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  1. Coronavirus

      I always did wonder where those crunchy bits came from that get sprinkled onto hot dogs...
  2. Resignation notice period for job 5 years +

    As this is Germany, the new place will know that you're stuck in the old place for 2-3 months.   You can of course take all your vacation days as well as any time off in lieu still owed and this will bring your last day in the office forward.   You could then start your new job whilst still under contract with the old one even though you don't need to attend - and of course get paid by both firms!   Some companies escort you out of the door for security reasons when you and in your notice. They pay the 3 months of course - you're just not required to turn up.   I read the notice periods as : 2 months notice today 27th Feb means your new contract starts 1st May, earliest      
  3. What's got you flummoxed today?

    2x power in 2x open the door 2x flat mike to door speaker  2x door mike to flat speaker 4x video to flat 4x video from flat 2x bell in flat 2x buzzer at door Some of these then daisy chain to next flat (eg intercom into next flat with baby phone monitoring)   Maybe, sometime in the past all this and more was set up. These days it could work as ethernet cable (eg CAT 5 with 8 lines) and of course another ethernet to the next flat.  
  4. address registration

    OK, I got a little interested in this one and searched about a bit.   I found a paper from the Bundestag (Wissenschaftliche Dienst) about those who don't need to register Meldepflicht von Angehörigen reisender Berufsgruppen nach dem Bundesmeldegesetz (2016)   Also a long and detailed blog about someone who has deregistered (several times) and lists off the pro's and con's of doing so. Blog about deregistering - updated 2019   For both of them - if your German isn't up to it then deepl.com does a fair translation. However, you'll need a lawyer (or at the very least your BR & HR) to make sure you don't make any serious errors.   The consequences around deregistering are many and varied and may or may not affect you exactly. (eg no longer required to send your kids to school as the Schulpflicht is cancelled)   Good luck - and let us know how you managed. PS I tried google with "schausteller anmeldung ohne feste wohnsitz" to get these results
  5. address registration

    and of course you "local" tax office as surely you'll want to fill in the tax form and claim loads back ?   PKW Anmeldung  - registering your car won't be allowed either.
  6. Only in America...

      So who called the cops for a six year old's tantrum?  
  7. calculation of working days

    I used to have business trips abroad. My company pays me travel allowance and also expenses. There is a space for this allowance on the payslip - also on the notice of taxes paid last year.   One year I forgot to deduct the business trip days from my commuting allowance. The tax office asked me (in a friendly tone) if I'd want to correct it. I did of course    Yes, you'll need to deduct your 18 from the 165.   Unless you drive to work and then on to your business destination in which case for that (and the returning day ) the commuting allowance stands.   PS sites like this help calculate working days / year based on each Bundesland:  https://www.arbeitstage.de/Schleswig-Holstein.htm  
  8. What's got you flummoxed today?

    Rolling pastry or kneading bread takes place in the Sailor household directly on the counter top.   (Meat / Veg do get chopped on a board)   We survived so far. But then I only clean up with soap / water.  
  9. Brexit: The fallout

    Google is your friend :  https://www.tneshop.co.uk/store/Remainer-Passport-Holder-PRE-ORDER-p169034846 £15.99 when they are finally available   Or, a subscription to the New European - they'll then send you one "for free"
  10. Only in America...

      So the school called the cops because a 6 yr old had a tantrum ? Then the cop took her away in handcuffs (cable ties) ? OK - he got fired   No minimum age for marriage No minimum age for arresting Serious need to be dragged into the 21st century as regards human rights.   more
  11. calculation of working days

    Then there are the special cases of Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve. Check your contract to see if these are (half) day holidays.   My firm gave us a few weeks notice (Nov) to say if we'd get them given to us or need to book a holiday day. Changed each year according to health of the firm.   Booked holiday would be returned to us as appropriate.
  12. speed camera app

      It's the way the law was written. A radio is not intended to indicate traffic monitoring measures.   Now if you want to get your lawyer to argue that your telephone with the blitzer app is also  not intended to- then go ahead.   To me (but I'm not a lawyer), the app is fitted with the intention to indicate traffic monitoring measures.  
  13.   Well there are house boats in Hamburg...
  14.   There is an Airbus only ferry from Teufelsbrück direct to the works entrance. Your job needs to start and end in line with the ferry times. Otherwise you'll need a bus to go around the river. So overtime / shift work / special project will lengthen your day.   The ferry from Hamburg centre (Landungsbrücken via Finkenwerder) would take too long for everyday travel.   Of course, as a sailor I relish the water travel, and makes for a fresh air start to the day. But it will add  time to your daily travel plan. And how do you get to Teufelsbrück? Car parking there is limited (unless there is a special Airbus car park of which I am unaware). The ferry point is stiff walk from the nearest S-bahn. Bus stops at the ferry point - so that would be my choice.   Maybe it would be prudent to rent somewhere until you can decide on a property to purchase  based on your own experiences of commuting, schools, socialising and the job itself?
  15. Brexit: The fallout

    Should the EU ever crumble, he's a 1 in 12 chance of getting the correct month.   Now which year?