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  1. Brexit: The fallout

      Thank God you didn't walk into the Saudi embassy!
  2. What made you smile today?

    And if you'd like to play with your food...
  3. FRITZ!Box DSL modem and router problems

    According to this website, it's not possible to connect a Fritzbox to a VPN service:   :-(   This other site (in English) says pretty much the same thing.
  4. I've just posted a silly photo

    The trick to make your breasts gravity-defying that plastic surgeons don't want you to now about!
  5. Like El Jeffo says, although I would word it differently. The VAT you charge is never income. You are just acting as an (unpaid) tax collector on behalf of the Finanzamt. Your clients owe the VAT to FA, but instead of paying the tax directly they pay them through you. You take the VAT from your client and pass it on to the FA. That money is never yours and it's not taxable.
  6. Brexit: The fallout

      Well, that's embarrassing! However, I think it's of interest to point out that The Canary Islands are not in the EU's customs union (there's no VAT in the Canary Islands for example). This is of interest because it ridicules Theresa May's outrage at the idea of a backstop across the Irish Sea. Spain has had that between those islands and the rest of the country since way before it even joined the EU. During my lifetime, there's always been a customs border between The Canaries and the rest of Spain. No one in Spain is outraged by this, but to the UK government, having that kind of arrangement between Great Britain and NI is an unspeakable affront to their sovereignty. 
  7.   Maybe the landlord is Jason and he'll turn up when he least expects it!
  8. Recommendations for a cheap tablet device

    Lidl is selling the Samsung TAB A 10.1 for 169 euros from Thursday, November 8 if anyone is interested.
  9.   When it comes to raw heat generation there's no such thing as energy efficiency as heat is the end result of energy inefficiency. The laws of thermodynamics, entropy, and all that.   Do as Panda says. Heating with electricity costs a fortune!
  10. Brexit: The fallout

    Just in:   Taxes on beer, cider and spirits in the UK to remain frozen, while wine will be taxed more according to the new budget.   Is it a coincidence that lager, cider, perry, gin, scotch tends to be produced in the UK, whereas wine is imported (a lot of it from the EU)?    The stealth protectionism has started, if you ask me.  
  11. Complete FAIL

      Which one is which? 
  12.   In my 18 years in Germany I've been refused accounts and CCs a few times and I always had perfect credit. Banks have different reasons to do that: you are just not the kind of customer they are looking for for that kind of product. It could be that they their computer algorithms predict that you won't make them any money based on your age, your income, your profession, where you live, how many bank accounts you have, how much credit you have with other institutions...    A good credit record doesn't automatically make you a desirable target for all banking products. Customers with less than a perfect credit score can sometimes make a bank more money because they keep their accounts in the red and pay interest on that. The thing is, if a bank doesn't want you, you just move on and ask a different one. They won't tell you why they don't want to do business with you.
  13. I've just posted a silly photo

    No, it's not Richard, silly! Guess again!
  14. Buying a flat in Cologne.. a couple questions

    Usually you get the keys when the sales contract is signed. I've bought two properties since I lived in Germany and it was that way both times.   Escrow accounts are unusual in Germany for real estate transactions. I've never heard of them. The notary will tell you which account to transfer the money to after the contract is signed. The contract will say give the a deadline by which time the money must reach the seller's account.   If you are paying cash the process should be super easy. You get all the paperwork and get at least 14 days to review it (it's the minimum by law). Then you meet with the seller and the notary, get the keys, and transfer the money. From your side, you are done. There's the actual legal ownership transfer and blah, blah that still needs to be done, but the notary takes care of that without your input.
  15. Tip of the day

      I often see them Cybil, and they do look like hummingbirds. I am not sure I like them because when you first see them you get so excited because you think there’s a hummingbird in your garden and wonder if the birds have colonized Europe, but when you look closely and realize that you are looking at an insect you crash with disappointment.