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  1. Converting a driving

      Actually, he told me he stopped for spiders... Now just how big do those critters need to be, to be seen from behind a windscreen??   His answer: dinner plate diameter  
  2. Converting a driving

    The six month rule started when you first moved here (Datum der Anmeldung...ie registered to live here). Once this is over, you're back to *lessons* and test.   That's how I read the ADAC link I sent.   Those fine details you need suggest to me you need to call your local (German) driving licence office. Or the ADAC. You'll need to be in touch with them anyway...   A colleague of mine from S.America now living here was very surprised when he couldn't just swap the license (18months after he started to live here).   Needed lessons and test. Very costly oversight.
  3. What's got you flummoxed today?

    There comes a time (middle age??) when one should change to a doctor/dentist significantly younger than oneself.   They retire sometime...  leaving an older oneself to start looking again. Done early enough, the medical folk can look after one even into old age (whatever that is these days)    Perhaps ought to be in the 'ponder' thread...
  4. Converting a driving

    Seems like you missed the boat...   ADAC   The six month rule started when you first moved here (Datum der Anmeldung)   The link also incorporates a further link to a list of states. There you can see if your country and Germany allow a simple license swap or you need a full or part test.    But this is covered elsewhere on TT too...
  5. Smoke detectors

    Are you sure it's 'only' a smoke detector? Not perhaps a combi of smoke and CO (carbon monoxide)?   CO is colourless and odourless. Produced if a burner isn't working properly.  
  6. What's got you flummoxed today?

    Shades of "Marathon Man"   My wife tells similar horror stories of her German Dentist back in the '60s    
  7. German Passport - Non EU

    You'd be best checking with the immigration office for a list of approved courses.   My immigration office warned me of cases where the local VHS gave language courses / exams but these weren't accepted by the Kreis-Immigration office.  
  8. Language schools in East of Germany

    Stay in major towns.   Otherwise the accent will kill you...
  9. What's got you flummoxed today?

    I remember when I first went to the dentist, he had a belt driven drill. Electric, of course, I'm not that old yet!   The belt was external and clearly visible. He'd tied a lump of cotton wool to the belt.    As the drill started, the cotton wool ball would move with the belt. The dental nurse then told a Peter Rabbit story to explain why the cotton tail seemed to be chasing around the room.   Distracted me, anyways.   Oh those pre-multimedia days, where are they now...
  10. Movie recommendations

    I really don't know why I went in to the Marvel Eternals film. Oh yes, it was raining and I had an appointment 4hrs later.   Best thing about the film? It finished.   I'd have left earlier, but would then have had to find somewhere else warm and dry to wait.
  11. Why are you happy today?

    Well, that was then....   3 days on and the Ministry found my letter box too, advising that I get me a booster.    Fiendish cunning these Germans.
  12. Free weekly tests also for expats?

      Here in SH there are free "Bürger Tests" They ask for a ID / Passport and if this isn't German, you get asked to show a German KK (Health Insurance) card.   No card - test costs you €15,-   Done this several times in the past months (and again last week too)  with non German visitors.
  13. What's got you flummoxed today?

    Never really noticed that threads get new titles... When was this Brexit thread called  "Brexit bring no fuel to Britain?"  
  14. BREXIT positives and negatives

      I've been here too long, I can see... Fried Christmas Pud ??? Really ??   You'll be battering and deep frying a Mars Bar next    
  15. Paypal question

    I assume the Wiki: How to contact Paypal produces the same problem. They want you to log in...   What about a good old fashioned letter to give them something to think about (especially as it seems you're not in a hurry) ?   Paypal addresses worldwide   as in :  2211 N 1st St, San Jose, CA 95131, United States   Sorry - I'm just old fashioned that way...  
  16. Only in America

    Wasn't sure if this was a flummox or belongs here.... Stats / reports like just this make my head spin.   Quote/ [In the US]There are 120 guns for every 100 Americans, according to the Switzerland-based Small Arms Survey (SAS). No other nation has more civilian guns than people. /unquote  (and that is a statistic from 2017)     /Quote About 44% of US adults live in a household with a gun, and about one-third own one personally, according to an October 2020 Gallup survey. /Unquote   Gun culture world stats (CNN)   PS Where is the quote button on Android??  
  17. CO2 pricing

      And I thought for a moment:   electric fighter planes? Whatever next??
  18. Why are you happy today?

      Ditto .... apart from I didn't get a letter and my local Impfzentrum won't be reopening, so I have to travel 25km.  But the website / booking system works well.  Aren't we lucky  
  19. Attest vs Hausrecht

      didn't there used to be a sign on the pump meaning "no mobile phones" ?   EDIT there still is...
  20. Note that the above German text includes the caveat: 'and all the outstanding invoices to the accountant have been paid'   Maybe that's why they won't budge?
  21. Only in America

      Hard to believe, but...   Marital rape in the USA (Wikipedia) There's a section on age of consent.   Quote: In Iowa, for example, subsection (2) of article 709.4 Sexual abuse in third degree, excludes sexual acts committed by adults with children as young as 12, provided the parties are "cohabiting as husband and wife" Unquote.
  22. Only in America

      and those nice Californians didn't get around to putting a minimum age on marriage either.   True, you'd need parental permission, but apparently thousands of minors  a year get married there.   Under age marriage
  23.   The sorry rest...   Darwin was right...but unfortunaltely this lot pass it on too...
  24.   The usual way to refuse treatment or only accept certain medications is by using a "Patientenverfügung".   This legal document would need to be written showing that you don't want to be revived (=DNR), no ventilators to be used and that using private means, you want to be flown to a remote island whose laws allow the administering of   non (German) approved drugs by people without (German) approved training.   Of course, all costs taken care of by yourself - not your KK    
  25. Bacon Bacon Bacon!

    Birnen-Speck-Kuchen Rezept – norddeutscher Hausmannskost-Klassiker     (Photo from the website above) Northern German recipe for spongecake with pears...all wrapped up in bacon.   My MIL serves it with custard (OK, she calls it vanilla sauce - but I know custard when I taste it!)     Not to be confused with "Birnen, Bohnen und Speck" which is more like Haxe.