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  1. Complete FAIL

      A bit like glyphosat : Read the small print and only use according to the instructions...
  2. Only in America...

    Healthy pet put down so it can be buried with owner     Full story from the Guardian  
  3. The Vent - No Chat!

    I'm travelling next week and wanted to buy a Bahncard 50% as well  as my ticket on the Bahn.de site.   No problem you'd think... They can issue a temp Bahncard immediately and I can use it to buy my rebated ticket.   But wait... small  print needs magnifying... As I qualify for a 50% reduction on the card itself (as I turned 60) I can apply (actually only apply) for this specially reduced card.   But not over the net unless I can wait 12 days before using it.   To: Deutsche Bahn  I've been a customer with a Bahncard on and off now for 10 years. You know this. And you're telling me now that all this time you wanted my DoB but  never actually needed (or believed) it ?   12 days to check by age or I can go to a DB Centre and they'll give me a temp card for immediate use. Local travel agency for tickets can't do this (as you won't let them)   Can't read my Ausweis over the net ? Or get post ID ? Or use my history with you ??   Beamter institution dragging itself kicking and screaming from the 19th into the 20th Century. 20 yrs behind what's possible for other service industries.   Wake up !!! Grrrrrr                          
  4. Berlin U.S. consulate entry, security procedures

    So as a non US citizen of the EU (now with both UK and DE citizenship) I'll be  going to the  Clayallee U.S. consulate in Berlin in the next few weeks.   Still not sure where I can leave my belongings (phone, electronic car key, bag itself)... Above posts from 2018 suggest trying all nearby bakeries, a few I note on Google maps.   Is this still the case - simply try local shops and offer them a few Euros to hold my stuff ?   I'll need the phone/maps to navigate the bus/train/tram.   Colleague informed me that on visiting a different US embassy, his electronic door locking key fob fell under the  "forbidden electronic devices"   Recent storage experiences would be appreciated.   
  5. homophon :  << world peace >>  
  6. Ikea gas hob

    If you're talking about hobs for travel (boats and caravans) then the answer from @franklan covers the technical part.   What this means is that for every new country/adapter you'll need a new gas bottle. In Sweden, mine cost around EUR 100 two years ago. Lightweight fiberglass BTW.   Filling your german bottles becomes a chore...finding a filling station, getting there, waiting, practising your language skills...   Easier in a motor home than a boat. Often the filling stations are inland and not every taxi driver is happy to transport your rusty bottles.   Maybe you can take enough gas for your trip? Need the space though.    There are lots of adapters out there. For the price of a few euros, I'd buy multiple sets as early on in my travels, I found bottles on sale for which I had no adaptor...    
  7. What made you laugh today?

    Kale,  or as Germans call it 'Grünkohl', is something wonderful to eat on a cold winter's day. With sugar glazed mini spuds. With or without 'Kassler'.   A speciality of Schleswig-Holstein!
  8. Interesting spam e-mails received

    Lovely story from the IT magazine C't about  a spammer getting themselves hacked.     The full story can be read here (but in German).   It's really quite techie - and so not for everyone. It does have the reminders that any system set up (by that I mean yours and mine), needs to have passwords set that are non trivial as well as making sure security patches are regularly reviewed and implemented.   But the overall idea of fighting back and taking over a spammers network of scams is truly wonderful.   At the end of the story the magazine suggests that the hacker probably broke  German law and we shouldn't follow this hacker's example.   Law enforcement across borders makes it difficult to follow/prosecute the spammer.   Still, Karma in IT !    
  9. What's got you flummoxed today?

    I don't know what flummoxed me more: that wine can be priced at £4500 or that people are willing to pay.   Mostly, I remember "wine drinkers" from Manchester as those people who frequented Yates' Wine Lodge. (Northern Englanders will know)   A totally other clientele completely...   Kudos to the twitter/press statement admitting the mistake and standing by the staff!     ...Wanted a wine for £260... received and drank it.... then wanted another... 1st world problems...   Full story    
  10. Is it illegal to download PDF books from internet?

    Project Gutenburg now (2019) has a notice that as I am in Germany, it is not allowed to supply me with any books.     Waldorf Frommer put a stop to that.
  11. What irritated you today?

    Don't use the internet radio in the kitchen every day. When I do, it provides worldwide radio stations and good quality sound.   Or rather it did....   Every saved channel now has the same message : "due to a change in the database system, you'll need to refind and reprogramm all your favourites" (or similar)   Found this link that explains (Heise.de). It's in German, but here is a deepl.com translation :      Grr.... Got to sit there now and reprogram everything. The non techies in the household are also noticing that it doesn't work as before...  
  12. Odd news

    200Kg fish falls off the back of a lorry in Bad Segeberg as reported by the Kieler Nachrichten / Lübecker Online       **Schlager traffic....  There was a concert (Schlagernacht) due to start at 18:00. So huge queues built up as the main crossroads was afftected.   Somewhat fishy, eh ?   Text (German) and pics
  13. Only in America...

      And now he's being charged with murder as well as using a weapon during a felony. He's 9 and mentally ill. What sort of legal system is there in Michigan?   https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/9-year-old-boy-charged-mother-s-shooting-death-michigan-n1004096  
  14. What made you smile today?

    I remember  BBC radio interview with a man who collected road kill when cycling to his girlfriend in the '60s. When asked what hedgehog tasted like, he replied 'well, have you eaten ferret'?   BTW Can't get grey squirrel round our way, only the fun sized red critters...  
  15. FTFY a little pithed ?
  16. Worst jokes ever

      The greyest of grey cells just woke up on seeing that.    Started an archive run in my head.. Someone did a ventriloquist skit on that... take the mummy...open the gox... Now grey cell, who was that then? Tommy Cooper??  
  17. What's got you flummoxed today?

      One tab of pure sodium in the machine and run like hell...   Now there is a suggestion for that TV show, 'Don't try this at home'  
  18. What's got you flummoxed today?

    We had someone in to fix the machine, as it wouldn't start. No water was being let in.   He physically turned the (empty!) machine onto its side, saying a sensor sometimes sticks.    Started straight away after that...  
  19. Worst jokes ever

    The Ford motor company has finally jumped onto the recycling bandwagon.   Their new model, the Pubic, will be made entirely out old Corsairs.     
  20. Random pointless comments

    What's missing ?   1) Mug of steaming tea. 2) Signs that the breakfast is actually hot... looks more like a congealed lukewarm mess to me.
  21. Why are you happy today?

    Fixed the engine in the boat myself. Finally moved to our home harbour (Baltic).   Occams Razor applied to the engine problem. Paid techies wanted to replace all sorts of components. I started with the cheapest bits...
  22. I've just posted a silly photo

    Hothead, burning to get back home. 
  23. What's got you flummoxed today?

    Noted that TELE5 was showing the Flight of the Phoenix (1965) with James Stewart and Richard Attenborough. The Telekom page showed the synopsis with a short credit list.   Last night I settled down to enjoy this B/W story.   Colour ? Huh ? Dennis Quaid and Miranda Otto ? They showed the 2004 remake instead.   Even son of mine gave up and left the couch to go to bed early....
  24. Living on canned food long-term

    German rules (EU?) are stricter. The press are all over manufacturers who falsely claim on labels.      
  25. Living on canned food long-term

      Fray Bentos.  Now that takes me back a while. I get to 'enjoy' one of these pies when a yacht delivery starts in the UK. Then someone thinks we need these instead of cooking for ourselves.   One a decade is enough...   But I spotted tinned spinach recently. Something the my kids here have never experienced. I was brought up on it (Popeye days)