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  1. I'm planning to go up to Laboe tomorrow to see U-995 and the Marineehrenmal and KVG-Kiel doesn't mention any strikes (in fact I'm sure it said definitely not striking somewhere). I'm coming up all the way from Magdeburg though, so just in case KVG-Kiel does decide to strike I've looked up the tourist attractions but there are so many! Any recommendations? Or heads up on KVG strikes? ta



    I am only ever assumed to be German when driving abroad. Somehow driving with German numberplates in France, Belgium, Holland, or the UK brings out the nationalist in the local drivers. I get cut up, shoved out of the way, generally subjected to aggressive behaviour.My favourite example is driving in the Lake District in a right-hand drive car with German plates the morning after England had beaten Germany in the European football championships. We were going slowly through a town when a driver coming the opposite way screamed across through our window "1-0!!!". Of course that was right in my ear and I leaped out of my skin from shock.


    I hung a Bundesflag out my window in england when i lived outside a pub and the world cup was on. England hadn't even played Germany yet but it somehow disappeared :P



    Problem solved, no-one else drinks that crap.


    Apparently they sell it in Finland too :P and Austria and Switzerland, but it is ther Germanest soft drink (besides almdudler etc) I've seen alright. Helps camouflage the englishness... except when you and your best friend first find out about it and go around Munich shouting MEZZO MIX and pointing at every bottle you see... true story


  4. Was not expecting so many comments, @everyone who said laugh it off or just ignore, I did and shall do again



    Germans think I am British, Brits think I am a yank... The first one I can understand, the Germans for the most part don't know the difference in accents. However, the Brits SHOULD know; Canada is part of the Commonwealth and their queen is on the Canuck buck too.


    In our defence the only exposure we get to the Canadian accent is in American cartoons, and considering most of those I've watched in German... yeah :P



    Every UKian is one!


    I also had one when turning in my drivers license which says TEXAS in big letters at the type, and the beamtin uncharacteristically tried to make small talk with me after I handed her the license and she had entered the information into the machine and we were waiting.. "Sind sie Englaender".


    Yes, sweetheart, Texas is right next to Manchester..


    "UKian", I do believe the word you're looking for is "Brit" :P


  5. So I'm walking to work at the end of lunch break with a bottle of Mezzo Mix, as you do, as I'm drinking I walk past a guy who says "Prost... Deutsches Arschloch! Ha!" and then continues to laugh. I probably shouldn't have said anything, but instead I replied "Bin Englisch" (should be Englander right?) which made him fall silent and try to attract my attention again sounding apologetic, but I ignored him. Anyhoo, just alerting y'all in Magdeburg. And if the person who said this is reading this, lawl


  6. Not today or even yesterday but 2 days ago, a friend's girlfriend and therefore him said they got annoyed by me talking in memes on facebook etc so asked me to stop rather than just not reading what I right. Also I worked out with the help of another friend that original friend is an insecure show off... And also realised recently that my choice of degree in in German has been based entirely off the Germany I know as a holiday destination... but anyhoo