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  1. YESSSS! I called the lawyers at Allianz again. When I told the lawyer what her colleague had told me previously, she double-checked with a third colleague, and they both agreed that:


    1) My ex-landlady's agreement to let me out of the contract early if I found a Nachmieter constitutes an Aufhebungsvertrag, so I should have gotten out of the contract early, even though she changed her mind later


    2) If I can't prove that she agreed to the above(I need to find the written statement) I should not have to pay rent for the time that I no longer had access to the house and renovations were taking place.


    3) The deposit was due back to me the day after the handover was done, since no damage was ascertained.


    4) She owes me interest on the deposit until I get it back.


    5) Regarding "Nebenkosten", she can only withhold what can be reasonably expected to come out extra, which is nowhere near 3600 euros. And she has had plenty of time to work out the bills.


    6) I am going to send her a registered letter giving her a time limit of 14 days to pay me back the deposit in full with interest.


    7) If she does not pay, she will be "In Verzug" and I can expect more money from her. If she doesn't pay within the limit I set, I will go to a lawyer. With my insurance, I have to pay 150 euros out of my own pocket and Allianz would cover the rest.


  2. Guest, I am also distanced from my family because I wanted to actually talk about some issues from the past to resolve them. I'm not in the club anymore since I removed my head from the sand (this is a generalization, and does not apply to everyone in the family). It really sucks when the people in the world who are supposed to love you the most treat you that way. Rejection by your parents hurts no matter how old you are. Do concentrate on the worthwhile people in your life who DO love you no matter what.


  3. I moved over four months ago and still have not gotten my large deposit back from the house I was previously renting. I really could use the money back, but my ex-landlady is not responding to my emails any more.


    I paid double rent for two months, so my contract was not officially over until the end of April. However, the landlady already had all the keys to the place and was renovating it mid-April, and it had been empty since the end of February. We have had some issues. I asked her, when I gave notice, if I could get out of the contract earlier if I got someone else to rent the place and she agreed, but after I spent some money and a lot of time and effort, over a month after I gave notice, she decided she would prefer to take a Makler, after all, because she didn't feel confident about choosing the next renter herself. We had been friendly until then and I asked, when she got the Makler (who made ZERO effort to quickly find a new renter), if she would be kind enough to let me out of the contract a month early. She refused. I happen to know that she owns another house in the next village over and has been letting people live there rent free for years, because it's a dump. Anyway, I have already been in touch with my legal insurance and even though she agreed to let me out of the contract earlier, and I presented her with interested parties, she doesn't actually have to. So I have to live with that. I also asked the lawyer if I could get half of the rent for April back since I had no more access to the house as of mid-month, and renovations were taking place. Apparently I have no right to that, either (maybe my legal insurance just discourages people from fighting because they want to avoid paying anything?)


    But that is all beside the point. I am just wondering how long she can mess around before she MUST give me back the deposit? According to the new Makler, whom I contacted when she wouldn't answer me, my ex-landlady is working out the Nebenkosten. She had charged me 100 Euros a month for them, and there is a clause in the contract that each year the actual costs should be calculated (I was in the house 1.5 years and no calculation took place within that time). The Makler made a comment about "If there is anything left at all after the calculations". The deposit is 3600 Euros!!! I damn sure hope she's not intending to keep it all to cover miscalculated Nebenkosten. I just sent her another polite reminder, asking her if she needed help collecting bills, perhaps she hasn't gotten them all from whichever service providers? But I am sure that she will not respond.


    Okay, one thing I must admit...when she didn't let me out of the contract early, she DID agree to take the last month's rent out of the deposit (I had to get a deposit for the new place together). So the sticking point may be the fact that I asked her, in my first email, to return the deposit minus only HALF of April's rent since she was already renovating during that month. I know I don't have a legal leg to stand on, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to ask, and I feel it would only be fair. At this point, however, I would be happy to get 2400 Euros back instead of the 3000 I was hoping for. However, I am NOT going to write her and tell her she can keep the extra 600 euros if she just hurries up and gives me some cash.


    Any advice? Anyone know when I can really start rattling the cage? I already have decided I am going to insist on interest (I'm sure she didn't put the deposit in an account like she is legally obliged to), and I am considering asking her to reimburse be for the money I spent on ads and flyers to get a Nachmieter (possibly even the time I invested?).


    Thanks in advance...


  4. I have some business clothing, skirt suits and so, but I make sure to never get anything that requires dry-cleaning. I like everything I wear to go through sudsy water.


    Guest, I almost never wash a pair of jeans after just one wearing, if I've only sat around in the office. I suppose that makes me a dirty girl ;-)


  5. I've probably written this before, but I got a letter from some lawyer up North and ignored it. I got a couple more letters every couple of months, but they just gave up as I didn't even acknowledge having received the letters. I had gotten that advice from a lawyer.


  6. In Munich there is a vet ambulance, maybe you could find a similar service in Nürnberg? I found this link when I googled, the number is nationwide:



  7. I just reread my post -- of course I had lovely neighbors as well! It's just the mean and nasty ones who make your heartrate double when you walk out your door...and that is not a nice feeling at all.


  8. I had some pretty horrible neighbors where I lived with my dog Tobi. People complained to the Hausmeister behind my back, who then came to me. Others were nasty to my face. Tobi peed squatting due to his bad hips, and people observing from their windows thought he was pooing and would get angry when I didn't bend down to pick anything up. I made sure to take him to the "Stadtwald" which was the only place nearby where dogs were officially allowed to pee, but it was also a place the kids in the 'hood loved to play--and everyone could see if from their windows. I ended up making a nice powerpoint presentation with lots of pictures and simple language. I showed pictures of how little poos come from little dogs like chihuahas, and big dogs would make big poos (I lived right next to a path that goes into Olympia park, so lots of people with dogs passed by). I showed the difference between a peeing squat and a pooing squat. I sent this to the Hausverwaltung who were getting involved. I told them that I was sick of these accusations and that I would take legal action the next time I was accused of not cleaning up after my dog. I said they should video it, or pick up the poo and prove it was Tobi's (I would pay for the test IF it was his). Obviously, I never left his poo anywhere. The Hausverwaltung got quiet, but in the end I sold my apartment and moved out of town because the stupid neighbors were always so aggressive to me. Somehow, I just rubbed the people there the wrong way. Single woman, no kids, dog, American. One guy thought a good way to talk to me would be to tell me how fat I am. He shut up when I told him I might be fat, but I earn more money than he does. Aaaagh, all these memories are coming back. If people want to make your life hell, they will. You will never have your peace with her. But you said that moving is not an option.


    You've been above it all, but maybe you need to stick to your rights more. Make sure you raise hell the next time she sends someone to use YOUR bathroom. Could you install a door at the bottom of the stairs leading to your place? Anything she leaves in the main foyer, which you now also have to clean, goes in the garbage. Put YOUR decoration on the house door. Ok...the geranium boxes I might consider putting inside your balcony rather than was actually in one of my past contracts to put flower boxes inside the balcony because they do drip. But HAVE barbecues in your garden. PLAY music when it is allowed. LET the kids play. And tell her you will call the police if she ever speaks to or lays a hand on your child again. Show her your disdain. Complain about ANYTHING she does wrong. Maybe at some point she will move out.


    Honestly, I don't think she will ever be civil and your life will not be pleasant while living there. And if she is being nasty to your kids, that is over the line.


    Unfortunately, dogs really tend to polarize people. Many Germans love them, but some HATE them, with a dripping, seething, vengeful hatred which is then also directed at the owners.


    I found living in the country with my dog much better. He had a fenced in yard, and the neighbors were farmers and had dogs, too.


    Unfortunately, it is not the dog pissing off your neighbor...she will always find something to bitch about.


    I'm sorry you are going through this, I've been there too. You aren't doing anything wrong, and there is nothing you can do to make it better. I know that's not much comfort.


  9. My dog grew out of eating poop after a couple of months, by the time he was 1 he thought it was disgusting, too. He would sniff poop and then wrinkle his nose in disgust <3


    When you talk to your neighbors, ask them how often they de-worm their cats. If you get them to de-worm the cats regularly (at least twice a year), then the consumption of their poop is still disgusting, but not harmful to your dog's health.


    The suggestion of the cloth muzzle is also not bad. I had one in case I was asked to muzzle Tobi on the train (I never was). It took a bit of getting used to in the beginning, but it is not uncomfortable, the dog can still drink water, but he can't really eat. The only problem is that if people see a muzzle on a dog, they often assume he is dangerous.


    Good luck, and let us know how it works out!


  10. Hmmm, something like an office move is something I probably would have written on my calendar, SmittyBoy! ;-)


    But really, I kind of wonder if I have a memory problem, or if this is my brain telling me the information just is not important enough to remember. I suppose I could keep a kind of social calendar, but I have enough more important things to keep track of than the holiday plans of casual acquaintances.


  11. The statement that Germans don't do smalltalk is wrong, in my opinion. I have gotten used to it, but in the beginning it really annoyed me that people were always talking about the weather, their health, their sleep, their poos, and their upcoming holidays. My problem is that I never remember what people tell me so they tend to get offended when they go off on holiday and I ask where, and they already told me half a year ago where they were planning on going.