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  1. Verwahrentgelt for existing bank users, is it a trick?

      You say "only", but €50k isn't much these days.   Previously it was €250k, then €100k. What's next, €25k?   That's not even a year's average salary in Germany. Anyone who takes their savings seriously will be impacted.   It's not worth changing banks because those that don't charge Strafzinsen will start doing so soon, they have to.   The banks can't be blamed, but the central bank very much can be. Unfortunately I think they'll continue tightening the screw as far as possible, until it impacts voting behaviour, which is still a long way off.
  2. Buying property in Germany

      You can build your own network.   Once you've been to a viewing and become friendly with the agent they will usually put you on their preferred list of contacts. This list receives property availability announcements before they get posted on public sites.   Something like 60% of properties are sold this way. They never make it onto Immoscout or whatever.   The problem, of course, that each agent only sells a handful of properties per year, so you have to be on the list of many agents.   So go to lots of viewings with lots of different agents, even to viewings where you're not necessarily interested in that particular property. Then make sure the agent puts you on their list. Give them your Selbstauskunft and Bonitätsnachweis and a summary of your property requirements.
  3. The price of bitcoin is surging and recently crossed €20. Anyone here own any?  
  4. Munich babysitters wanted

    If you are a family that is seeking a babysitter, post your requirement here. Remember to include contact details (telephone number, email, etc.) or instruct candidate babysitters to send you a personal message via this forum. Note that all posts here are automatically removed after three months.   If you are a babysitter seeking work, please do not post a public reply to adverts. Instead contact the advertiser directly and in private via the contact details they give. Take care to note the date of the postings. The most recent adverts are at the bottom of this page. Plus, remember you should also advertise your services by posting a message to the babysitters available listings.
  5. The current weather in Munich

    Post here for general chat about the current weather in Munich.   Only in cases of extreme weather should a new topic be started.   Current weather: Yahoo! weather forecast for Munich   See also the Munich weather discussion archive.