Search the web on how to get rid of bedbugs (NOT easy). Like @naberlin and @El Jeffo says, you could have brought them back with you (they are known to hitch rides inside luggage) and in a worst-case scenario, they could invade the whole building and you could be held responsible.