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  1. Brexit: The fallout

      It's called right to protest.
  2.   I am jumping to the nefarious conclusion that the OP is Schrödinger.
  3. Alternative titles of threads

    How to bury Schrödinger's cat: it's dead and alive and real and fictitious all at the same time.
  4. First World Problems

      There was TV show (fiction, not reality) in Britain years ago specifically about WAGs. It was crap, but also very entertaining. My other half had a benign addiction to it. It featured a bunch of obnoxious blondes romantically linked one way or another with footballers. The had all sorts of "WAG-problems" and looked identical to each other—I just couldn't tell them apart. There was one though deliberately made to stand out by being a brunette, speaking with a posh voice, and having the utterly ridiculous name of "Chardonnay".
  5.   Yes, but need to take into account that the rent you receive for your property is taxable, while the rent you pay for your rental place is not tax-deductible. You need to do some numbers to work out if this really works in your favour.
  6. Complete FAIL

    They are like boozy chocolates in which some plasticky crap has been substituted for the chocolate.
  7. I had to green you, and not just because I liked your post:    
  8.   You count the rings on the stump. That's how many years old a tree is. This works for pretty much any tree that grows somewhere with seasons.
  9. I've just posted a silly photo

    He's gone. You can come out now. But I swear, he said "merry side", not "muricide".
  10. Brexit: The fallout

        That's my experience in the UK as well, which I visit about 10 times a year (London). Most of the complaints about "eastern Europeans" in the UK seem to come from places where there aren't any eastern Europeans at all.  
  11. If you are sticking to the regulations, of course you can make noise for construction and renovations. Make that clear to your neighbors politely but firmly. That's the end of the story.  
  12.     That's all obsolete. Someone needs to kick someone else's ass at the Cologne city hall.   This is what you get when you try to download the "Abmeldungformular"  that your landlord is supposed to fill in, but I guess you didn't try that:    
  13.   No, you needed confirmation from the Wohnungsgeber to deregister. They took that out of the Registration Act (I think less than a year later). I presume it caused too many headaches. I find it preposterous as well.
  14. It used to be that you needed confirmation to move out, but that's obsolete. Probably the Cologn city hall isn't very diligent updating its own website.