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  1. extending expired EU driver license

    My UK license expired last year (during the transition period, so it was still treated as an EU license) and I was able to swap it for a German one without renewing it in the UK. 
  2. Not paying GEZ fees

      For me it's over, Fraufruit. They wrote:   "Wir haben Ihr Beitragskonto abgemeldet."
  3. Not paying GEZ fees

      Probably, but they don't use a consistent approach. They do fight tooth and nail for that money.   I haven't paid for donkey's years and I've received a myriad of letters, had my account frozen twice, and the bailiff has come to my house four times since.   The last time the bailiff was in my home I refused to pay him (as I always do) and a couple of days later he sent me the usual letter announcing he was going to impound my bank account again. Curiously, that never happened; no idea why. This was about two years ago. I then got two or three more letters from them, the content of which I ignore, as I just sent them back as refused. I also got two letters from Creditreform (Inkasso?), which I also sent back unopened. Then silence for many months.   I recently got a roommate and that triggered the GEZ people into action again. He told them he's living with me and gave them my membership number. They then wrote to him that since I wasn't paying they were making him responsible for the dues at this address. They also wrote to me to tell me the same thing, and that they were "unsubscribing" me. "Wir haben Ihr Beitragskonto abgemeldet."    
  4. What's got you flummoxed today?

    Why did 247 people find this review helpful? 
  5. Making your own corned beef

    I want to make some corned beef, not the minced kind you can buy tinned in Britain, but the American-style kind you get in good delies in the Mid-West. I've researched how it's done and I've got all the ingredients. The saltpeter (potassium nitrate) I had to source from England (it seems to be really hard to get in Germany), but now it's all there--except the meat. I am not sure what cut of beef I should get. In the States corned beef is made with brisket. According to the dictionary the German equivalent is "Rinderbrust", but because cuts are not always equivalent accross countries, I am unsure that's the right cut. I've been thinking "Tafelspitz" looks a lot like the chunks of corned beef I've seen before. Is it the same cut as "Rinderbrust"? Any thoughts?