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  1. On 01/07/2021, 10:00:14, GaryC said:

    I thought the fee was supposed to apply only where the balance on the account exceeds 50,000€


    You say "only", but €50k isn't much these days.


    Previously it was €250k, then €100k. What's next, €25k?


    That's not even a year's average salary in Germany. Anyone who takes their savings seriously will be impacted.


    It's not worth changing banks because those that don't charge Strafzinsen will start doing so soon, they have to.


    The banks can't be blamed, but the central bank very much can be. Unfortunately I think they'll continue tightening the screw as far as possible, until it impacts voting behaviour, which is still a long way off.


  2. On 4/20/2021, 9:44:27, mendaki said:

    is there some kind of resource or secret house search network we could tap into?


    You can build your own network.


    Once you've been to a viewing and become friendly with the agent they will usually put you on their preferred list of contacts. This list receives property availability announcements before they get posted on public sites.


    Something like 60% of properties are sold this way. They never make it onto Immoscout or whatever.


    The problem, of course, that each agent only sells a handful of properties per year, so you have to be on the list of many agents.


    So go to lots of viewings with lots of different agents, even to viewings where you're not necessarily interested in that particular property. Then make sure the agent puts you on their list. Give them your Selbstauskunft and Bonitätsnachweis and a summary of your property requirements.


  3. Note to the many the people reporting YouTube videos on this forum lately... You are hitting the report button requesting a video be removed, yet you then proceed to reply to the post with the video quoted within yours.


    This results in the video being posted not merely once, but multiple times. It means you're not silencing the poster's voice, you're amplifying it, which is probably the exact opposite of what you want.


    So, if you disagree with someone, feel free to reply, but it's probably best not to quote them, or at least not to quote them in full. Certainly not if the quote contains their image or YouTube video.


  4. Yes.


    My own opinion is that farmers might well take a hit in the short term. However, if they're allowed to continue then we all take a massive hit in the long term. Farmers are basically taking a loan out of our collective tomorrow in order to increase their own profits today. So on balance I think it's good to keep up the pressure on them. And of course, nobody wants to put the farmers out of business. Solutions will be found, but they have to be environmentally-conscious solutions.


  5. There is currently a referendum being conducted to save the bees in Bavaria.


    It's not just about bees, but about biodiversity in general.


    Flowers, insects, and birds are dying off in massive numbers and the aim is to change farming practices to stop this.


    One change that is being demanded is that the percentage of land farmed organically should increase from the current 10% to 30%. A second is that more bee-friendly practices should be used, including mowing of grasses later in the year, and wider margins to be left on streams - which are natural bee habitats.


    All political parties are in favour, except for the governing CSU who claim farmers will suffer financially.


    If you hold German citizenship you have until Wednesday 13th February 2019 to vote.



    10% of the voting population are required to sign in order for the referendum to be successful and progress to the next stage.


    There is a voting station in the town hall on Marienplatz, and six other stations dotted around Munich, see list below.


    Further info:






  6. Registration is not guaranteed. There's a combination of automation and human oversight which guards against spam and other misuse.


    Registrations from Cameroon and Vietnam, for example, are more likely to be blocked than registrations from within the EU. Throwaway email addresses are also less trustworthy.


    GMX and Web.de have chosen not to deliver emails from toytowngermany.com. They have us on a silent filter. The emails don't even go to spam. So registrations from those addresses can never be confirmed. GMX and web.de are two of the only large email providers in the world to not offer 2FA, so you shouldn't be using them anyway.


    @Tim Hortons Man pull the other one. Your duplicate accounts were blocked because duplicate accounts are not allowed, especially if they look commercial in nature.

    In case anyone else is reading and can't register or post, mail me at: eb@toytowngermany.com



  7. Canadian hiker Jeff Freiheit is hiking alone from Munich to Venice and has not been heard from since August 2nd, 2018 in Lenggries, Germany.




    He is 32 years old, 185 cm, 80 kg, slim athletic build with brown hair and brown eyes.


    He left Munich on Tuesday 31st July 2018. He spent the night to Thursday 2nd August in Bad Tölz.


    On Thursday 2nd August he hiked up to Brauneck. See his instragram videos of beginning the ascent and reaching the top.


    Since then the trail has gone cold.


    He was on his way to Gasthof Post in Vorderriß where he had a reservation, but never arrived.


    Police and mountain rescue have been searching the area for days, but without result so far.


    His wife and mother arrived in Bad Tölz on Sunday 12th August to help with the search.


    Latest update, Friday 17th August 2018 -  Today police and mountain rescue are repeating a search in the area between Brauneck and Benediktenwand.


    See his wife's plea for help on Facebook.


    Further details in German: merkur.de / jeff freiheit newsblog


    GoFundMe page to help family with travel expenses.



    3 hours ago, ballygobackwards said:

    Rather than get a negative classification in the credit bureau or other institute I would prefer to pay


    As explained one page back on this thread, non-payment of Rundfunkbeitrag fees can not affect your credit rating.


    Try googling the reports from other non-payers. None has received a SCHUFA entry.


    Reason? Because credit ratings are an evalutation of your risk of defaulting on debt, but TV fees are not debt.


    Earlier explanation...


    On 1/8/2018, 6:42:02, Editor Bob said:

    Technically, unpaid Rundfunkbeitrag is not "Schuld". This is because there is no contact. You've never signed anything saying you'll pay and then not paid. It's the same reason you can not get a SCHUFA entry over it. SCHUFA is only for debt, but unpaid TV charges don't count as debt.