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  1. Einbürgerung Process in München

    Short update for anyone who might have the same question as I had:  I spoke with ABH authorities today. The process is straightforward. The citizenship certificate is ready. After the payment of the fees, I will need to submit my Indian passport with German Authorities. They will submit the passport to Indian consulate themselves. 
  2. Einbürgerung Process in München

    @engelchen - thanks you are right - my current citizenship is Indian. 
  3. Einbürgerung Process in München

    @alien7 - roughly around 4 months.
  4. Einbürgerung Process in München

    Sure thing, I will post the response, thanks again
  5. Einbürgerung Process in München

    Thanks @robinson100 I intend to call them up on Monday morning.
  6. Dear TTer's,    after submitting my Einbürgerung documents few months ago, today I received a letter from KVR München that my Einbürgerungsurkunde is ready for  pick up and that I should contact them after payment of fees (255euro) and with my existing passport. This has left me a bit confused as I thought I would receive an "Einbürgerungszuschierung" first which I will need to denounce my existing citizenship (my current citizenship does not permit multiple citizenships).  Is my understanding of the process correct ?   Any similar experiences, insights or suggestions will be helpful.