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  1. will i go to jail ?

    I wouldn't recommend you get a lawyer unless things get ugly down the line.    I once received a similar letter because my ex-roommate ordered a shitload of steriods and had his as well as my name put in the package (to make sure the mailman found the postbox [how cool is that?]). As it happens, they went after me, instead of him, maybe because by the time the letters from the authorities started to come he had already taken off to the other side of the planet and had deregistered from my address.   Anyway, I decided I wasn't going to rat him out and I was going to face the music and play dumb. At the end of the day, it was a package addressed to me and him and there was no proof anywhere that I had ordered it or that it had been in my possession, so I didn't think they had much of a case.   At some point I got an invitation to go to the Zoll, to explain myself. I went there and I played dumb saying I didn't know anything about it. Only at the end of the interview they did ask "what's this other name on the package?". I told them it was my ex-roommate and that I had no idea if he was involved. They seemed uninterested and never asked for his address or phone number.   At some point later on I got a letter from the district attorney saying that importing medicines was a misdemeanor (Ordunungswidrigkeit). No penalty or fine was specified and there were no repercussions. That was it.
  2. Post inaguration fall-out

      My excuse is TT addition!
  3. Option list on new laptop driving me crazy!

    Usually there's a "recovery" partition on Windows machines with the Windows installer on it. It would look like an ordinary drive, sometimes D:\   Do you see something like that? There should be an installer in there to reinstall Windows and wipe everything out.
  4. You might have misunderstood something you have read. The need to give up your current citizenship could be waived if "[it] would incur substantial disadvantages beyond the loss of his or her civic rights, in particular such disadvantages of an economic or property-related nature [...]".   An example of the application of this sentence would be if you own property in your country of citizenship and that country barred non-citizens from owning property. Giving up your citizenship would cause you to lose ownership, and that could could be "substantial economic disadvantage".   Another substantial disadvantage would be if your country of citizenship had inheritance laws that were substantially disadvantageous to non-citizens. For example, if your parents had substantial wealth in N.Z. that were to be bequeathed onto you upon their demise and that inheritance were taxed disproportionally if you were no longer a citizen of N.Z. or you were not allowed to claim, you could claim that as a "substantial disadvantage".   I don't see how you can spin having debts in your country of citizenship to your advantage in a claim to keep your original nationality.   Disclaimer: I am just an idiot who spends to much time on TT. This is not legal advice.
  5. Option list on new laptop driving me crazy!

    I mean how far down the key travels when you press it. Laptop keyboards are shallower than desktop ones so when a laptop key is pressed it travels a shorter downward distance. This makes it harder to tell if a key has been successfully pressed or not (i.e. the system has recognized the keystroke) and can translate into more typos in your writing.
  6. Option list on new laptop driving me crazy!

    @arunadasi I don't want to drive you crazy, but if you are going to use it for writing (which by the way, you do beautifully) I think you need to test the keyboard. I personally like keyboards that are cliccy and have a long travel distance for the keys; in other words: keyboards that give me a clear feel of keys being pressed. That's a rare thing in laptop keyboards because they tend to be mushy and shallow but some are definitely better than others.
  7.   I am not trying to contradict you here, just chipping in some personal experience that suggest the the 4/5ths rule might not usually be enforced.   A few years ago some of my colleagues and I were audited by the DRV as a result of a freelancer who became disgruntled with a client after he was fired. Our assumption was that he reported us as well as himself to cause the maximum amount of the damage to the client without regard to any collateral damage.   The DRV audited us and was exclusively interested in the working relationship with the client. The 4/5th rule was never addressed, so maybe it's something that's not widely enforced?
  8.   My gut feeling is that the "wellness" term is completely unregulated in Germany. I see it applied to absolutely everything: from cruises and package tours to anything you can eat or drink and going through clothing and the endless supply of snake oil remedies that line the shelves of any German drugstore.   Examples: Tchibo wellness Urlaub (Tchibo is also notorious for putting 'Wellness' on towels, yoga mats, and pretty much everything the sell. Douglas wellness cosmetics   Food. Googling "wellness müsli" brings up a plethora of müsli packages with the word "wellness" printed on it.   Lots of hotels and gyms also include the word in their name.
  9. Why do Immobilienmakler...?

      Germans hate them even more than foreigners!
  10. The people that had political jobs during the DDR times didn't just drop dead after reunification. Many are still around, and some will have government jobs. What's the big scandal?
  11. Maybe I'll go and visit him, just like he came to visit me then :-)  
  12.   No one can tell you with certainty. In my case I got a letter from the bailiff saying he was coming in two weeks (gave me the exact date, 6 Feb). He came in on the 6th and my bank got the instruction to freeze my account on the 10th.   They haven't taken the money yet. My bank account just shows a Teilbetragsperre in the amount I owe, meaning I cannot use that amount.   I don't know how it works now. I suppose that if I don't transfer the money, they'll take it. Maybe someone here can clarify.
  13. I presume that if the OP wrote the review it is in his power to change or remove it. I know that wouldn't necessarily make the problem go away, just noting that it is a variable that can be changed.
  14.   Almost! That would be §12 Absatz (1) 5 StAG, instead of  §12 Absatz 2 StAG.  
  15. Do you like living in Germany?

      Good explanation. There's a lot of confusion around about what "High German" means.   I've found that some people assume that "high German" is called that because it was historically the language of the cultured and the aristocracy, whereas low German would be the vernacular of the peasants. The truth is that the low/high German classification is based on that (roughly) high German dialects originate in mountainous areas, such as Bavaria and Austria, whereas low German dialects are native to the flatter (lower) northern areas. Technically, Dutch, Flemish, Afrikaans and Luxembourgian are low German dialects.