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  1. The price of bitcoin is surging and recently crossed €20. Anyone here own any?  
  2. The current weather in Munich

    Post here for general chat about the current weather in Munich.   Only in cases of extreme weather should a new topic be started.   Current weather: Yahoo! weather forecast for Munich   See also the Munich weather discussion archive.
  3.   Hi Folks, just as it says in the title, can anyone recommend any cross country skiing trails near Munich? I'm thinking the Austro-German border area, Spitzing See, Tegernsee, Garmisch, Lengries, Bayerischezell. And any resources for finding out about trails?  And what about hire of Langlauf skiis in Munich? Which shops do that and how much does it cost to hire for a weekend?   Any other pertinent things to know about? I've done cross country skiing once in my life about 10 years ago. But this weekend me and gf intend to give it a go. We really don't have a clue. But it's gotta be easier than that snowboarding lark, right?   Am about to do some googling for info. Will post any stuff I find. In the meantime, if anyone has any tips, they'd be gladly received! Thanks.
  4. Munich.de relaunched

    About time! For many years Munich had to make do with an official city website which looked like it was cobbled together by a colour-blind seven year old kid. Strange considering that Munich prides itself on being the center of technological excellence in Germany. Thankfully the city council have finally seen fit to give the website a major overhaul and today the new Official Munich City Portal has been launched. Not only has the look and feel been updated, but a complete "communications platform" for all city departments has been developed. You will now be able to interact with the authorities online and execute your official form filling duties without having to trudge down to the office buildings. You will also be able to retrieve information about shopping, restaurants, nightlife, sport, culture, transport, and more. As mentioned, Muenchen.de is the official Munich website. If, on the other hand, you were looking for a strictly Unofficial City Guide run by rank amateurs, then you've already found it!